How To Resolve WordPress Login Page Refreshing And Redirecting Issue

Using WordPress for web development can make things easier for you. It is no doubt the best website building platform to exist on the internet. WordPress has features that can help you. But it also has issues that can make you go crazy. After building a website on WordPress you will realize it comes with pros and cons. If you are ready to get the pros, you have to be ready to accept the cons as well. There will be many issues like WordPress login page refreshing and redirecting constantly. But all of them come with a solution!

Talking about WordPress login page refreshing and redirecting issue, it can appear several times. This issue arrives when you try to log in to your WordPress account but the page goes back to login instead of moving forward. This can happen due to bunch of reasons.

But instead of going into reasons, let’s find out how to resolve it. It’s a very simple process, but it has to be done carefully. It’s because the process involves editing some of your core files. So before proceeding with the steps make sure you have the backup of your WordPress core files.

Now, let’s dig into the steps to resolve WordPress login page refreshing and redirecting issue!

Step 1- Clear Cache And Cookies:

The WordPress login page refreshing and redirecting issue is connected with the browser and server. So this is the first and most simple thing to do when you face the issue. So clearing cache and cookies of your browser is important.

You may find it easy, but it has some perks as well. Once you clear the cache and cookies you enable the same at your end. WordPress uses cookies for login identification.

After clearing the cache and cookies restart your browser. This will make your website work just fine.

Step 2- Deactivate Plugins:

Plugins help in making things easy for us. There are plugins for everything on the internet. But installing too many plugins and not using them frequently can make your website run slow. They can be the reason behind most of the issues you face on your WordPress website.

Plugins can be the reason behind the WordPress login page refreshing and redirection issue. To resolve this we need to deactivate some unused plugins. For this go to your FTP client provided by your host. There find the root directory.

In the root directory find the wp-content files. Right below these files you will find the plugins folder. Rename the plugin folder and see it works. If the issue doesn’t get solved after doing this, then it’s not the plugins. But if it does then you have to double check.

You have to look closely and identify the plugin that’s causing you the login page issue. Once you identify the plugin you have to change it’s name. The renaming will deactivate the plugin. After this check if the issue has resolved or not.

Step 3- Default Theme:

If its not cache and cookies or plugins, it might be the theme. The WordPress theme can also be the reason behind the WordPress login page refreshing and redirecting issue. You have to be sure!

For this, you need to go back to the default theme. Some default themes cause the compatibility issue. To resolve this you need to head back to the root directory. For this go to your FTP client that your host is providing. Go under the wp-content file. There you will get the theme folder.

To resolve the issue rename the theme. When WordPress won’t be able to locate the theme file it goes back to the default theme. If the renamed theme is the reason behind the login page issue, it will be resolved. If you are using the default theme and it’s causing the issue, then the default theme is corrupted.

If that’s the issue, you need to download the top WordPress theme from Then retain the wp-content folder and install them in your website. That will surely solve the issue.

Step 4- Delete htaccess File:

The .htaccess files play very important role in functioning of your website. But if they are corrupted then it can be the reason behind the login page issue. It can be the reason for internal server error issues as well.

Deleting such corrupted files is the only way of resolving the issues. For this you need to head back to the root directory. Again through the FTP client that your host has provided. Now download the .htaccess file into your system. Then delete the original .htaccess file from the root directory.

If the wp-content file retains the copy of it, then you will have to delete that as well. After this reload your website. If you are able to log into your website after this, then the .htaccess files are the main reason behind it.

Again go to the root directory. Click on permalink and save it. This will create a new .htaccess file. After processing this you won’t face any issue while login.

Step 5- Update URL:

The website’s URL can be the reason behind WordPress login page refreshing and redirecting issue. You might not realize it, but it’s better to check all the options. So is none of the above options work, then it’s probably your website URL.

For this, again you have to go to the root directory of your website through FTP client. There check the wp-content file. Download it to your system. Open the file with text editor. Add these lines into the codes. Upload the same files into the root directory via FTP.



After processing this reload your website. This will resolve the issue.

While adding the above code make sure you put www in front of the website and replace the name with ‘example’. Before processing any of above options, make sure to have backup of your original website files.

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