The Ultimate Guide To Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins 


Improved sales and top-notch user experience of every website is an after-effect of smooth communication with your customers. You can do this best by adding the website function for a live chat. Moreover, over fifty percent of online visitors find this functionality very useful.

For adding a live chat to your website, you can select the best WordPress live chat plugin that enables your support team to help customers with product details and other queries seamlessly. But this task can seem challenging given the numerous available options that pack some unique features.

But you have come to the right place, as this article will list some of the top WordPress live chat plugins to incorporate into your WordPress website. 

A Brief on WordPress Live Chat

Live chat is similar to messaging in real-time. The only difference is it is an instant chat, especially for your website. Moreover, your business teams that deal with customers will likely utilize this chat to converse with your customers in actual time. It could be your salespeople or service agents.

With the best WordPress plugins for live chat, you can offer immediate customer support. Generally, the live chat for WordPress adds natively or through API with chatbots, CRMs, automation platforms, and other essential tools. You can also incorporate plugins for WordPress live chat using code if you are a developer or pre-built plugins for beginners without coding knowledge. The benefits of chatbots include improved customer service, increased efficiency in handling inquiries, and the ability to provide 24/7 support to users.

Significance of WordPress Live Chat Plugins

Most people prefer chatting over calling or sending emails, given how accessible, easy, and less complex it is. Over fifty percent of customers prefer a business with live chat customer support and are likely to be repeat customers. With instant live chat, customers do not have to wait numerous days to receive the answer to their queries.

Hence, live chat is significant in keeping customers happy and increasing the conversion rate. There are other benefits of why you should incorporate a live chat plugin into your WordPress sites, such as:

  • Increase sales
  • Improve leads
  • Lower chances of abandoned carts
  • Encourage customer interaction and engagement
  • Boost customer loyalty
  • Reroute customer traffic to your social profiles

Using WordPress Live Chat

The quick and easy way to add and use a live chat for your WordPress site is by downloading the most suitable plugin. Some plugins require an account that your plugin provider will give to you. You can download the original plugin after purchasing or get a free trial.

Later you can configure the widget for the chat and make desirable customizations. After configuration, you can employ the software's dashboard to manage the live chats you receive via the WordPress website.

Top WordPress Live Chat Plugins 

Thousands of live chat plugins are available to download and use effectively. However, the official page for WordPress plugins lists a range of options and makes it challenging to find a plugin that best suits your needs. Therefore, some famous and best-known plugins and their features and other essential details are as follows.


A beautiful amalgamation of power with simplicity is what comes with Tidio's communication solution for your business website. Whether you seek top support for your marketing efforts or want to boost user experience, Tidio offers many choices for integration. The best feature of Tidio is it is beginner-friendly and enables users to avoid getting caught up in the technicalities while setting up the plugin.

After creating your account for Tidio, you follow the wizard to install step by step, from changing the appearance of the live chat to the agent name and language. Hence, it is ideal for small businesses. Tidio is satisfied with its smooth design for chat boxes that are easy to customize.

With the aid of the chat dashboard, your service agents can seamlessly interact with clients and visitors in real-time. The dashboard also offers other crucial details, including IP address, email address, viewed pages, and location. With Tidio, you can enjoy integrating with Instagram, Facebook, etc., for communication. You can integrate your account with marketing tools like HubSpot, Google Analytics, and Mailchimp.

You can choose the free plan to use most features Tidio offers. However, you get limited email volume, visitor counts, and seats for operating chats.


Another flexible solution for the best WordPress live chat plugin is LiveChat. The user-friendliness and simplicity come with the plugin's capability to work well with multiple WordPress website builders. LiveChat is one of the best WordPress plugins if you own an e-commerce business? It is because the plugin features partnerships with BigCommerce and WooCommerce.

While you can use LiveChat to actively and effectively interact with your customers, it is also the best way to collect emails and add them to your mailing list for future marketing purposes. With LiveChat, you can customize your live messaging window to match your overall brand identity.

For a more personalized look, you may add pictures of your agents to let the visitors become aware of who is communicating with them. Since the plugin works well with all professional WordPress themes and templates, you do not need to make every type of modification.

While you can download this plugin free of cost, you will have to pay a certain fee to start using it. You can choose its standard plan for more functionality to have more than simple plugin features. There is also a free trial available for fourteen days.

3CX Live Chat

3CX Live Chat, renamed from WordPress Live Chat, is an exceptional plugin solution, enabling users to incorporate live chat seamlessly free for one year. The communication solution allows you to customize the chat widget along with its setting to its entirety. Moreover, for the users of 3CX, you can fully integrate the live chat plugin with the complete communication system of 3CX.

The newer version is said to have voice capability with an integrated system for team communication. Via a single interface, users have the option to use and continue conversations from several channels. They also get the choice to start a video conference.

The 3CX Live Chat plugin also offers mobile accessibility for Android and iOS devices. Thus, it enables service agents to manage their conversations while working from a remote area or the office. Salespeople, service agents, and anyone deprived of seamless customer engagement can profit from this plugin. It also features the previous records of the live chat.

The plugin offers three pricing plans, standard, pro, and enterprise. You can also use the free plan, which allows ten users for a self-managed WordPress site.

Pure Chat

Businesses who seek a straightforward and user-friendly plugin for WordPress live chat can use Pure Chat. The versatile plugin delivers a widget with essential features for quick and easy customer communication. The best part about the plugin is its capabilities for user-tracking. It also features a unique page for reporting.

The plugin will help your agents to converse more confidentially by looking at the contact history and live analytics. Additionally, the plugin offers a mobile application or browser-based version to connect with and answer queries of your website visitors. The mobile app is available for Android and Apple users.

Moreover, the plugin enables businesses to integrate with more than a thousand valuable business applications, allowing teams to consult and discuss essential conversation details. It enables them to cash in on the lead with maximum value.

In addition to your live chat plugin, it can pose as a lead collector and transforms into an email form when you are not online. You can choose Growth or Pro plans or a thirty-day free trial for employing this plugin.


Packed with myriad features, Olark features elegant software combining ease with sophistication for live chat. Additionally, the plugin offers a user-friendly and powerful live chat solution for easy installation. Once done, you can start personalizing the chat widget, building workflow rules, preserving chat transcripts, etc.

The best feature of Olark is its chat reports that enable you to track the regularity of the chat, how satisfied the customer is, and the responsiveness of chat operators. You can also integrate this live chat plugin for WordPress with multiple CRMs, including Highrise, Salesforce, Nutshell, etc.

In addition, you can set rules for showing and hiding the chat box, sending automated messages, and allocating live chat to various business departments. Olark also delivers integration with various helpdesks like Zendesk,, or Groove. Using your WordPress dashboard, it is possible to incorporate API calls and enable live chat to communicate in the customer’s local language.

You can use Olark for free. However, it limits the number of features and chats. Therefore, you can choose the paid plan for advanced features with no chat limits.


WordPress plugins offer intuitive flexibility. The top WordPress plugins and premium WordPress themes for live chat do just that. Using WordPress Live chat plugins, you can deliver instant support, boost customer satisfaction, convert more potential visitors, and build the lifetime value of your customers.

Features like a convenient interface, analytics and reports, automation, and options for self-service are vital attributes you can seek when searching for the best live chat plugin for your WordPress site.

You can choose one of the best options from the previously mentioned plugins or do more thorough research to find an ideal live messaging solution suitable for your business.

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