WordPress Landing Page Plugins For Higher Conversion Rates

Do you want to generate more leads? Do you want to increase sales revenue? Lets get started with WordPress landing page plugins with VW Themes.

You can get it done with a good, responsive, and well-designed landing page. Creating a good landing page can be difficult if you don't have the right tools.

If you have a website that uses the popular WordPress site builder, you can leverage a number of different WordPress landing page plugins to create a professional-looking website. Along with also have a look at WordPress Themes By VW Themes for highly customizable themes and greater support.

What Is A Landing Page?

A landing page is a section of a web page created for a marketing campaign. It is where a visitor lands after receiving a link in an email or seeing an ad on a website.

Your visitors are instructed to go to your website when searching for you online using a URL or search engine.

How Landing Page Is Different From The Website?

There are fewer links on your landing page which will lead people away from the call to action. That's why a dedicated site is the best place for experts to find their traffic.

Yes, the homepage is amazing. It shows the brand's value, offers more info on the company and products and gives people an avenue to explore them. This is where travelers can apply for a job, read press releases, review the terms of service, check the community boards and other websites and go anywhere they want.

Why Use WordPress Landing Page Plugins?

You don't need to learn how to code or build your several reel developer to use a landing page plug-in. WordPress Landing Page Plugins provide you with pre-built templates that you can use to start. It is possible to choose how you want the page to look from the drag-and-drop features, no coding is required. Not all of the built plugins are created equal. Some of them have unique features and support options that make them better than others.

Take some time to read this article to choose the right landing page plugin for your site. But before that, you must see what features a landing page builder WordPress should have. Have a look at WooCommerce Product Add-Ons for a better experience with VW Themes.

How To Choose The Right WordPress Landing Page Plugin?

  • User-friendly

 In a landing Page Plugin, if you are comfortable with building web pages, then this will be the most important thing to look for. You will want an easy to use compatiblePlugin if you don't have any experience with web development.

  • Customizable

To make the best use of the landing page that you created, you need to make sure you have the right extensibility point that will let you add features and modify templates in a way that suits you.

  • SEO-Friendly

A great landing page is useless unless it can be found by search engines. That's part of why you should use a SEMrush search tool for your WP theme. Visitors can easily find your website when they look for your brand online if your content is easily searched by first-time visitors.

  • Featured-Packed

The landing page Plugins offer a large number of elements and features you can add to your website. These can be very useful if you don't know a lot about coding. It is better to have a quick solution rather than having to research how to design things on the internet.

WordPress Landing Page Plugins


The page builders that can be used include Elementor, due to its usefulness as a landing page, marketing Funnel, and product pages creator. You can use Elementor's drag and drop editor to make custom page layouts also it comes with  free version of the plugin for Elementor, which is why it is one of the very important WordPress landing page plugins and popular. This allows you to see great-looking page templates and content blocks. The focus is certainly on building websites, and the lack of some more conversion-focused templates is due to this. The paid version of Elements is the best for getting the opt-in form element. Fortunately, the paid version has many other features including popovers and a theme builder.

Main Features of Elementor:

  • A popover builder is a part of the visual editor.
  • You can build a page with the WooCommerce page builder.
  • The theme builder is included.
  • The expansion is done via third-party amendments.
  •  There is a lot of landing page templates available.

Price: $49/year onwards

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is considered among the popular WordPress landing page plugins. It is good for building conversion-focused premium WordPress themes as a page builder for pages and posts. A page builder with conversion mode in mind, the Thrive Architect is perfect for creating landing pages. The editor has become more of a testbed for Thrive Architect's inline editing experience. If you want to modify the text, you have to type it in, then click on the page. An opt-in form element, like one that connects to dozens of email marketing and seminar services, is one of the helpful landing page elements. A developer sells Plugins called "Throat fix that adds A/B testing support" to the Thrive Architect.

Main Features of Thrive Architect:

  • Design can be Drag-and-drop.
  • 327 pre-built templates.
  • A/B testing is possible by purchasing a separate purchase from an exclusive developer located on this website.
  •  Integrations with more than 30 marketing tools.

Price: $228/yearly

WordPress Website Builder By VWThemes

The concept of website building is redefined by the fact that the WordPress Website Builder offers a simple and quick way of creating a WP website. Creating a WP website has never been easier after Ibtana takes off the additional steps required for crafting a functional site. It has an explicit collection of WP website building blocks which give additional ease to users who are new to WP.

A website builder designed to be user-friendly. Makers have concentrated on creating page builders that meet the criteria and requirements to create the best possible web designs. With simple drag and drop, you can always choose the look your website should have and keep it that way.

Features of  WordPress Website Builder:

  • Progress Bar
  • Post type Slider
  • Advanced Separator & Spacer
  • Advanced Button
  • Multiblock Slider
  • Accordion


OptimizePress is useful for websites that sell products and includes a landing page and sales page. You can put it in a theme that works with an integrated builder or an alternative one that's not compatible with any other theme. 35+ templates could be used for a landing page. A high converting sales page is what they are designed for. It is hoped that you will use the tools it provides to create beautiful landing pages quickly, integrate them with your email marketing tool and run everything together on your website.

Creating a landing page can be very easy with this one of the best WordPress landing page plugins, thanks in part to the use of OptimizePress. In the first phase of the program, 50 landing page templates are designed for various purposes, including email subscriptions, webinars, product sales, and more.

Main Features of OptimizePress:

  • It was self-hosted with the lead template for the WordPress website.
  • There are lots of pre-built templates.
  • There are integration frameworks with 17+ email marketing platforms and catchall integrations to get them to work with other services.
  •  A funnel builder for sales. Payment/checkout support via Stripe, built-in.

Price: $99/year onwards

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a popular option because of its accessibility, responsiveness, and EASY to use. It comes with a variety of pre-built templates and a drag-and-drop builder. You can control the styles, themes, and overall appearance from the global settings dashboard. You can translate your content using this one of the WordPress landing page plugins and engage with various audiences around the globe with the translation option.

If you are using something other than a single website, you may want to look at Beaver Builder. Purchase of a single license for the Beaver Builder allows you to build as many sites as you would like. You can create multiple websites or multiple variations of one; without having to pay for additional licenses.

Main Features of Beaver Builder:

  • There are additional modules which include: Contact Form, Tabs, Slider, Pricing table, Map, Blog Posts, and many more.
  • Our world-class support team may have expert support.
  •  Beautiful layout templates have been made.
  •  Save, export, and reuse as many full pages as possible. Think about your own modules.

Price: $99/year onwards


With LeadPages there is an easy way to create landing pages and it offers over 70 pre-built templates to implement and make it easier. It's not hard to load your landing page on any screen because the templates are responsive, so no matter which device your user has, their page will load perfectly. Your landing page can be enhanced with a built-in SEO feature so that it will be optimal for search engines.

Leadpages has fast page-load speeds which improve your ranking on the internet that why it might be one of the best WordPress landing page plugins. Leadpages has unlimited publishing which means you can post as many landing pages as you'd like. The conversion guide allows you to understand if a page is converting but also what you should do to improve the experience on that page.

 Main Features of  Leadpages

  • A dedicated block of funds for a hosted web hosting company with a work-in-progress.
  • Drag-and-drop design There are over 100 pre-built templates.
  • Zapier integration with add ons of 40+ email marketing and webinars services are included. It is advisable to create popups.
  •  Built-in testing. Checkout support through Stripe has been built-in.

Price: $144/year onwards


Many people know that the Divi builder performs well with nearly all the templates that are included in the pages of the website. It is a full website builder and is also among the excellent WordPress landing page plugins. There is much to like about the responsive editing and custom CSS controls that are found in the Divi WordPress page builder. The drag and drop builder gives you a great way to personalize your site with dozens of different page elements to choose from.

Divi Builder has built-in A/B testing, which makes it difficult to determine how different versions of elements perform. If you want to create a completely different design instead of testing different button variations, you could use the Divi Builder interface.

 Main Features of Divi:

  • You can make a self-hosted folder for the ThemeGrill of the WordPress tool.
  • The 10+ email marketing services have integration with it. A/B testing is built into it.
  • A drag and drop page builder allows you to create a page. There are landing page templates created by professional designers.
  • A visual editor offers over 45 different modules that you can use to make your landing page the same way you want it to be.

Price: $89/year


With InstaBuilder it is possible to create captivating landing pages with a responsive design as quick as 15 minutes. There are more than 100 different templates in the plugins that feature user-friendly customization tools. Provide us with a sample landing page that can meet our business's needs.

 A variety of quality land page templates are provided by InstaBuilder. These are a mixture of the modules that are featured in the InstaBuilder platform and it looks wonderful for niche marketing pages. Adding graphics is easy with the tool because you need to point and click to insert items like buttons, bullets, and images.

Main Features of Insta builder:

  • There is a page builder that you can drag-n-drop.
  • The screen has a responsive mobile/Tablet.
  • 100 + You will get the templates done for you.
  •  The technology is 2 & 3 Step Opt-in.
  •  One-click hypertext link.

Price: $77 onwards



The Qards is a great tool for creating landing pages on WordPress. It helps users with creating pages with a drag-and-drop interface. This is a suitable product for people with different types of WordPress themes because it uses native code so they do not run into many integration problems.

The components included in the Qards building help figure out how to use it. The Elements come with their options for easy customization, so you can trust your page will be good no matter how you use it. What browser does it operate? It's being viewed. Qards has also added an Integration with MailChimp and makes this plugin one of the best WordPress landing page plugins. When visitors submit forms on a site, they are forwarded to your account. This is a good example of why it is helpful for email marketing campaigns triggered by submissions on your landing pages.

Main Features of Qards:

  • A free example of a design block is offered, along with email subscription tools. It's reasonable for a site to cost more than 99 cents.
  • Qards is a fun way to build a landing page.
  • Most of the design doesn't bother with too many complicated control, they just want you to drag items up or down.
  • Many pre-designed blocks arepluginstofor other objects like grids or footers.

Price: Free and Premium($99) both

These were the best WP landing page plugins we have listed. Now check out our WordPress website builder by VWThemes you can opt for building a website.

And that's all you have. Hopefully, you got a good idea of which one you would like to use from this list. The design of your landing page is one of the top priorities, so make sure you check out all the amazing options on our list. They have unique features that may be the right thing for your website. Check WordPress Bundle By VW Themes for an amazing collection of Wordpress themes with all the demanding features anyone could ask for.

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