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WordPress And Its Function

Before we start with WordPress developer tutorial for beginners, it is significant to know about WordPress and its function. To create websites for different purposes like blogging, e-Commerce etc., WordPress works as a framework. The most effective software for beginners to create their website with or without knowing web languages like JavaScript, HTML, PHP, and others is WordPress serves.

With the blessing of WordPress now the scenario has changed. It became much easier to develop and create a website using the WP themes after the creation of WordPress.

You can build your website in a short period with learning any coding languages and spending money for hiring a developer or before create your website you can install WordPress in your server in few minutes or you can also use the theme from the software.

The main features that enable WordPress development for beginners to work more effectively and efficiently are the following.

Tips For WordPress Developer Tutorial For Beginners


The beginner should be vigilant and aware of the subject he is writing in the blog of the particular website namely Ecommerce that means the matter should be authentic and reasonable. Another reason for being observant is that ONE NEED NOT TO BE CONFUSED HAVING AN OPINION WITH HAVING A THOUGHT. 

Presence In The Online Platform:

You desire an online platform and your website through which people will know you whenever you think of any startup. WordPress allows you to build your website as you like without depending on other web developers and also can save money for other purposes.

Manage Website Easily:

WordPress gives you the chance to manage multiple websites and admin panels from one single dashboard. You can access more than one admin panel through this software.


To manage any blog in your website through WordPress is the significant tip in WordPress developer tutorial for beginners. For bloggers WordPress is the most user-friendly web developing software. Here editing, quick editing, multiple editing can be done easily.

SEO Or Search Engine Optimization:

User can build the website on the internet easily in no time with the help of multiple search engine plugins. You can develop a website and post it on internet that is easily accessible to clients even with no SEO skill.

Online Transactions:

Starting a website with WordPress gives the assurance in Online Transactions a malware-free website on the internet.

Others Response:

Client can communicate with the website owner and give feedback to them through website created with WordPress. This interaction between both of them leads to understand their ideas, thoughts and requirement.

Dos And Don’ts For WordPress Websites Development Or WordPress Theme Development Tutorial For Beginners

1. Theme Development

Risk of removing all the changes done in your website increases in modifying the core theme files the common developer mistake. To avoid the disappearance of the changes on theme due to themes and plugins update, create a copy of your plugins and professional WordPress themes.

2. Speeding Up The Website

You can speed up the website and make your website work more fluently through WordPress optimization hosting services that allows auto caching support.

3. Security

To enhance the security of your website install security plugins. The other tip is to remove WordPress version number.  The reason behind above precautions is to build a website WordPress is developers high in demand also becomes a major target for hackers.

4. Tools Usage

Some inbuilt plugins in WordPress are of great help to developer to work easily. Like WP-CLI is a WordPress plugin upgrades the WordPress in seconds and updates the plugins. While Removal of all spam comments is done by Advanced Database Cleaner plugin.

 Also avoid overdosing the WordPress with plugins as it would slower the loading of your website.

5. Tutorials

WordPressdeveloper tutorial for beginners is easily available on the internet. Before you start your WordPress theme development tutorial for beginners you can go through those tutorials. There are also courses on WordPress development for beginners though not necessary to help you to build an effective website on your own.

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