10 Tips For Creating An Effective WordPress Contact Form



Are you looking for a way to get in touch with an enormous number of people worldwide?

Do you want to create a community for your business?

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How does it possible to catch millions of people?

Don’t worry.

We have brought a very easy and convenient solution to this.

You won’t have to capture anyone or run behind. People will get in touch with you if they feel interested in your trade.

WordPress Contact form will generate opportunities to associate the millions of people and convert them into consistent customers.

Now create an eye-pleasing WordPress Contact form on your website and follow the customer relationship management ethics. It will connect you directly with the active users. But before that, first, you need to get some basics about it.

Table of contents

  • What is the WordPress Contact form?
  • What is the purpose of using the WordPress Contact form?
  • WordPress Contact form is useful or not?
  • Need of WordPress Contact form.
  • Significance of WordPress Contact form
  • Importance of WordPress Contact form
  • How to create WordPress Contact form?
  • Top 5 WordPress Contact Form Plugins.
  • Tips to create an effective WordPress contact form.
  • Conclusion

What is WordPress Contact Form?

A WordPress Contact Form is a simple form consisting of different fields such as name, email ID, contact number, etc. on the website. Almost all of the websites use a Contact form in which all the fields are marked as mandatory. As a general user, the contact form asks you to reach out when you got stuck somewhere while surfing on the website. In short, a Contact Form is nothing but an inquiry form where you can ask anything related to the business to the owner of that site.

Why do you need WordPress Contact Form on the Website?

The basic need for using a Contact Form on the website is the user’s convenience. The visitors who visit your website should be able to contact you if they met with any queries. People who want to avail of your services and product can send inquiries about it. So, overall, the main basic need for using a Contact Form is to provide the media that connects you to potential users who can convert to paying customers if you resolve their queries through forms.

When visitors fill out the forms and submit them, it directly drops into your mailbox.  So, you can get the data of multiple users. The data collected in your database via WordPress Contact Form is useful for marketing and promotion of your products and services.

Other benefits of using a WordPress Contact Form on your website are-

  • It helps to generate leads.
  • Promotes your business.
  • Gather contact information of people easily.
  • Connect to your audiences easily.
  • Helps to identify the audience’s interest.
  • Expand your email list.
  • Prevent your inbox from spam.
  • builds trust among visitors.
  • Gives better customer support.
  • Get insights into your visitors.

When you have a list of email IDs you can send promotional emails to them and build a relationship with people. Also, it attracts people to your business. It generates the possibility to get millions of visitors to your site. Hence boosting an email list through WordPress Contact Form is an excellent way to kickstart your trade.

Create a WordPress Contact Form on the website

Creating a contact form is an easy job. WordPress provides a great collection of huge ready-made Contact form plugins. Professionally developed plugins will help you add a simple and complex form to your site. You won’t have to design or code on your own.

Top 5 WordPress Contact form plugins.

  • WPForms-
  • Formidable Forms
  • HubSpot Forms
  • Gravity Forms
  • Ninja Forms

All these plugins have a comprehensive package of non-conventional features. With these, you will be able to create innovative and compelling contact forms.

If you are setting up a contact form on your website, here are some tips on how to create an effective WordPress contact form.

  1. Keep it Simple: A clutter-free and straightforward contact form enhances user experience. Only ask for essential information like name, email, subject, and message. The fewer fields you have, the more likely users will fill them out. check out our blog on ' How To Make Your WordPress Website Give A Good User Experience' to have a smooth user experience.
  2. Visible and Accessible Placement: Place the contact form where visitors can easily find it, like in the header, footer, or a prominent sidebar. Consider using a "Contact" or "Get in Touch" link in the main navigation menu.
  3. Mobile-Friendly Design: Ensure your contact form is fully responsive and works well on mobile devices. Many users browse websites on their smartphones, so your form must be easy to use on smaller screens.
  4. Clear and Descriptive Labels: Use clear and concise labels for each field to indicate what information you're asking for. This helps users understand what they need to fill in and reduces confusion.
  5. Well-Designed Submit Button: Customize the submit button text to be action-oriented, like "Send Message" or "Get in Touch." Make it visually distinct with a color that complements your website's design.
  6. Error Handling and Validation: Implement real-time form validation to give users instant feedback on any errors or missing fields. Display clear error messages and mark the problematic fields for correction.
  7. Spam Protection: Incorporate anti-spam measures to prevent unwanted submissions, such as using CAPTCHA, reCAPTCHA, or Honeypot techniques. This will help filter out automated bot submissions.
  8. Confirmation or Thank You Message: After successful form submission, display a thank you message or redirect users to a dedicated "Thank You" page. This assures users that their message was received successfully.
  9. Notifications: Set up email notifications to receive messages instantly. This way, you can promptly respond to inquiries and engage with users in a timely manner.
  10. Regularly Test the Form: Regularly test your contact form to ensure it works correctly and doesn't have any technical issues. Verify that it functions on different devices and browsers.

Bonus Tip: If you have multiple contact options (e.g., email, phone, physical address), consider providing them alongside the contact form. Some users may prefer different methods of communication.


Creating an effective WordPress contact form can significantly improve user engagement and communication on your website, especially when paired with Premium WordPress themes. It’s a powerful strategy to generate a market for your business. One of the successful strategies that you will be using with the help of WordPress Contact Forms is the trustworthy process. If you follow the 10 tips that we have discussed in this blog, then you will get an outstanding, effective, and user-friendly WordPress contact form that encourages visitor engagement and facilitates communication with your audience.

You just need to design a simple form. If its design is complex, then it seems complicated for visitors and they will leave the site immediately.

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