WordPress Child Themes For Beginners

WordPress themes are one of the mightiest tools that are used extensively for the development of websites and blogs. Though they are widely used, we cannot say that there are no flaws in them. There are possibilities of the appearance of bugs and errors even in the most Popular WordPress Themes. This may lead to the malfunctioning of your website. Therefore, you need to be prepared for such situations regarding the WordPress themes, and the WP Child themes are the way to go. Apart from safety from faults, the child theme also offers many other merits.

We can derive from the name itself that the WordPress child themes are about their parent themes. Through the child themes, you can go for complete customization of your WordPress theme. You can stay relaxed with child themes because if any update comes, that won’t cause harm to your website. Your efforts won’t go waste.

This article will give you a glimpse of WP child themes; their role and need in website development. We hope that by the end of this article, you’ll have a better idea regarding the use of WP child themes. Let’s move ahead.

What Do You Understand By WordPress Child Themes?

Firstly, we need to understand parent themes. In general, a theme can be called a parent theme only when a child theme is created for it. So, a theme that has been given its functionality from its parent theme is known as a child theme.

To function, the child theme is entirely dependent on its parent theme. In the absence of its parent theme, no child theme can be activated. Child themes make changes in the files of an already present theme and they are not separate entities. All the things available in the parent theme are used by its child theme. It modifies only those parts that you require to. Thus, you can modify the different functions, templates, layouts, styles, etc.

How do WordPress Child Themes benefit you?

It is useful in speeding up the development of websites, thus, designers and developers often use it. Good WordPress parent themes consume less time to build stunning websites. You don’t have to code the things all the time because ample functionalities and a range of customization options are provided by the parent theme. With the help of child themes, you can easily modify an existing WordPress theme. Even you can update the parent theme without any worry.

It’s a very easy task to form a WordPress child theme like the way you form any new style.css file in your new folder. You can include the different template files in a child theme in numbers not more than that in its parent theme. Even you can add files that are absent in the parent theme.

When should you introduce a Child Theme in the WordPress theme?

The answer to this completely depends on your requirements. If you frequently like to add new functions to the functions.php file or make modifications in the style.css file of your WordPress theme, then you can use child themes. Now you might have a question should you use additional CSS or go with a child WordPress theme? Well, it completely depends on how technically well-skilled you are. You can opt for an additional CSS if you want to change the styles of just limited elements. But, if you want to make changes in the color scheme, or modify the things in the CSS, it would be better to use a WordPress child theme.

Advantages of a WordPress Child Theme

Have a look at the benefits offered by WordPress child themes.

  • Safely updates the theme templates, features, and styles of the parent theme get already incorporated into its child theme. Thus, you can easily make changes to your website with the help of child themes without editing the parent theme. On the arrival of a new version of the parent WordPress theme, you can make the updates in it safely. This is because you have saved the modifications in the WordPress child theme.
  • An alternate option you need to consider all the possible situations while you are building an entire WordPress theme. You need to use proper codes. But, if you forget a certain coding part in the child theme, then you get the alternate option – the functionalities present in its parent WordPress theme.
  • flexibility WordPress child theme is highly flexible. You can make changes to particular template files and functions without touching the codes of other files. You can easily insert new functionalities into the theme.

Automobile WordPress Theme

Automobile WordPress Theme

The breathtaking and extravagant Automobile WordPress Theme is specially generated for motor enthusiasts. The automobile dealers, bikers, and moto-V-logger can create their websites for promoting the services they offer and can use the premium version of the theme. The phenomenal look and design of the theme are best suited for the automotive sector websites. The shiny and unique images made the theme more impressive and eye-catching.

The WordPress Child Themes is responsive and hence, it is a high-standard theme. The theme is designed with a combinational purpose that perfectly carries a competent and poignant glance. It attracts the user and forces them to stick to the web pages. The massive bundle of advanced features produces a sympathetic site. The premium Automobile WordPress Theme is a multifunctional and versatile theme that supports all browsers and runs on all platforms. If you buy it, you will find it excellent that meets your requirement exactly.

Fitness Crossfit WordPress Theme

Fitness Crossfit WordPress Theme

People pay attention to their health despite their daily routine. So most of the people look for a good trainer and training center, gym, or fitness center to exercise and practice it properly. For that, the first thing is to search for them on the internet. Fitness Crossfit is a premium theme that is developed by the experts to produce a zestful, positive, and active website to influence the clients for their business growth. It establishes a direct connection between the clients and the fitness places around you or near you.

The Fitness Crossfit WordPress Theme permits you to endorse your Crossfit services in an adorable arrangement. The WordPress Child Themes has the composed space to show the best visuals, configured forms, and extensive sections for rearranging the elements as per your choice. The sliders adorn the site that reflects the positivity in the fitness center for which the website will be developed. The tremendously customized theme uses a dynamic and potent Bootstrap Framework. The Fitness Crossfit theme has a provision to manifest the information regarding the fitness instructors in the center, prize plans, and the facilities along with the weekly schedule.

The blog section is specially implemented for inspirational content or client reviews. This theme can be used to create a website that will make the audiences think to take care of health and get a different motivation to keep their bodies fit so that they would avail your services.

Audio podcast WordPress Theme

Audio podcast WordPress Theme

From the name of this theme, you can guess its purpose. The theme is compounded to develop websites that release podcasts, music files, and other multimedia. Audio Podcast WordPress Theme promises you to keep your audio product in a galvanizing and influential form that would attract visitors. The WordPress Child Themes has merged the dark and light colors that give a charismatic look.

You can customize the theme freely if you wish to redesign it. Technically the theme supports add-ons and third-party plugins with ultra-modern functionalities. It is rolled with tons of layouts and page templates. Settings for enabling, and disabling buttons with perfect header make it easy to operate the site. It also supports the WPML and RTL languages so that your site may be visited by international clients. 

As the theme has merged with social media, you can share or post the blog on media accounts easily. Most importantly, the Audio Podcast WordPress Theme is a completely customized theme that provides you with the drag-and-drop page builder tool. It can be implemented with zero technical knowledge. An awesome and brilliantly developed theme can make you reach the peak point of success.

Kids WordPress Theme

Scheming a website for kids is a meditative affair. It should be attentive, deliberate, and deeply designed with the garden's fresh colors. It must be captivating at first glance for the visitor. The design should be planned according to the kid’s thought process cycle. All these factors have been embraced in the Kids WordPress Theme that complements best the kid’s business in different categories. The theme is implemented on business websites for kids like health blogs, babysitter provider companies, baby clothing, skin care product, toy shops, play stations, art and craft activities, and dance and music categories.

These sites allow to sell and purchase the goods, and services offered by the seller online. In short, it’s an eCommerce business website that generates a huge income if it got large traffic. And for this, a website must be designed with a charming theme. Kids WordPress Theme has a bunch of diversified layouts that you can change to keep the component’s websites as per your choice. You can alter the colors, menus, fonts, and background and can configure the column settings, You can make it very interesting by including videos, photo galleries, logos, and animations. For this, you can use shortcodes. The theme is polished, shiny, and trouble-free functioning that provides a good performance.


All the themes listed are WordPress Child Themes that permit you to modify the appearance of your business WordPress site without altering the parent themes directly. It is a safe and easy way for extensive changes. The creative adjustments explore the content in a pleasing manner that connects you directly with the brand.

As you have considered the above points, we suggest you go for creating the Personalized Wordpress Themes if you want to make modifications to your theme. Nowadays, it is a widely accepted practice. Thus, with child themes, you can ensure to avoid creating issues in the original theme files. You won’t have to worry regarding the theme updates as that won’t affect the modifications you made.

We have covered the basics of child themes in this article and given you a glance at their importance in WordPress themes. Hope this helps.

WordPress Theme Bundle

We have a team of experienced developers who created nice-looking, charming, and engaging themes in WordPress. It is collectively called as WordPress Theme Bundle. Once you buy this bundle with All Themes and try it out on your website, you will surely be impressed. This is sure to get your website exposure and boost your business. So buy our WordPress theme bundle now.

The widely accepted practice is to use child themes for modifications. This has its benefits as it prevents changes in the format of the original theme. With this, there will not occur any issue with the original one. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the theme updates as it won’t affect the modifications that you have done using the child theme. Our premium themes that are included in this WordPress theme bundle contain a child theme that helps you to modify the contents without changing the format of the original theme.

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