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You are losing money if your website uses AdSense and you have yet to begin optimizing your ad units. Regardless of the size of their site, all web admins should prioritize optimization. Ad optimization helps you target the right people with your ads by determining the optimal ad unit size and location.

Although optimization is a complex process, various plugins exist to make it easier. Ad rotation, blocking, and ad placement customization are all available through these add-ons. Using these WordPress Advertising Plugins, you can quickly and easily determine which ad setups on your WordPress site provide the most outstanding results.

Why Integrate an Ad Plugin into Your WordPress Site?

Site owners with little technical knowledge may find adding custom code to the WordPress theme files challenging and time-consuming. But it shouldn't make you pass up this chance. WordPress advertising plugins make controlling and placing adverts on your site simple. You may also change where they are set and make other adjustments to improve efficiency. You can also integrate AdSense Friendly WordPress Theme. The correct WordPress Advertising Plugins that will assist you in several ways, including but not limited to:

  • Ads may be managed using a dedicated program. AdSense code configuration might be challenging without a specialized team working on it
  • To maximize your marketing budget, choose where to put your ads carefully
  • Monitor your ads with ease and devote more time to growing your company
  • Modify promotional materials to meet specific customer needs

Top WordPress Advertising Plugins for Managing Ads

WordPress sites have a lot of potential for making money or increasing advertising income. WordPress has various advertising plugins that may be used to manage your site better, monitor and display advertisements. Let's check out the best WordPress advertising plugins available:


AdRotate (source: is another robust ad management plugin for WordPress, with support for novice and expert users. Both hosted advertisements in the form of revolving banners and network ads are supported. Using its handy shortcodes, you can effortlessly build advertising and ad groups and then embed them in your WordPress articles. Ads may also be added to widget sidebars.

If you are selling adverts on your website directly, you will appreciate the simple statistics provided by AdRotate to track ad impressions. It's a free plugin suitable for most personal websites and blogs. You'll need to upgrade to their paid plan to access premium options like ad scheduling, geotargeting, Adblock disguise, mobile ads, media and asset management, and more.

Advanced Ads

For all your advertising needs, go no further than Advanced Ads (source: WordPress Advertising Plugins, a Google AdSense Partner that supports all major ad formats and networks, including Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager, and more. It allows you to make endless adverts and has Gutenberg's block editor.

Ads may be seamlessly integrated into your site at strategic points. This add-on works with Ad Health to scan for and fix any problems with Google AdSense. Ads may be shown at certain times and under specific circumstances.

Several choices for making and showing your advertisements may be found on the settings page. You may create the ad, see it in its whole, view it in groups and rotations, and view its placements.

CM Ad Changer

With the CM Ad Changer (source: plugin, WordPress users can quickly and easily turn their site into a fully-customizable ad server. A single administrator may set up, monitor, and control ad campaigns for a whole network of WordPress sites. This low-cost add-on supports various advertisements, from banners to responsive advertising to videos.

This plugin is one of a kind since it allows distant WordPress sites to manage their campaigns from a central hub. As many as one hundred individual WordPress sites may be linked to a significant WordPress server site, which handles the administration and delivery of all campaigns.

Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter (source: is the best place to begin when seeking a robust and well-developed WordPress advertising plugin. WordPress's Ad Inserter plugin makes adding advertisements or other HTML/JavaScript/PHP code to your site easy.

This plugin's usefulness lies in allowing advertising to be placed wherever in the post. You may set it to appear before, after, or at a certain percentage of the way down your post's body or at a certain number of paragraphs.

After the first three paragraphs, you may add an advertisement. All settings are applied immediately without the need to fiddle with shortcodes. If you don't want an ad to appear on a specific page or post, you may easily filter it out.



You can keep tabs on how well each ad performs in real-time using AdPlugg's excellent analytics dashboard. The fact that you can add advertisements straight from the WordPress administration panel is convenient. AdPlugg (source: is simple to use. After generating your free access code for the plugin, you may begin ad rotation, scheduling, and grouping according to your chosen location.

AWPCP Classifieds

You may create a robust online classifieds page from your WordPress site with the help of yet another WordPress Classifieds (source: Plugin. You may filter classifieds by user name, keyword, location, or category. Additionally, Google AdSense advertisements may be shown. Look at everything available to make your WordPress-based classifieds site a success.

Various paid add-ons may improve the functionality of a classified website, including an integrated payment gateway, a campaign manager, and a discounts module.


AdSanity (source: is a widely used WordPress Advertising plugin that aims to keep banner advertising straightforward—simple ad creation, management, and click-through tracking all in one place. Users can schedule posts for a particular day, week, or month or post content for endless publication. The plugin is simple and robust but includes various extensions that may improve its functionality.

Can You Rely Solely on Ads to Support Your Business?

While advertisements still generate the bulk of a website's revenue, other methods are also there. The challenge that this poses is whether or not advertisements should be your website's exclusive source of income. While advertising may provide substantial returns with little effort, doing so takes an exceedingly long period. The average period required to make money from advertisements is twenty months.

Since maintaining a website incurs costs, it would be impractical to depend only on advertising revenue. It would be best if you instead broadened your portfolio. Affiliate marketing is one of the simplest methods to start making money with a website, whether big or small. Using this method, you may advertise a product to your readers and get a commission if they purchase after clicking on your link.

Affiliate marketing used to be complicated, but platforms like Amazon have made it easy—and profitable—for websites of all sizes. You can try using Best Theme For Amazon Affiliate Website for a smooth experience. This is but one possible course of action. Alternatively, you may try to rally your target demographic to your cause. It's standard practice for websites to accept contributions or launch their Patreon accounts to get recurring financial support from enthusiastic visitors.


As you can see, WordPress offers a wide variety of helpful tools to streamline the process of managing advertisements. Many of the WordPress Advertising Plugins mentioned above are available at no cost. Plus, you can enhance them with extra premium features and Premium WordPress themes, like Google AMP integration and geo-targeting. Therefore, there is no need to delay A/B testing new ad locations or focus on mobile Ad optimization.

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