Displaying Woocommerce Featured Products in 3 Easy Steps


Have you ever wondered how some online stores make certain products stand out more than others? Well, in the world of e-commerce, there's a neat trick called featuring products. It's like putting a spotlight on items you really want people to notice when they visit your store. And guess what? If you're using WooCommerce for your online shop, featuring products is super easy to do! Let's explore what exactly WooCommerce featured products are all about, and how you can use them to boost your sales. 

Imagine walking into a store, and right at the front, there's a big display with some special items. Those items might be the store's bestsellers, new arrivals, or things they really want to show off. Well, think of WooCommerce featured products just like that, but for your online store. 

 Featured products in WooCommerce are like the stars of the show on your website. They're the products you want everyone to notice right away when they visit. It's like giving them a spotlight or a VIP treatment. They're usually the items that you want to sell more of or that you think your customers will love the most. 

 Setting a product as featured in WooCommerce is like putting up a big sign saying, "Check this out!" on it. It's a way to grab your customers' attention and make sure they see those special items first when they browse your online store. Whether it's a trendy new product or something you're trying to promote, featuring products helps you highlight them and make them stand out. So, in simple words, featured products are your way of shining a light on the coolest stuff you have to offer in your online shop. 

Setting a featured product in WooCommerce is like putting a spotlight on something special in your store, making it stand out to your customers. It's a simple process that can make a big difference in how your products are noticed and sold. Here's how you do it: 

1. First, you log in to your WooCommerce dashboard. It's like the control center for your online store, where you can manage everything from products to orders. 

2. Next, you find the product you want to feature. This could be a best-seller, a new item you're excited about, or something you just really want to promote. 

3. Once you've found the product, you click on it to edit its details. It's kind of like editing a document or a picture on your computer. 

4. Then, you look for the option that says something like "Feature this product" or "Set as featured." It's usually a little checkbox or button that you can tick or click to mark the product as featured. 

5. After you've checked the box or clicked the button, you save your changes. This tells WooCommerce that you want this product to be featured on your store's front page or wherever you've set up your featured products section. 

And that's it! Setting a featured product in WooCommerce is as easy as that. It's a simple way to draw attention to the items you want to highlight and encourage your customers to take a closer look. 

There are 3 methods you can use to show featured products in WooCommerce: 

SeedProd is a popular WordPress plugin that allows you to create stunning landing pages and customize your website's design without any coding knowledge. Here's how you can use SeedProd to display your WooCommerce featured products:  

a) Install and Activate SeedProd 

First things first, you need to get SeedProd up and running on your WordPress site. Don't worry; it's as easy as installing any other plugin. Just head over to your WordPress dashboard, click on "Plugins," then "Add New." In the search bar, type in "SeedProd," and once you find it, hit the "Install Now" button. After installation, activate the plugin. 

b) Create a WooCommerce Theme 

Now comes the fun part – creating a theme for your WooCommerce store. SeedProd gives you two options to do this: 

Option 1: Prebuilt WooCommerce Theme 

If you're looking for a quick and hassle-free way to set up your WooCommerce theme, SeedProd offers pre-built website templates specifically designed for e-commerce. These themes are ready to go right out of the box, so all you have to do is choose the one that best suits your store's vibe, customize it a bit if you like, and you're good to go. 

Option 2: Individual Theme Parts 

For those who want more control and customization over their WooCommerce theme, SeedProd allows you to build it from scratch using individual theme parts. This means you can mix and match different elements like headers, footers, product grids, and more to create a unique look for your store. It's like putting together a puzzle – except way easier and way more fun! 

 So, whether you prefer the convenience of a prebuilt theme or the creative freedom of crafting your own, SeedProd has got you covered. With just a few clicks, you'll have a stunning WooCommerce theme that beautifully showcases your featured products and draws customers in like bees to honey. 

2. Using the WooCommerce Featured Products Widget: 

Let's talk about another easy way to display your featured products in WooCommerce: the Featured Products Widget. 

This widget acts like a digital showcase for your best-selling items. It's simple to use and doesn't require any technical know-how. You can place it anywhere on your website, like the sidebar or footer, to catch your visitors' attention. 

Setting up the widget is a breeze. Just go to your WordPress dashboard, find the Widgets section under Appearance, and drag the Featured Products Widget to where you want it. You can customize how many products to display, what info to show, and even tweak the layout to match your site's look. 

Since it's built into WooCommerce, there's no need for extra plugins or compatibility concerns. It seamlessly fits into your store, making it a hassle-free solution for showcasing your top products and boosting sales. Give it a try and watch your featured products shine! 

Imagine you have these fantastic products you want everyone to see when they visit your online store. WooCommerce has this neat trick called "Short-code" to help you do just that. 

Here's how it works: You log in to your WordPress dashboard, where all the magic happens. Then, you create or edit a page where you want to show off your top products. In that page editor, you simply type a special code – or short-code – that WooCommerce understands. 

This short-code tells WooCommerce to gather up all your featured products and neatly display them on the page. It's like waving a wand and making your best products appear front and center! And getting this magical short-code is simple – WooCommerce gives it to you! You just type where you want your featured products to show up on your page. Yep, it's that easy! 

Once you've added the short-code and saved your changes, voila! Your featured products will be proudly displayed for all your visitors to see. No coding skills needed! So, whether you're a web pro or just starting out, using the WooCommerce Featured Products Short-code is a simple way to make your top products shine on your website. Give it a go and watch your sales take off! 

Best WordPress WooCommerce Themes by VW Themes: 

1. Ecommerce WordPress Theme 


This E-commerce WordPress theme is designed specifically for entrepreneurs and businesses. Creating an online store can be quite challenging, and it's crucial to choose the right E-commerce WordPress theme. Not every theme will suffice in the online business realm. You need a website that not only looks amazing but is also easy to navigate and functional. Using the wrong theme for your E-commerce store can have detrimental effects, potentially driving away potential customers instead of attracting them. That's where our best WordPress themes comes into play – it's here to rescue you from the pitfalls of subpar themes and ensure your online store thrives. 

2. Storefront WordPress Theme 

This Storefront WordPress Theme is easy to use and looks great. You can make a website for one store or many stores. It has lots of helpful features, so you can add many ways for people to shop on your site. The header and top bar are nicely made and have options for people to log in or sign up.  

There are different ways to show lots of products, and the navigation stays at the top of the page even when you scroll, so people can explore more. You can change the order of sections and decide what's most important. You can organize your products into categories and start selling them online with your website. 

3. Multivendor Marketplace WordPress Theme 


The Marketplace WordPress theme is perfect for various kinds of online stores like fashion, clothing, baby products, and more. It's designed for those who want to start selling their goods online. Just like a marketplace where you can find everything you need, this theme allows multiple vendors to sell their products in one place. It's versatile, so anyone can use it for their website. This theme is premium, meaning it's top-notch and works smoothly on any device or browser.

You can use this theme for displaying your WooCommerce featured products with ease. It's fast and compatible with different browsers. Both the front and back ends of the theme are easy to use. Its unique design helps your website stand out, and it makes navigating through the site simple, encouraging visitors to explore more. In short, it's like a guiding light for your marketplace website. 

4. Market WordPress Theme 

The Market WordPress Theme has a modern and stylish design, perfect for creating a website for your supermarket. It's great for any type of store selling various products. Our developers have carefully designed this theme to follow the latest trends. The header has a dark background with light-colored text for easy reading. It includes a search bar, space for your brand logo, and handy shopping options like wish list, cart, and login. Shoppers can easily explore different product categories and find what they're looking for. Social media icons are neatly displayed on a vertical bar next to the slider, giving the theme a unique look. You can organize your products neatly and showcase discounts and offers effectively using this layout. 

You can also check our WP Theme bundle that consists of a collection of Woocommerce compatible themes. These themes are easily customizable and can be used for building your online woocommerce store. You can unlock 240+ premium-quality themes in just $99, so hurry up and buy bundle now!

Conclusion : 

In wrapping up, putting the spotlight on your WooCommerce featured products is crucial for boosting sales and maximizing conversions on your e-commerce platform. By adopting the straightforward techniques discussed in this guide, you'll be able to shine a light on your top-performing items and draw in more potential buyers. Whether you opt for SeedProd, the Featured Products Widget, or short-codes, the main goal remains consistent: simplifying the process for customers to find and purchase your featured products. Don't delay any longer – kickstart your journey towards increased sales by showcasing your standout products today and witness the positive impact on your bottom line. And for further enhancement, explore the diverse range of WordPress WooCommerce themes available from VWThemes to elevate the visual appeal and functionality of your online store. 

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