10 Best Woocommerce Facebook Plugins for Your E-Commerce Store



Today, Facebook is the most renowned social media platform for online business. With its spacious marketplace, you can have your online business without any codes required. 

With over 2 million users, it is remarkable to have an online business with the same number of clients. With this rise, social media platforms like Facebook have become a worldwide network to sell and grow your business. 

Even small businesses can easily start selling their products through Facebook and other platforms. While some already have online stores that are syncing to Facebook for more sales and traffic. But to integrate your online store and Facebook, the right tools are highly needed. This is why we are here to help you with the best Woocommerce Facebook plugins for your online store. These are the plugins that not only sync your online store with Facebook but also allow more features. Let’s hear it out. 

Best Woocommerce Facebook Plugins for Your E-Commerce Store 

Looking to integrate Facebook with your WooCommerce store? Listed below are the top 10 plugins to help you seamlessly connect your e-commerce store with Facebook, boosting your sales and engagement. Before we delve into the list, we’d like to highlight our premium WordPress themes, perfect for building a visually stunning and highly functional online store. Now, let’s explore the best WooCommerce Facebook plugins available.


1. ELEX Woocommerce Catalogue Feed for Facebook and Instagram 


Here’s to the finest tool that helps integrate the Facebook marketplace and the Instagram shop with your online store. This is the ELEX Woocommerce Catalog for Facebook and Instagram, with a bundle of features. The effortless configuration of the plugin lets you immediately connect your online store to Facebook in no time. Once the installation is done, you can add limitless products and manage them. 

The plugin further comes in various languages with a specific geographic focus. The effortless UI of the plugin lets you create categorization and attribute mapping easily. Also, it lets you create product feeds based on sales or inventory. Additionally, it offers automatic product sync, product feed updates, and more. 

2. Social Shop for Woocommerce 


Selling through Facebook and integrating it into your e-commerce store is made simpler with this social shop for Woocommerce. This freemium tool has fabulous features that make selling on Facebook for woocommerce in your shop simpler than ever. 

The simple features of this plugin allow direct importing of your store items to Facebook with the most recent version of your catalogue. Also, it supports various language translations along with currency support with this plugin. Making product collections, adding new products, and managing them are all made simple with this plugin. It even allows the creation of multiple shops under a single account and the display of unlimited fan pages. The plugin even does the analytics part very professionally, counting on the visitor’s movement on your site. Also, it gives real-time information about your followers and visitors and in-depth insights. 

3. Pixelyoursite 


Pixelyoursite plugin by Pixel is another highly dignified and simple plugin that lets you sell out of your online store. Product catalogues are updated for Facebook, Google Merchant Center, Pinterest, and TikTok. Except for Instagram, this plugin allows selling on every social platform without much effort. 

This Woocommerce Facebook plugins offers tons of customization and mapping options that you can easily start selling on Facebook. It provides a unique URL, and the server holding the product feeds will directly let you post on Facebook. The product feeds are available in XML and CSV formats that can be easily renewed, altered, managed, and applied. Also, syncing your woocommerce and Facebook catalogues is allowed. Learn how to add Facebook pixel to WordPress with our guide and run ads for your brand to attract more customers.

4. StoreYa’s Shop to Facebook for Woocommerce 


To boost sales in your e-commerce store, connecting your store to social platforms is necessary. And this Shop to Facebook for Woocommerce plugin is the perfect plugin to boost sales on Facebook. 

This plugin ensures that your Facebook store is easily set up without any codes or expert help. Also, it holds language translations that bring out customers from all over the world. Multiple currency support is facilitated, so your store has a global marketing range. It makes it even easier to import the inventory of Facebook to various social platforms with a single click. Furthermore, it gears up sufficient space for multiple shops and fan pages. 

5. Product Catalogue Sync for Facebook by WebToffee


Sync your product catalogue with Facebook using this Product Catalogue Sync for Facebook. This tool is powered by WebToffee, which makes syncing woocommerce products with Facebook quick and easy. This Woocommerce Facebook plugins assists in placing all the WooCommerce products in your Facebook account in no time. 

Your business is on the right track with this outstanding plugin that conquers the best of the product catalogue. Its strong filter and syncing settings let you add or restrict items or categories in your Facebook for woocommerce store. It even allows batch syncing and sets the maximum number of product catalogues to be added. Mapping is made simpler with simple configuration, and that can be used for future use as well. Additionally, the plugin offers to modify already existing mapping categories, create new ones, and manage failed product syncs. 

6. CTX Feed 


Creating and managing error-free product catalogues for your Woocommerce store is made simpler with this CTX Feed plugin. This plugin enables syncing product catalogues to Facebook quickly and without much hassle. This simple and manageable plugin allows frequent updating of product feeds, excludes underperforming products, and more. 

The plugin supports WooCommerce product feed management on over 100 popular channels, along with updating them consistently. Also, marketing your product feeds across multiple channels is made easier with this plugin. Search engines, price comparison websites, and affiliate websites are counted under its spread. 

7. Product Feed on Woocommerce


Hands-on with this highly professional Product Feed on Woocommerce plugin to add product feeds on every social channel. The plugin covers creating and managing product feeds for marketplaces like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Google, and more. Exporting and importing product catalogues and feeds is just made faster with this plugin.

Its simple and fast API features allow for generating customizable product feeds without any codes. Interestingly, the product feeds can be easily created, modified, and managed in a single place. And their customer support is helpful at professional levels, solving issues quickly. Additionally, it helps in adding variable products for product feeds instantly. 

8. WP Social 


WP Social is a wide-area plugin that encounters social sharing on a wide number of social networks. Social sharing and social counter functions for WooCommerce are highly counted under this plugin. It allows social sharing tools on your Facebook shop woocommerce that connect various social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 

Users are allowed to easily share posts, pages, and goods using the social sharing tools. This free Woocommerce Facebook plugins comes with a lot of features in its free version, with extendable features in its premium version. Also, this somehow makes an affordable choice when you are on a low budget, along with giving a lot of custom features. For more personalized and extended features for a single site, it is said to have a premium version starting at $26 per year. The premium version includes a polished experience, login forms, altering icons, and more. 

9. Facebook for WooCommerce by Facebook


This freemium Facebook for Woocommerce plugin allows the syncing of products to Facebook efficiently. The plugin figures out the most exemplary ways to integrate woocommerce and Facebook, along with boosting sales. 

It follows a single-click mechanism that immediately connects the entire inventory to your Facebook account and store. It even allows customization of product listings, their appearance, synchronizing, and more. One interesting integration is that it lets you create ads for your products on Facebook and Instagram. Its integration with Facebook Pixel lets you retarget customers based on their browsing activities through dynamic advertising. 

10. Social Warfare 


Social Warfare is a highly prioritized social sharing plugin that enables your site to connect with various social platforms. Social sharing is a highly preferred way that every marketer and designer uses to get more CTAs on their websites. This raises the need to have a plugin that offers social sharing buttons, thanks to this Social Warfare plugin. 

This Social Warfare plugin focuses on CTAs that help share Facebook deeds and posts with a single click. This plugin encounters almost every social platform, like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google, and more. It even allows you to decide the position of the social sharing buttons on your site. One interesting fact is that the plugin offers a sharing count, which shows how many times your content has been shared by the users.


So, this was all about finding the best Woocommerce Facebook plugins for your online store. Getting more sales and intended customers for your e-commerce store is all your focus. And this is why the urge to sell and market your products on social platforms has become the most important part. 

WordPress never fails to help you in every stage of having a Facebook shop woocommerce. And thus, we have presented the best Facebook plugins for your online store. These are the plugins that help your site connect not only with Facebook but with other social platforms too. Some are in their free, premium, and freemium versions, with tons of features and customizations to know about. So, get the right Woocommerce Facebook plugin and extend sales on your online store. 

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