Top And New Website Layout Ideas That Won’t Disappoint You

Do you want to get heavy traffic on your business website? So design your online business layout with multiple contemporary, fresh, and creative Website Layout Ideas so that target audiences can make crowd on it. 

Try as many website layout ideas as you can and will give you the dream business website

An ideal business URL should not focus on its screen appearance, but it should be developed creatively providing all the obligatory facilities. The ideology, concept, and notion of your business URL must be advantageous for a user and convenient too at the same time. It must convince the user that your product or services are useful for them. It builds trust and connects with an active client for whom you as a salesperson must get assured that these clients will come back to our website only having other providers in the same field providing the same services. This confidence can make you a successful entrepreneur. For this, inspirational layout ideas have to gain from some intelligently developed themes. Here we have handpicked some Popular WordPress Themes. Let’s try to understand. 

Health Coaching WordPress Theme

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This is an outstanding combination of our developer’s team specially used for the Nutritionist Coach Blog. This Health Coaching WordPress Theme has a pre-eminent layout that consists of many new and innovative ideas. You can admire these ideas to apply them to your blog websites as a nutritionist. The various designs in the layout provide you with options suitable for your online blog. The flexible layout of this Website Layout Ideas is also applicable to health and fitness coaches, nutritionists, dieticians, personal blogs, food blogs, yoga, health care, business portfolio, and personal trainers’ online portals. The index page of this theme is very clean. The distributed screen allows you to present your skills and achievements, missions and priorities, testimonials, and digital portfolio. A simple theme with minimal designs produces a great, influential, advantageous business URL for nutritionists. Let’s discuss further advanced features of this theme-

  • the theme is responsive and customized. 
  • It is a highly functional and easy-to-use theme.
  • The theme uses strong shortcodes and widgets. 
  • It supports RTL translation. 
  • SEO-optimized.
  • Supports CTA buttons. 
  • User-friendly and interactive design. 

Design Agency WordPress Theme

Agencies are service-based companies that are related to marketing, digital advertising, and many others. Where a screen appearance must impact the user to gain regular requirements. Agency WordPress Theme is particularly created for service-based digital industry online portals. A premium Website Layout Ideas has an alluring layout that impresses the user at first glance and enforces them to spend a lot of time with the website. The full-width dark slider is very captivating. You can add a video on its homepage introducing your agency and its service details that can highlight your projects and expertise. CSS animations used in the theme look awesome. A visually appealing and crystal clear theme provides hassle-free execution and the following functional features-

  • It is a fully customized theme.
  • The theme makes use of CTA buttons. 
  • It is responsive. 
  • The theme is integrated with a Woocommerce plugin. 

Diner Restaurant WordPress Theme 

A fine and sharp-featured Dinner restaurant WordPress Theme is like a jackpot for web developers who have to create a website for dinner or a restaurant’s online business website. An absolute and precise layout of this theme can accommodate a slider showing the restaurant images, its ambiance, and the food that depicts the quality of your food corner. A theme has the charm to attract active customers and provide them with the best resources. The Website Layout Ideas uses a combination of traditional and modern concepts to produce the best outcome. It emphasizes the vibrant and reflecting graphics that look very convincing. As the theme is flexible and open to get adjusted with any changes, you can add the list of menus on daily basis to grab the user’s attention and can integrate many other ideas. Diner Restaurant WordPress Theme is a functional theme that has many inbuilt features. Along with the beauty inside, the theme supports-

  • · Full-customization
  • · Call to Action Buttons (CTAs), 
  • · RTL translation
  • · Retina-ready
  • · SEO And it is compatible with all the latest browsers woocommerce plugins. 

Bookstore WordPress Theme

The objective of this theme is very clear and simple. It is used to produce a concrete foundation for building URLs for bookstores, eBook portals, online booksellers, authors, journalists, writers, editors, publishers, libraries, reading clubs, and online music stores. It’s the ultimate solution to find exact matching target audiences for bookselling and relevant businesses. This theme can help to raise the incoming profit margins. The Website Layout Ideas has the facility to sort out the books as per the different categories. The storybooks of kids are kept in a different section, and adult stuff is managed in another section. The cover image on the page is very exciting and pushes the user’s mind to click and open the site. We assure you that the theme can give the best layout ideas to extend the Ebook website. It will fetch huge traffic. This theme comprises the following technical features-

  • the theme is responsive. 
  • Allow for customization
  • Compatible with third-party plugin
  • SEO-friendly
  • Integrated social media icons


A Grid Layout WordPress Themes can have multiple layouts with versatile designs that are adaptable for any kind of online business portal. We can’t sum up this concept in a few lines, as it is a huge collection of different methods, schemes, and utilities. You can pick up any that you think will look awesome and can prove beneficial for your business and clients too. All the layout ideas are truly inspirational and incorporated cleverly. You won’t get disheartened if you avail of any of these themes for your online business forum. 

WordPress Theme Bundle

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