VPS vs Shared Web Hosting - Choose Your Best

When it comes to choose the best hosting for your site, it just seems to be the hectic and complicated task. Sorting the hosting company is not the only thing you have to do. You also have to select the right kind of hosting too. So, the two different kinds of hosting you may come across while searching are shared hosting and VPS hosting. The end goal of both this hosting is same i.e. it ensures that user have their site live on the Internet. But, both the hosting has very different approach of achieving that goal. However, it becomes so important for us to choose the best of the available hosting solutions for your site. The right type of hosting will make your life so comfortable and easy and you will have less or no burden on your side. This article will help you to lean about VPS vs Shared Web Hosting. This article will make you clear about which hosting to choose between shared hosting and VPS hosting.

VPS:  Virtual Private Server (VPS) is hosting that virtually mimics dedicated server environments within a shared server.

Shared Hosting: Shared hosting is a type of web hosting where a single physical server hosts multiple sites.

VPS vs shared web hosting

1. Security

When it comes to VPS Hosting, it is having high safety measures and contains powerful protective features that enables the WordPress users to perform precise services to enhance superior security options. On the other hand, shared hosting is also considered very safe but the one and only issue associated with it is that it uses a common server. Even if any user faces technical difficulties and makes mistakes after that then it might affect other users too. So, Choose Wisely between VPS vs Shared Web Hosting.

2. Scalability

When we see the major difference between VPS vs Shared Web Hosting then the scalability is important factor you can look up on. In shared hosting, you cannot exceed the server space. If this happens the you will get internal errors from your host. VPS Hosting, on the other hand, tops the table as it can manage any amount of traffic.

3. Performance

When we are dealing with the hosting server, it is for sure that higher resources will renders to Good performance. VPS Hosting provides a good bandwidth to the users increasing the overall performance. You will also get better performance in shared hosting as better technologies are used in it. So, as the shared hosting providers use the latest and modern technologies to ensure flexible and reliable accessibility then performance is the thing that won’t get compromised here. With shared hosting you will get the great facility of maintenance than VPS Hosting.

4. Server Management

When it comes to shared hosting, it has the culpability of managing the hardware for the user. Whereas in VPS, user have the responsibility of handling the hardware. It becomes your requisite to lease a host to keep an eye on the characteristics that are easily managed by a shared hosting service. When the user is on the Shared Hosting, they are free from the technical maintenance. You with get many things including the basic administration functions without affecting the cost and time.

5. Price

Pricing plays very important role in deciding hosting. And here shared hosting easily wins the race by a huge distance. It is one of the most affordable options available in different hosting. This is so because in sharing hosting we shares the server, with this the cost also gets shared between the users and it drops down. When it comes to VPS Hosting, you have to pay more for the individual data plan. So, if you are looking for cost-effective option for hosting with better features, then shared hosting is the option to choose over VPS servers.

6. The Server Resources

When it comes to Shared hosting, it is sharing of the server resources while on the other hand in dedicated hosting the users receive their server specific needs of their site. VPS hosting comes in the middle of a dedicated and shared server. In VPS, there are clusters of identical servers that acts as a dedicated hardware unit. As the websites are handled by an administrator with the help of control panel you will get an extreme level of customization on shared hosting of sites despite of having a shared server.

Conclusion: -

Now, you have the best possible answers to choose between VPS vs Shared Web Hosting. Choose Wisely as the type of hosting plan you will choose will have a significant effect on your Websites Performance.

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