Customize Video Headers In WordPress

Whenever we think about promoting a product or service, we don’t initially think of printing words on paper. We think about how it will look. Looks are what matter the most in marketing. That’s why even a website needs imagery and visual content. WordPress in a free platform. It gives you freedom to create a website with whatever feature you want to put into it. When using it for promotions, having images and videos help a lot. That’s why we have a concept of video headers In WordPress. These video headers will make your website look professional and engaging.

That’s the whole point of having a website, you want to engage people into your content. Video headers are the best way to do that. There are always two ways of doing something. You need to choose either and be responsible for the results. In WordPress, the first way is manual and the second in plugins. The works gets done in both but the procedure is different. Obviously, the manual way needs time and efforts. The plugin needs less time comparatively and equal efforts. So we are going to look both ways to customize video headers in WordPress. WordPress themes is the best option when you want to create a website easily even if you don't know coding!

Steps to Customize Video Headers In WordPress With VW Themes

1. Manual Way

To customize video headers in WordPress you need to first know it well. In a manual way, you will have to look into a bunch of codes and design them in such a way that it gets easy for you to customize it.

So the concept of video headers In WordPress was first introduced in WordPress version 4.7. It had a tag the_custom_header_markup(). When you add the video header, the video on the header plays automatically without sound. Whenever someone visits your website, the header will start playing the video automatically.

There’s a template in WordPress which comes with video header support. If you get this template you are free to add and customize it. If not, then you will have to go through a procedure.

First you need to add video support in your custom header. After that you need to display the video header on your WordPress website. For this you need to add the tag mentioned earlier. This will specify as to where you want to display it. After that  you need to head over to configure specific display condition and more settings.

WordPress has a setting that authorizes you to decide on which pages the video header will show. You have the liberty to restrict them on some viewports. To set the required values and configure settings use the header_video_settings filter. The same filter can be used for changing elements of texts.

You also need to set the format the video will be showcased. The current WordPress version supports mp4, mov and YouTube videos for their websites. If you want to use other format for the video you can make the settings accordingly.

So now all you need to do is create custom video handlers. They need to support and validate the customizer to make the handlers work smoothly. For this you can use customize_validate_external_header_video and customize_validate_header_video.

This is the manual way of customizing video headers in WordPress. If you feel like its too much or too tricky to go with, you always have the other option. Along with this have a look a Smart WordPress Themes By VW Themes.

2. Plugins

Plugins are the easiest way of doing something and anything on WordPress. There’s a plugin for everything here. But, there’s always a ‘but’ in story! Here that ‘but’ is consequences. Having too many plugins can slow down you website and eventually kill your viewership.

That’s why its advisable to use only those who work good with your system. To customize video headers in WordPress we have some good suggestions for you. Just go through it and decide!

3. Video Background

This plugin is really good at what it does. It is authored by Blake Wilson and is known to be the most handy tool to keep things in flow. It works pretty good with adding video headers In WordPress and their customization.

Also, it is lightweight and intuitive in usage. It allows you to add video backgrounds on every page of the website. This tool is available as free and premium as well. With the premium version you will get YouTube and Visual composer.

The plugin comes with 4 required fields and 5 supplementary options to give your video header a unique look.

4. Easy Video Background WP

This is another worth buying plugin in the list. Easy video background WP works perfect with your website or blog. This plugin is known for its intelligence. With this plugin the whole work will become easy.

This plugin is very good with the details. It makes sure to showcase every single detail of the video header on your website. This plugin comes with YouTube and native video support. It has pause, play, mute toggle and other controls as well. For mobile devices it has Flash Fallback. You can use it when they don’t support HTML5 video tag.   

5. YouTube Embed WordPress

This plugin provides the shortest path for YouTube video supports on WordPress website. As the name suggests it works pretty nice with YouTube videos. This plugin is user friendly and intuitive backend will be at your disposal.

This will help you to add and customize video materials in your WordPress website. This will result in better user engagement and better profits. It is custom build to add videos on posts, pages and widgets. It also helps in setting YouTube width, height, auto play and more.

This plugin give short codes. By using them you can easily add video materials in header or footer anywhere on the website.

6. Custom Headers And Footers

As the name says this plugin is for making it easy for you to add and customize video header and footer in your WordPress website. This plugin is neat and accurate with the job. This custom header and footer plugin will help you in keeping your website clean from unpleasant visualization.   

We also have the WordPress theme bundle if you are looking for a bundle of themes at a pocket-friendly price.

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