Types Of Graphic Design Every Designer Needs To Know!

Graphic Designers are artists that create graphic content to grab the audience’s attention. They use their creativity to make enduring memories through typography, color, form, and imagery. But, here’s something that might surprise you, this is not the only thing they do! There’s a lot more! Even though it is assumed that all graphic designers practice under the same title, they work in different types of graphic designs. If you are looking for creative WordPress themes then VWthemes is for you.

This takes to the point of this article. If you are someone who wishes to make a career in this splendid profession of Graphic Designing, you need to expand your horizons about the numerous types of graphic designs.  

Types Of Graphics Design By VW Themes explained below

This huge industry of Graphic Design is evolving day by day. And to be successful in this career, you need to learn some new skills. Don’t worry, we are here to share with you types of graphic design that every designer as a beginner needs to know. So let’s get started! Along with this VW Themes has a stunning collection of WordPress Themes to offer have a look.

Packaging Graphic Design 

This is the most obvious one! You might have come across a product with an amazing design and wondered, “Who designs with so much perfection?” Well, this is the work of some talented and creative people who make effort behind the scenes to make the product attractive. Let me tell you that it may sound like an easy job, but you need to burn the candles at both ends to come up with something unique and eye-catching as well. The packaging of the product says a lot about it (It is indirectly judging a book by its cover!). And hence, every company needs to make their in such a way that it grabs the limited attention of people. 

Therefore the responsibility of grabbing people’s attention through the product design is of the Packaging Graphic Designer. This profession demands your creativity and challenges your thinking ability. So, you need to think out of the box and make sure that the design of the product is unique, ceaseless, and have the uncanny ability to seize your customer’s attention. If you are thinking to make this your career, you will need to study the structures and models of automobiles and, needless to say, basic designing skills. 

Corporate Graphic Design

This domain of Graphic Design deals with both print and digital media. The designers in this field need to create a strong corporate identity using visual mediums. Their main job comprises of the House Style. It means that you have to arrange the design tools in a manner that they become well defined while sharing a common method. 

In types of graphic design, This gifted category of designers called Corporate Graphic Designers works with logos, company colors, and typography. These factors are important to create a unique identity for the brand. Remember that brand identity is not just a simple or a random logo, it highlights the company’s fundamental values and its personality. It is one of the company’s prime strategies to reach out to customers by linking itself to their emotions. With that being said, if you are someone who wants to make a living through this profession, you need to have a strong personality. Your personality and attitude will be a game-changer. This will determine how effective your coordination is between multiple platforms and teams as well as ensure that their work is translated consistently.

Marketing Graphic Design

This is one of the most common design categories in the field. Graphic Design is presumed by people as Marketing Graphic Design. The designers in this field make a rhythmic combination of principles of design and art in addition to the data about the psychology

of customers and the trends and behavior of people.

This field involves learning about various customer profiles and the trends of the ground. You, as a Marketing Graphic Designer, will have to create appealing advertisements, signs, billboards, visual banners, brochures for digital media, social profiles, marketing templates, and what not! And let me make you more confident with the fact that being recruited as a Marketing Graphic Designer is not that difficult because of the unending demand of such talented people. You can work as a freelancer too, but in our opinion working full time, in a company will be amazing with a lot of scope for growth and an abundance of opportunities. 

Apparel Graphic Design

In the age of social media, wearing T-shirts with graphic designs on them looks amazing and as they say “cool”. But do you know who is the mastermind behind these appealing designs? They are called Apparel Graphic Designers. The work of an Apparel Graphic Designer is very interesting as it seems to be. But one thing worth mentioning is that their work is highly responsible. If you are looking to make this your profession, you need a high level of skills and measurement. Even a small mistake can be storm in a teacup. 

Moreover, this profession demands a high level of creativity and imagination power. Whatever is going to be printed on those pieces of clothes, is going to be imagined by you. You also need to be aware of the latest trends as almost every trend fades away in weeks and sometimes in days. In addition, it is not the only work that an Apparel Graphic Designer does, they can also design logos. It is an amazing profession, but for those who are responsible, creative, and open-minded. 

Motion Graphic Design 

You might have watched Avengers: Endgame and wondered how do they create those astonishing scenes. Well, that is the work of a Motion Graphic Designer. The imagery, animation, typography, and on-screen transitions that we witness while watching movies and series are examples of Motion Graphic Designer’s work. And it is needless to say, that this profession is in demand more than ever. It is one of the best types of graphic design. And the demand of the public and advancement of motion graphic design technology, the quality of video content is becoming superior as well as cost-efficient.  

Motion Graphic Designer is occupied with not only the movie scenes but also promotional videos, banners, presentations, GIFs, video games, trailers, etc. If you have a nice hand in 3D modeling, coding, and digital skills are qualified for the job position. 

UI Graphic Design

The next type of graphic design in our list is User Interface or UI Graphic Design. The UI graphic design is accountable to enhance the communication between a user and a device. UI Graphic Designer has to focus on many on-screen detailed fundamentals like menus, micro-interactions, etc. Their primary task is to guide the aesthetic appeal and technical functionality in a balanced manner. Also, a UI Graphic Designer is an expert in games, desktop, and mobile applications.

They are also linked with User Experience Designers and Interface Designers. To find success by leaps and bounds in this profession, you need to have a detailed knowledge of principles of UI/UX and of course, graphic skills. Also, it will be a cherry on the cake, if you learn some additional programming languages like CSS, JAVAScript, HTML, etc. 

Vehicle Wrap Graphic Design

Now, this is the most common but yet known to very few people. Vehicle Wrap Graphic Design is used by many small-scale as well as large scale businesses because of its cost-effectiveness. Vehicle Wraps have a really simple design. The reason behind that is the basic human psyche. People don’t have the time to stop for 5-10 minutes to understand a complicated advertisement. Despite the job looking very easy, you need to understand that it requires a lot of effort as well as thinking power to come up with something simple yet worthy enough to catch the attention of people. 

You have to make a perfect rhythm of aesthetically pleasing colors, attractive font and slogans, and the logo of your business. You should maintain the accuracy of the templates minutely while pursuing this career. Even a millimeter’s difference would cost you a lot. 

Environmental Graphic Design

Environmental Graphic Design comes under the list of the most affluent types of graphic design. You, as an Environmental Graphic Designer, will have to work with the interiors of several buildings, stores, architectural structures, etc. Imagine, you enter into a restaurant, and find an eye-catching graphic design, you would remember the restaurant for your whole life. That’s the power of Graphic Design! 

The motive of Environmental Graphic Designer is to enrich the attraction of the place and make it a memorable place. Be it a health care center, stadium, public transport, or anything else, these types of graphic designs are everywhere! Remember, you need to have substantial knowledge of the architectural plan and design concept. And, needless to say, creativity and critical thinking is the need of the profession. 

These types of graphic designers work in the universe of books, magazines, catalogs, newspapers, etc. These designers shape the way a magazine would look. They are the designers of both layouts and covers and they stick to the area of publishing. They work only on which they have a nice hand on. This means a magazine designer will stick to designing a magazine and not try to design a book cover. 

Publication design includes many elements like typography, text, layouts, illustrations, photographs, etc. Also, it is a cup of cake! You need to burn the midnight oil to make an appealing design. This work dives deep into font, size, and readability that grabs the attention. Titles and Headers get extra attention, and everything gets structured against white space. 

In addition, printing also plays an important role in this design. Poor printing can make your binding look messy and unorganized. You need to cover all the aspects to stand out from the rest. You also need to know the right usage of leading (use of space between lines) and kerning (use of space between characters and letters). 

In this types of graphic design, So after going through this article, you may have understood that the role of a graphic designer is not just restricted to what is assumed to be. There is a lot more to be explored. I hope you found this information useful. And if you did, show some love by sharing this article. Also, you can share your thoughts on the same in the comments section below. If there is something that I missed, do let me know. Thank you for going through this article.


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