20+ Top Gardening WordPress Themes That You'll Love


Gardening and landscaping plays an important role in your home decoration. Things have changed dramatically after the era of the internet and as of today, you can buy top gardening WordPress themes to make things easy for you and also, such themes will help you in your gardening and landscape business.

Sirat Pro

Sirat pro is a fine multipurpose online shop website theme. It is a fine spectacular theme. It has a good selection of  demo websites ready-made and you can use them with a click, you need minimal customization and branding before going live with content, and you install this in less time. That is why this Environment WordPress Theme has popularity; unparalleled convenience apart from a fine creative power. Professionals love this WP theme because of impressive template pages, and this is a constantly growing theme. You can showcase works for an audience of clients as well as employers and can do this  in a good fashion. Impress your new business with this one, and use the e-Commerce capabilities for deployment of modern, functional commerce websites that too in minutes.  It has a WooCommerce plugin.

VW Landscaping WordPress Theme

VW landscaping WordPress theme is modern as well as sophisticated best WordPress themes with multiple demos that vary from one to multi-page styles. The tool has all things right from gardening to the lawn care services or landscape architecture, agriculture and much more. It abides by the latest technologies as well as web practices for ensuring a secure site as well as stable functionality.

This is mobile-ready, compatible with multiple modern web browsers and is refined for delivering a cutting-edge experience. It has multiple  header styles, various internal pages, SEO optimized, testimonial sliders, and much more. It is among the fastest solutions to get the website operational thereby attracting potential clients and growing business to an altogether new level. You can create the ideal page, and have much fun because of its straightforward working. You can manage as well as  maintain  internet appearance in a fine manner.

VW maintenance WordPress theme


VW maintenance WordPress theme is versatile as well as  finely executed, serious plus professional,  functional, refined as well as resourceful, crafted with precision and graphically composed, flexible, pliable and responsive WP creative and multipurpose theme to the core. This theme is a good choice for garden maintenance websites. It is an intuitive of extraordinary stature apart from being easy-to-use, expressive plus bold. It is created with precision by expert developers and designers with a set of fine tools, templates as well as features that empower webmasters of multiple skills to make create attractive as well as professional websites in minutes.

You do not have to write a code line by yourself. It has  functions as well as convenient, predesigned sections plus pages. VW maintenance theme is a pixel-perfect theme carrying cutting-edge technologies that can automatically resize and rescale web pages to fit any screen, device or any platform. This is fine for creative professionals across multiple fields as well as industries. It has many demo websites saving considerable time as well as effort for setting up customized, distinct websites to  impress the customers.

VW Flower Shop WordPress theme

Event Planner WordPress Theme

VW Flower shop WordPress Theme is for flower shop websites, and is compatible with WooCommerce plugin. You can fully create, customize, as well as maintain the website and blog. It is a suitable content management system having multiple benefits over traditional website making .The first improvement you notice when you make use of WP is non requirement of coding or knowledge related to programming. You do all things by making use of visual editors and can change things within the theme or can make additions by making use of a plugin.

Plugins provide added functionality for the floristic store. You can add a shopping cart,  gallery or additional SEO. It has its own SEO advantages even without making use of plugins. One of the finest reasons to make use of WordPress is to benefit from full responsiveness offered by it. Whether you view a website on phone or computer screen, each person sees it the same because the website fits the screen size. You do not have to make special adjustments at the time of making. Apart from responsiveness, it provides 24/7 support as well as rich documentation. You can buy this WP themes on sale.


Gardening is in the list of top gardening WordPress themes and is known for its elegant and refreshing design. With this theme, you have a fascinating user experience because of the allocation of the objects in a very good manner. The potential clients are greeted with amazing visuals and that is the best part of it. The beat part of it is that you have the introduction header and this is configured with the inside buttons.

  • Plugins and extensions
  • Page builders
  • Shopping tools
  • More than 100 custom elements
  • High flexibility level


BuildPress is known for its multipurpose nature and a fit theme for gardening and landscaping or other allied businesses. With this theme, you can open up a multipurpose website. If you are interested in a quick way of launching the website, this theme will work for you in a special manner. It comprises customization features and is among the top gardening WordPress themes. Some of the added features are:

  • Visual composer page builder
  • WordPress customizer interface
  • Responsive to different screens
  • Swapping the fonts
  • Retina ready

Grass is a good theme for making an exclusive site for gardening and landscaping. It is a well-structured WordPress theme and since the launch of this one in the international market, it has been doing exceptionally well in terms of sales. This is a good theme for the personal blogs because of its multipurpose nature. With some of the very good features, the demand of this WordPress theme is increasing day by day. You have the option to apply the blog design to a separate website for gardening.

  • Functional responsive design
  • Multilingual
  • WooCommerce
  • Retina ready


This theme is known for its multipurpose nature and is accompanied with the incredible attributes that help you to craft a website of gardening or you can apply the same website for your gardening and landscape business as well. The features with this theme are quite suitable for providing the gardening related services. With three features like revolution slider, layer slider and the lightbox, you can set the showcase galleries. Some of the added features are:

  • Contact form 7
  • Support team
  • High versatility
  • SEO optimised


This is among the top gardening WordPress themes and is an exceptional choice for flower sale or landscape related business. One of the special features with this is the pre-built website demos. You require very less customization work with this. Since the theme came into the market, it has become very popular and is doing excellently well in terms of sale and quality. It is known for its stylish design.

  • WooCommerce compatibility
  • Retina and translation ready
  • Flexibility
  • SEO optimised

Garden Hub

Garden HUB is a professional theme for landscaping and gardening. Once you buy this theme, you can quickly commence with the website design. You can select the gardening demos and the landscape that is pre-built. After this, you can import the content on the website. For the adjustment of the colours, you have the theme options panel. Since the launch of the theme in the online international market, it is doing well in terms of sales.

  • Visual composer plugin
  • Compatible with third party WordPress plugins
  • Multilingual
  • Retina ready

Landscaping WP

With this theme, you have the gardening focussed demos and you have the option to create a gardening and landscape business website. This is among the top gardening WordPress themes. The theme comes with the default homepage layouts and you can make use of the video backgrounds for welcoming the visitors on the site. You can view the photographs from the landscape gardening portfolio. To the homepage, you can add other optional modules. Some of the added features are:

  • Drag and drop page builder plugin
  • WooCommerce plugin
  • Subscription payments
  • Control panel
  • WooCommerce


This theme is for promotion of services and you can also create a website for the gardening agency. It has two main homepage designs and the visitors can transform into the clients. It also has the pricing package table apart from having an important feature called service calculator. The interactive tool is an immensely beneficial tool and you can get the estimate regarding the service cost. This is among the top gardening WordPress themes and some of the added advantages are:

  • Completely customizable
  • Interactive tool
  • Demo importer tool
  • Online documentation
  • Customer support


This is a multipurpose theme for gardening and landscaping and comes with an impressive design that is modern as well. Known for its flexibility, it comprises 12 website demos and the theme has been performing exceptionally well since it was launched in the international market. If you are interested in promoting yourself as a freelance gardener or want to set up an online store for garden products, then this theme works very well for you.

  • Display of testimonials
  • Unique designs
  • WooCommerce
  • Editable PSD files
  • Responsive

Green Lawn


This is an incredible WordPress theme with the landscaping demos and you can create gardening websites with this one. It comes with six website demos and you also have five different header layouts. Each of these can be used with any demo. Inner demo pages cover the important content. Since the launch of the theme in the online market, it is doing great as far as the performance is concerned. It is among the top gardening WordPress themes.

  • Business logo
  • Updating the colour scheme
  • Visual composer drag and drop editor
  • Retina ready
  • Translation ready

The Landshaper

This is a classic WordPress theme for professional gardening and you can make wonderful law websites as well as the websites related to professional landscaping. This is a vivid theme and is a perfect match for you. This theme comprises an introduction area that is accompanied with two elements. Since the launch of this theme, it is performing very well both in terms of sale as well as the theme quality. Some of the added features are:

  • Singular component accompanied with grid interface
  • Retina ready
  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • Responsive
  • SEO optimised


This WordPress theme is based on the compact alignment and provides you a special experience of website making. This is a very good theme for garden related business and is listed among the top gardening WordPress themes. Since the launch of the theme in the online international market, it has become exceptionally well in terms of sales and the richness of features. Some of the added features are:

  • Revolution slider
  • Visual composer
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce
  • Parallax and custom shortcodes
  • SEO optimised


This is a good theme for the professional businesses and this is a customised theme with the multipurpose capability. This is in the list of top gardening WordPress themes. Not only can it be used as a gardening theme but also for various other businesses as well. This theme has the content areas and these are fused with succinct widgets in order to create a modern atmosphere in the real sense. Some of the added features are:

  • High quality design
  • Design customization
  • WooCommerce
  • Social media links

This is an authentic WordPress theme in the gardening and landscape sector and you can set up a special website. With this, the website design will look absolutely stunning and there is no limit to the features associated with this WordPress theme. The theme is known for its creative features. It has the short codes and content grids and since the launch in the market, the theme has been doing exceptionally well as far as sales is concerned.

  • Revolution slider
  • Visual composer
  • Isotope galleries plugin
  • Retina ready


This is among the top garden WordPress themes and is significant for the business related to the landscapes and gardens. This WordPress theme is also good for the construction sector and since it is multipurpose in nature, it is of great value in terms of business profits. If you are interested in opening a flower store business, this is a special theme for you and is doing exceptionally well since its launch in the market.

  • Ecommerce integration
  • Custom template management plugin
  • WooCommerce
  • Retina ready


This WordPress theme is known for its responsive nature but the prime focus is on gardening. If you are doing business related to gardening, this theme will work well for you and you can create a special website with this that will fulfil all the dreams of your business. This is a special theme for agri-business as well and you can make a website of significance with this. You also have the demo button. Some of the added features are:

  • Blog posts
  • SEO
  • WooCommerce
  • HTML5 and CSS3

This WordPress theme is all about the original ideas and the concepts of design making it a fit option for the gardening and allied businesses. For the agriculture sector, this is a good premium WordPress theme because this theme is multipurpose as well. If you are a flower store owner or want to excel in this business by selling the flowers online, this theme will work well for an online store. This is among top garden WordPress themes.

  • Customised grid content
  • Traditional WordPress lists
  • WooCommerce plugin
  • Beautiful design
  • Retina ready


This is a good theme particularly if you are dealing with the landscape business. It comprises WooCommerce plugin making it very good for the online business related to horticulture. You can make use of this theme as a professional consultancy related to agriculture and horticulture. Some of the added features are:

  • Widgets
  • Forms
  • Customization
  • WooCommerce
  • SEO optimised


This is among the top garden WordPress themes and is listed in the premium category. Since it's coming on the market, the popularity ratings are high and the theme has done well as far as ranking in sales is concerned. A good one for the landscape business, it has the special design elements reflecting the true design concepts. This is what is required for a theme related to gardening or any type of agribusiness. Some of the added feature s are:

  • WooCommerce installation
  • Retina ready
  • Social media compatible
  • Retina ready
  • SEO optimised


In conclusion, the curated selection of gardening WordPress themes offers a bouquet of options to cultivate a stunning online presence for gardening enthusiasts, landscaping businesses, nurseries, and gardening blogs. These themes boast customizable features, beautiful layouts, and specialized functionalities tailored to showcase gardening expertise and services effectively. To expedite your website setup and access a wide range of gardening-focused designs, consider exploring WP theme bundle featuring a collection of top-quality themes dedicated to gardening niches. With these versatile themes, you can effortlessly create visually appealing websites, showcase gardening projects, offer gardening tips, and promote services to captivate audiences passionate about all things green. Dive into these 20+ top gardening WordPress themes to plant the seeds for an engaging and visually delightful online gardening experience.

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