10 Tips Designing for eCommerce Websites

designing for ecommerce

Websites have made it very easy for a business to grow its reach among audiences and increase revenue. A business with an online presence has comparatively better sales than businesses with just an offline presence.

The hike in the sales of online businesses doesn’t come up just by creating a website but several factors affect sales. One of the most important factors is the designing for eCommerce website. A great design can help you gradually shoot up the sales of your business website.

Do you want to know how it works? To find out, read this blog till the end in which we are going share the 10 E-commerce website design tips for better sales.

Why E-commerce Website Design Matters

As we know getting your business online is really important to remain in competitive world. We all are aware of the fact that “first impression is the last impression.” This saying applies to your websites as well. The design of a website is the first impression of every visitor and whether they leave or stay on your website is decided by the simplicity and user-friendliness of the design of your E-commerce website.

An online store should have a professional and easy-to-explore design. It makes it easy for website visitors to use your E-commerce website and make purchases. On the other hand, if your website is having a quirky design and difficult navigation then the website visitors will leave without looking at the products listed on your E-commerce website.

I hope you got to know the importance of design to boost the sales of an E-commerce website. Now let’s take a look at the 10 E-commerce website design tips for better sales.

10 Tips for Designing for eCommerce Website

Various website designing tips can help you to increase sales on your business website. Some of them are mentioned below.

Consider User Perspective

Keep it simple

Call to Action

Build Trust by Including Testimonials and Reviews

Easy Navigation

Better Category Product Organization

Use Search Bar

Visible Contact Details for Support

Chatbot for Live Query Support

Consider User Perspective

The users of a website are going to interact with the website so, it is very important to consider your user's perspectives while designing your E-commerce website.

A fancy design is of no use if the users find it hard to surf your website, instead, if you consider your user's perspective while designing your E-commerce website it will make it easy for them to navigate and surf through your website.

It will improve the user experience and the website visitors will automatically spend more time looking for products listed on your E-commerce website. Hence, the chances of the users purchasing the products increase which further boosts sales.

Keep It Simple

The next important design tip to improve sales on your E-commerce website is to stick to a simple and subtle design. In the case of an E-commerce website, the main aim of the user is to sort through the listed products or services to choose the best fit for themselves.

Choosing a fancy and decorative theme may distract the users from website surfing and converting it into a sale. Hence, it is important to have a simple and neat design for your E-commerce website. Opt for premium WordPress themes as premium version assure speed, and security of your eCommerce website.

Not saying to eliminate the design stuff completely, but use subtle colors that can complement the content and the online store and don’t overdo it. Acknowledge the importance of white space and make sure to include it as well in your E-commerce website.

When it comes to simplicity and good performance the best E-commerce WordPress theme and responsive WordPress templates are a great fit to provide a great user experience to the website visitors and increase the sales of your website.

Call To Action

Adding a call to action to your E-commerce website is a great way to boost conversion rates. Call to action is a marketing tactic that is used by businesses to make users perform the desired action. Subscribe to something, click here to know more, or buy this product are some examples of calls to action.

With the help of a call to action, you can subsequently boost the sales on your E-commerce website. As it helps to reduce the confusion among website visitors and they are more likely to purchase the product or service shown on their screen.

Make sure to use a suitable font and size while creating a call to action, because if it's not proper then it can repel the website visitors instead of making them do the desired action. So, if you want to shoot up the conversion rates on your E-commerce website then make sure to include some effective call-to-action terms.

Include Testimonials and Reviews

As a customer, we all think several times before purchasing a product online. While shopping online we don’t have physical access to that product hence various questions capture our minds such as does this product worth the money? What if it turns out to be a low-quality or defective product? As an E-commerce website owner, you should be aware of the ways to tackle this problem of the customers.

As a customer, we all think several times before purchasing a product online. While shopping online we don’t have physical access to that product hence various questions capture our minds such as does this product worth the money? What if it turns out to be a low-quality or defective product? As an E-commerce website owner, you should be aware of the ways to tackle this problem of the customers.

The best way to do that is to Include customer testimonials and a product reviews section in your E-commerce website. Due to this, your customer can experience a particular product or service even before purchasing it. This helps you to build a strong customer relationship and trust among your website visitors.

Products with good testimonials and customer reviews assure the users that it is going to be worth spending and help to remove the doubt from their minds. Due to this, the users turn into sales effectively and tend to repeat due to the trust built by good customer reviews and testimonials.

Easy Navigation

Imagine, you visit an E-commerce website to purchase a product but you keep lingering around the same web page while finding that product for several minutes due to the difficult navigation of that website. I’m sure you will leave that website without purchasing after trying several times.

I’m sure you don’t want this to happen with your E-commerce website as well. To avoid that make sure you keep the navigation of your website as easy as possible. It will help the users easily explore different products and services listed on your website and purchase them.

Interlink your content and product pages, as it will help the users to reach those pages easily also add a similar product section to avail various options of the same product to help them choose the best fit for them and increase the odds of making a purchase.

Better Category Product Organization

Your E-commerce website may have various products listed in different categories such as clothing, electronics, shoes, beauty products etc. In that case, it is a must that you categorize those products properly to help your website visitors sort between them easily.

If multiple products are listed on your website in an uncategorized manner, then customers will have a hard time finding the desired product and it may annoy them and as a result, they can leave your website.

Therefore, for the convenience of the website visitors and to boost the conversion rates on your E-commerce website make sure you create and implement better category product organization.

Use Search Bar

Earlier, we discussed the importance of creating a category organization for multiple products on your E-commerce website. But it might happen that sometimes website visitors still face a hard time while looking for a particular product or service on your E-commerce website.

In that scenario, the search bar can turn out to be an effective way for website users to look for a product or service instantly. It reduces the waiting time for the customers and allows them to fetch between products of multiple categories quickly.

After adding a search box on your E-commerce website, make sure to check whether it works or not properly and don’t forget to add related searches instead of giving a prompt to the users as “no search results” after entering an unknown query.

So, if you want to provide information at the fingertips of your website visitors without making them surf through various web pages to purchase a product, then do not forget to include a search bar in your E-commerce website.

Visible Contact Details For Support

Contact details are the most important design aspect for E-commerce websites to boost their sales. Your website visitors might be having some product-related queries or complaints that they want to address to you hence you must provide your contact details.

It gives a feeling of importance to your website visitors and customers as they can directly reach you if they have any kind of problem or query about the products listed on your website. It shows that you value your customer and that their satisfaction matters to you and as a result, a great customer relationship is built between you and your website visitors.

The trust and good customer experience make the users visit and purchase from your E-commerce website repeatedly. It increases the engagement rate and business conversion rates on your E-commerce website. You might not be always available to reply to the emails or calls of the customers, hence to make it easier for the customers to get their queries solved you can add an FAQ page to your website.

The FAQ page contains all the possible queries that your customers might have, hence adding an FAQ page to your website will help the website visitors to get the answers to their questions even before asking.

ChatBots for Live Query Support

Chatbots are virtual assistants on a website that act as a medium to provide a great customer support experience to your website visitors. Since they are virtual assistants they can work 24*7 to answer queries and solve the complaints of the customers.

Chatbots assist you to provide good customer service to your website visitors and win their trust. It creates a great image of your business in your customer's minds and they tend to make multiple purchases from your website increasing the business conversion rates on your E-commerce website. 

To add a chatbot to your E-commerce website you can use various plugins such as ChatBot.com, HubSpot, Freschat etc. Install one of those plugins and set up a chatbot on your website to provide 24*7 customer support to your website visitors.

Final Thoughts

Website design is a crucial factor to hook your audience and make their user experience easy. A non-user-friendly design can do the opposite hence it is important to give special attention to the design of your E-commerce website to boost its sales.

Implement the website designing tips, we discussed in this blog to create an effective and user-friendly design for your E-commerce website and witness a gradual growth in your sales.

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