Top 4 Significant Things About WordPress Chalked Out For You

Things About WordPress

Have you ever paid attention to why some people are successful in utilizing the WordPress platform while others are not? The reason for their success can be seen from the fact that they are aware of WordPress tricks which you do not know. Aside from knowing how to use WordPress, you should also be aware of some of the hacks which make a lot of difference. This post is going to cover the basic things about WordPress every user should know.

Some WordPress tricks at a glance

Go through the following tricks while working on WordPress.

Be careful while using plugins

WordPress Plugins

At present, WordPress offers thousands of plugins in its directory. All of them are necessary and useful with respect to development. However, it does not make sense to install all of the WP plugins on your website. Then, how many of them you should install? It would be better to have just a few important ones installed on your site as all of them might make your site look like a junk or clutter. Also, availability of multiple plugins may give rise to issues such as page loading speed, compatibility issues with other WP plugins, etc. While buying a plugin, pay attention to its quality because it’s better to have a few supreme quality plugins rather than ample of ordinary plugins. Go through its reviews and ensure that it has been updated in last few months. WP plugins lead the list of “Significant things about WordPress”.

Use a Premium WordPress Theme

Premium WordPress Theme

Let’s take Premium WP Theme next in the record of things about WordPress. The theme you choose decides how pretty and beautiful your website will look. The WordPress theme directory hoards a plethora of free themes and because they are labeled as free, people are attracted towards them. However, you should not be misled with the free stuff as not all free stuff are good. Similarly, most of the free themes have limited features, functionalities, and are vulnerable to security issues. On the other hand, premium WordPress themes have ample of functionalities, are reasonably priced, and can be used for a variety of websites.

Take the best web hosting

The web hosting you choose plays a vital role in setting up a good website. To build a successful website, choose a web hosting which is well tested, trustworthy, and result-driven. The market has many web hosting providers, but not all of them are reliable and give best results. Go through the server types, bandwidth, security, and the disk space they provide. Free hosting usually displays too many ads and hardly offers support to the users. I’d recommend you not to rely on free hosting rather buy a hosting package that too during the festive season. During festive seasons, a lot of offers and discounts are offered to customers.

Explore the WordPress Dashboard

All the things about WP Themes must be considered carefully by WordPress users. Next, in the series comes WP dashboard. After logging into the WordPress dashboard, you will be accommodated with several quick links to help you initiate your work. Your name will be written at the top right side of the dashboard in a welcoming manner.

Next, you will see “At a Glance” section which tells you the number of posts and pages your website have. It tells you the theme your website is currently working on.

The Quick Draft section has a screen where you can write a draft post and save it. However, it does not offer the formatting options as you get in the Posts editor screen. Also, it displays your recently drafted posts, at least 3 of them.

/WordPress events and news section

The WordPress Events and News section mention the upcoming events in your vicinity. Also, it tells the latest news about WordPress.

WordPress Screen Options

If you want to rearrange the sections within your dashboard, you can do so through the Screen Options tab at the top of the dashboard screen.

Raise your WordPress success

WordPress is obviously the most widespread web building platform. You will have a great experience working on it if you are aware of the concepts covered in this post. Be sound with the happenings taking place in the WordPress world, keep yourself updated with this platform and success will come to you. To help you keep updated, VWThemes is offering a well-built and unique set of Premium WordPress Themes which you can use to make contemporary websites. Our themes are exclusively developed to cover a range of business websites. Check out the demo of all our themes and see what suits your business the best.

VWThemes comes up with a WordPress Theme Bundle that includes well-built and distinguished business WordPress Themes. All our premium themes are timely updated according to the latest changes that occur in WordPress. Our themes also include several plugins that are necessary for your website. If you get aware of the things regarding WordPress that are discussed in this post, you will get the best experience . Using premium themes will provide you a lot of benefits.

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