Some UX Term Every Web Developer Should Know!

Websites are the face of our work on the World Wide Web. It is one of the biggest assets of our business. Via website we can create and maintain the reputation of our work in the market. The first step of having a professional website starts with the landing page. In this blog we will see UX Term Every Web Developer Should Know.

The website’s success depends on the views it gets world wide. To build the necessary excitement about your project, you need to establish a landing page first. Landing page is something that introduces your work to people. To create an effective landing page you need to know some basics.

WordPress is vastly used website development platform. Here you can create a website as per your preference with complete security. WordPress has two hosts, and! has a ready-made pattern where you just have to add your content. But won’t allow you to make any changes into the layout.

At you will have to design your own website. You can always buy a WordPress theme from internet. Here you will have complete control over your website’s layout. You will be able to decide its looks and performance. So is highly recommended!

What Is UX?

WordPress is the largely used website development platform where you can create a website as per your preference with complete security. WordPress has two hosts, and

As mentioned earlier provides a ready-made theme for a website. Whereas  will give you opportunity to buy a WordPress theme from other capable company and use it to crate your website.

Now, in some WordPress themes the responsibility for UX is already taken. The companies like VWThemes make sure that the theme you buy has everything that is needed for increasing the UX of website. So you don’t need to do more for maintaining the UX. But if they seem not enough or you made a wrong choice purchasing WordPress theme, here are some ways by which you can improve the UX of your website.

What Are UX Terms?

UX terms are the things web developers have to do to enhance the UX of the website. These UX terms sophisticate the website for viewers and make it user-friendly. Let’s check out some UX Term Every Web Developer Should Know!

  1. Adaptive Design:- It is a progressive enhancement of the website. It uses static layout which do not respond once loaded. This adaptive design works fine with detecting screen size of the target and offers a relevant layout to them.
  2. A/B Testing:- This is a testing process which tests different sites at the same time. This test offers which site has better user experience and which one you should go with.
  3. Affinity Diagramming:- It is one of the most common UX terms that web developers use these days. It is better known for grouping and understanding information to plan site layout and content effectively.
  4. Analysis Stage:- It is what the name suggests. This UX term is used to put all the information on table and analyze it. It collects all the insights and data and examine it.
  5. Analytics:- This UX term has a broader meaning than you think. The analytics enhances a lot of techniques and tools to pull out useful information from data.
  6. Beta Launch:- This is also most commonly used UX term in the industry. This is basically a preliminary launching and testing of website to detect bugs and errors.
  7. Branding:- This UX term is used for marketing mostly. Here you have to create a unique brand or a name easy to recognize by people at large.
  8. Card Sorting:- This is an UX term for capturing information from websites. Here you can use all physical or digital cards.
  9. Color Theory:- It is used for making the layout look awesome. It is basically a modern theory which is based on color affects user’s behaviors.  
  10. Collaborative Design:- This UX term is used for recruiting users, contributors, stakeholders, project members and all the people who are contributing in the brand. This way you build a team and it will bring out the best results.
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