Steps To Resolve Site Ahead Contains Harmful Program Error In WordPress!

Managing WordPress website is not easy. It’s definitely not as simple as establishing the website on the first place. There are going to be many errors in your way. You will have to deal with them. You can get some help from your tech team. But with our help, you can do it alone! The WordPress website often face errors in functioning. One of the errors is ‘site ahead contains harmful program error’. This error appears if your website has a malicious code. The Google tags your website as containing malicious code in the form of malware and Trojan.

After monetizing your website, it can have some low quality ads having malicious code. The external plugins you are using can cause the same. To resolve this you need to scan the website for the rough code and remove it. You can check it by using Google’s safe browsing tool.

Here are some step that you can perform to remove the error message!

Step 1- Plugins:

Plugins are the most integral part of a WordPress website. They make the functioning easy for us. Plugins are something that we can get for anything and everything. You just have to put a name on it and it will grant you a wish!

But they can be reason behind several errors that you face while managing the WordPress website. Having several unused plugins in your website can make it run slow. It can cause you issues and show error like ‘site ahead contains harmful program’ on your website. It’s not good for your business.

To eradicate the issue, we need to check if plugins are actually causing the issue. For this you need to first navigate to FTP client that your host has given. From there go to the root directory.

After logging in spot the public_html folder. There locate wp-content folder. Under this folder you will find the place for plugins. Now you have to rename the plugin folder. This will deactivate all the plugins you have.

Check if the issue has resolved. Then rename the folder to the default name. Then go into the list of plugins. Check all the plugins and identify the one with malicious code. Deactivate that harmful plugin. Then reload your website and see if the issue is gone. This will remove the ‘site ahead contains harmful program’ error from your WordPress website.

Step 2- Theme:

The WordPress theme that you are using can cause you several issues as well. Every theme has its theme files. They have all the information of website’s functioning. If someone hacks into your system and corrupts the files then they can spread the malicious code in website.

Due to this, the Google will put the ‘site ahead contains harmful program’ error on your website. To remove this message and fix the problem all you can do is get a fresh theme for working.

For this, download a fresh theme from Then with the help of FTP client your host provided go to the root directory. Then download the wp-content file into your system. Replace the wp-content file in your theme files. Then upload the same copy to your root directory.

After this reload the website and check if the malicious code has been removed. If the issue gets resolved you should let Google know about it. This way they will remove the ‘site ahead contains harmful program’ error from your website.

Step 3- Removing The Backdoor:

By the steps above you can remove the malicious code that’s causing the problem. But it can be through anything like low quality ads, corrupted plugins or themes etc. We don’t just need to remove the code, we need to close every door that’s letting it in.

The door is usually called as a backdoor. This backdoor is a method by which you can bypass the normal authentication protocol, gain access to server and also remain undetected. Hackers use such backdoors to enter into websites and plant a malicious code. So to resolve the issue we need to locate this backdoor and shut it down.

This step can sound a bit complicated for the non-tech people. But you can always take help from the plugins. The security plugins will monitor your website and remove any backdoor that exists in your website. This will resolve the issue and remove the ‘site ahead contains harmful program’ error.

For this we suggest you to get the Sucuri security plugin. This plugin is not free. You will have to get it in premium price from the market. With this security plugin you will be able to track down the backdoor and shut it once and for all. You can also use other security plugins.

Step 4- Removing Warning From Google:

After performing all the steps mentioned above, you will make sure to remove the warning of ‘site ahead contains harmful program’ by the Google. This is the very last but most important step to perform. Removing the warning by Google will make everyone aware that the issue is resolved.

For this you will have to use the Google webmaster tools. You will first have to add your website to Google webmaster tools and log in. After logging in you have to check under security issues section in webmaster tools. Here it should contain the issue that you are facing.

On this page the Google will list out the issues it found on your website. You will see the resources as well to help clean the website. You have already closed all the backdoors and cleaned the malicious codes from your website. You can contact Google by clicking on the checkbox. Then request them to review your website.

If you don’t see any security related issues in the list then you will have to click on ‘report incorrect phishing warning’. Contact Google and let them know about the situation.

After this your site will no longer have the ‘site ahead contains harmful program’ error.

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