A Complete Guide On Fixing Sidebars Below Content Error!

WordPress is the best platform for website establishment but it’s not perfect. You will face a lot of issues during your WordPress journey. These issues are fatal but can be solved easily. You just have to pay attention! This sidebar below content error is one of the frequent issues that you will face. It may look like small one, but it ruins the look and functioning of your website. This resulting in viewership loss. So no matter how minor it seems, you have to resolve the error as soon as possible.

Here Are Some Steps That Can Help You! 

1. Understanding:-

Isn’t it something we want or need everywhere? A bit of an understanding can save a relationship. It can save world from wars. Yes! That’s the power of a simple gesture, Understanding! Here while resolving an error first we need to understand what it is!

Before digging into solution first we need to analyze the problem and see what causing it. You need to know if the error is for entire website or in just the posts that plugins created. This way we can resolve it easily.

Now, what causes sidebars to go crazy? The sidebar below content error can happen anytime. It has several reasons as well. The pages with custom HTML and CSS can be affected, the error in coding can rise the issue. Whatever might be the reason, it can be fixed.

For starters you have to double check the customizations. It can also be something related Div tags. Div tags are the elements of HTML. You will come across them once in a while in HTML pages. They start with opening or closing tag. If one of the tag is missing it can cause a website some major issue.

One reason can be that you have customized your website incorrectly. In such case you will have to check the site files that you are working on. Then remove all the changes. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but it can resolve the issue to the earliest.

Forget about big reasons, the width of your content can also cause this error. The sidebar below content error can be caused by the content width which will make you to add tag at the bottom.  

2. DIV:-

After properly studying the error and understanding it, we are going to solve it. The first step in this process is the DIV tags. As mentioned earlier you have to make sure that the DIV tags in your content are not the reason behind it. You have to see if they have open and close tags as a missing tag.

Along with the tags you need to check the footer, header, sidebar, index and Style.css files as well. You have to check if the DIV tags are properly closed.

When you use customized code in your website this error is bound to occur. For this you need to do a complete back up. Then download the require file and make the necessary changes.

After making these changes, you can upload the file using FTP. Go to your root directory, save the file and reload the website. This will fix the sidebar below content error.

3. Plugins:-

If the process above won’t solve the problem, then we have to check if the plugins are causing it. Check if the issue arrived only after installing certain plugin or what. The plugin might be having a compatibility issue. Plugin like this should be deactivated as soon as possible.

To identify which plugin is causing the problem, you have to go to your root directory. You can navigate there by using FTP client provided by your hosts. There spot the WP-admin file and under that file you will find the plugin folder.

Rename the folder and check if the issue has resolved. If yes, then we have to identify which plugin exactly is behind this. For this change the folder name to default and rename each plugin you have one by one. This will deactivate your plugins.

Reload your website after each plugin to recognize which is it. After knowing the plugin deactivate it. Remove the plugin if you want. This will resolve issue once and for all.

4. Width:-

If removing plugin doesn’t work, then you have to look close to small elements. The width of your content can affect the website and cause this sidebar below content error.

The width of content for website is set. It is 960px for each page of the website. Sometime you can add content that exceeds the set width of the page. This makes the sidebar appear below the content.

To fix this, search for your .css file. This will solve the error earliest.

5. Float:-

It is a part of the content display. It appears with the WordPress theme you use for your website. Your professional WordPress theme has a requisite float which has some helpful properties.

They need to be defined correctly. If not, it can cause many such errors. You need to check if the properties of the float is defined properly. It will look like this-

Float: left;

Float: right;

6. Contact Theme Developer:-

This is our last option because we have to try every other way possible to solve the issue. The sidebar below content error is as common as the update. It will happen one time or another with your website. So you have to be prepared to sort this out.

Now, we have tried our best to solve it but if it doesn’t work out, you can contact web host or theme developer. Before contacting web host, checking up with theme developer is preferred.

The last thing you can do is to change the default theme with a safer one. A simple and basic WP theme can do. This will make the sidebar appear on the right or left side of the website.

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