5 Best Shipping Plugins For WooCommerce For Your Transportation Website



Everything on your incredible transportation website looks fantastic; however, shipping is noticeably absent. Indeed, adding information about shipping by hand is possible, but it is difficult. Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could use plugins to automate delivery for your clients?

Any e-commerce store needs shipping. You must ensure that the orders of your clients arrive on time, in addition to charging them for shipping. However, if you're new to the world of plugins, implementing shipping management in your WooCommerce business can be challenging. Plugins like WP Shipper can be useful in this situation.

5 Best Shipping Plugins For WooCommerce

1. WPCargo Track & Trace

WPCargo Track & Trace is a WordPress plug-in created to provide the best technology solution for your transportation, logistics, and shipping plugins for WooCommerce. This plugin assists you in increasing the visibility, effectiveness, and caliber of services provided by your cargo and shipping firm, regardless of the fact that you are an exporter of goods, freight forwarder, seller, supplier, customs broker, overseas agent, and warehouse operator.

WPCargo assists with handling operations, clients, drivers, quotes, forms, branches, and staff. The current version is adaptable and can be used as a system for managing projects, tracking progress on projects, and managing transportation. 

2. YITH WooCommerce Order & Shipment Tracking- by YITH

YITH WooCommerce Order & Shipment Tracking allows you to use Shipping Regions by drawing to lay out your shipping zones. If designing a shipping zone, zip area code restrictions are no longer an issue. A shipping fee can be set for each zone by tying a drawn shipment area to a shipping plugin for WooCommerce. It's also feasible for you to limit shipping options based on your transportation distance from the shop. Keep in mind that WooCommerce will include the selected shipment zones as additional shipping methods. Please report any issues you have with address verification for your country on the page for payment in the forum. There is a paid-for version of the plugin available if you want to make use of it with additional functionality.

3. Shipment Tracking, Tracking, and Order Tracking for WooCommerce – ParcelPanel

Easily and quickly add a quote or booking form to your website. Get the transportation management solution here if you don't already have it. You can read our blog on WordPress booking plugins for more information.

We conducted extensive testing to determine when and why customers stopped filling out quotation forms and looked elsewhere. Insufficiently designed comment forms cost you business. We have developed a quote form that converts at the highest rate on the market as a consequence of rigorous moving-forward research. Install Shipment Tracking, Tracking, and Order Tracking for WooCommerce right away and observe when the questions you have grow.

Customers no longer desire to send a quote request by email and then wait days for a response. Immediate pricing, reservations, and confirmation are expected. Any transport operator can use Shipment Tracking, Tracking, and Order Tracking for WooCommerce, and this plugin's custom script and style management make it simple to incorporate tracking scripts and make additional modifications to meet your website's design. 

4. Orders Tracking for WooCommerce

The around-the-world logistics trajectory inquiry platform Orders Tracking for WooCommerce is a one-stop shop. It links cross-border e-commerce buyers, sellers, and third-party international logistics providers, as well as worldwide freight forwarders and delivery services, in a sequential manner. To solve the issue of not knowing anything about the movement of goods during cross-border transportation and to achieve effective visual tracking, e-commerce sellers as well as logistics companies that require broad trajectory management of information are offered personalized trajectory customization services.

The Orders Tracking for WooCommerce plugin installation in your admin panel only requires one click. Supported auto-tracking for over a thousand international carriers

To automatically add tracking numbers and courier information to the orders in your shipping plugins for WooCommerce stores, use the Orders Tracking for WooCommerce.

Orders Tracking for WooCommerce is unable to finish your order. if you choose to do so. Please get in contact with the real courier.

Display shipment data to your client: Your clients can track their order number in your WooCommerce store when you activate the Orders Tracking for WooCommerce.

5. Order Tracking 

The Order Tracking plugin is an indispensable tool for any WooCommerce-based online store looking to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline order management. This plugin seamlessly integrates with WordPress and WooCommerce, providing a user-friendly interface for both administrators and customers. With this powerful tool, customers can easily track the status of their orders in real time, from the moment of purchase to delivery. This transparency builds trust and confidence in the shopping experience, reducing customer inquiries and boosting overall satisfaction.

Administrators, on the other hand, benefit from the streamlined order management system, which allows them to efficiently update and communicate order statuses. The plugin's customizable features also enable the addition of personalized tracking messages, providing a unique touch to each customer's shopping journey. Overall, the Order Tracking WordPress Status Tracking Plugin is an essential addition to any WooCommerce store, ensuring a seamless and transparent order-tracking experience for both customers and administrators alike.


  • How can I add pages for tracking forms and results?

Making a page and configuring the Track Form and Track Result under WPCargo Settings->Page Settings should be done first.

  • How can options be added to each field?

Add the required option to each field on the WPCargo Settings page. (New line after each choice)

  • Why do my drawn shipping options display after I go through checkout?

Always keep in mind that WooCommerce selects the first shipping zone that's related to an address. Therefore, keep in mind to place all of your illustrated shipping methods by nation, area, or postcode in the exact same shipping zone.

  • How can you install the plugin on a different website?

There is a single-site license for the plugin. You are going to require an additional license in order to use it on a different website. Log into eniture.com and go to the My Licenses tab if you wish to alter the domain name that the application's plugin is registered with. There, you will have the option of changing the domain name linked to the license key.


WPCargo is a WordPress plugin made to improve shipping plugins for woocommerce, logistics, and transportation processes. Operations, or simply the customers, drivers, quotations, forms, branches, and workers, are all handled with its assistance. The current version is flexible and can be employed for project management, project progress monitoring, and handling transportation.

A reservation, business, and communication management solution designed particularly for the transportation industry is called Transporters.io. It is appropriate for private, select, and group transportation, and it enables instant pricing, reservations, and confirmation.

The ultimate destination TRACK718 connects international e-commerce consumers, sellers, third-party logistics service suppliers, and global freight forwarders with transportation services. It provides free installation and gives individualized trajectory modifications. When installed, the TRACK718 plugin provides auto-tracking for over one thousand foreign carriers and shows cargo information to clients.

Condensed shipping costs, support for interchangeable goods, the definition of various drop-off locations and facilities, the ability to price extra for residential delivery, and an increase in shipping plugins for woocommerce costs by a predetermined amount and percentage are all features of the worldwide communication solution known as Order Tracking: Unishippers Edition. A license from Eniture Technology, WooCommerce 6.4 or an earlier version, a Unishippers customer identification number, a UPS account identification number issued by Unishippers, a login name and password for Unishippers, a Unishippers request key, and WooCommerce 6.4 or the latest version are requirements.

For organizing shipping plugins for woocommerce, logistics, and transport services, WPCargo, Transporters.io, TRACK718, Order Tracking: Unishippers Edition, and other plugins are important resources. These tools support firms in the transportation sector by simplifying procedures, offering individualized tracking data, and providing all-inclusive solutions.

Enhance your shipping process with these plugins and experience a new level of efficiency and customer satisfaction. Elevate your logistics game with this premium WordPress plugin and stay ahead in the competitive world of transportation services.

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