A Detailed Illustration On How To Add A Search Form In WordPress Website

WordPress websites have a lot of elements that make it well functioning. Each one of the elements is important. You must have noticed the search bar available on every second website. That tiny search forms in WordPress also holds a lot of important in enhancing the user experience of website.

People often think what bad would happen if they don’t add this tiny little search box. Well the impact it will have is straight on the SEO of the website. This will result in loss of viewership and eventually profit.

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WordPress users often avoid adding search bars in WordPress because they think it doesn’t get any query. They think its just a waste of space on their website. But think about it this way! Your website is new to digital world. Less people know about it. It is bound to have zero queries at the beginning.

But when your website will start receiving heavy traffic, the viewers will go for easiest way to find the things. Lack of search bar will leave them agitated at the creators and they will switch to other websites. This can be avoided by taking some efforts and adding search bar in WordPress.

Reasons To Add Search Form In WordPress!

1. Keywords:-

These keywords are the most important elements which will make your website popular. The keywords are the phrases that people type on search engines to find what they desire. They serve the same in your website or post.

When you add a search form in WordPress website, people are going to search for keywords there. This way you will learn about some new keywords too. You can use these keywords in your articles or blog posts so that when viewers search them online, they reach to your website.

This is an ultimate benefit of having a search form in WordPress website. You wouldn’t have to search elsewhere for new keywords. They will come to you!

2. Conversion:-

By adding search form in your website you will open a portal for suggestions. The new keywords will give you an insight of people’s expectations. This way you can make the necessary changes in your website. When you provide the viewers what they require, it increases the conversion rate of your website.

3. UX & SEO:-

These two are interrelated. SEO means Search Engine Optimization and UX means User Experience. Better SEO brings more viewership to your website. So you have to manage the traffic and deliver better user experience. Better user experience attract better SEO and it goes in circle.

To deliver better user experience you have to have search form in WordPress website. The heavy traffic your website has would need to use a shortcut for getting what they want. The search form will help them. If you are running an ecommerce website then a search form serves better results.

4. Tags:-

Through search form you can target specific viewers of your website. When the viewers search for a keyword on the search form, the designated posts appear on the window. You can add tags of other relatable posts to it. These posts will promote other content on your website. Which will result in equal viewership to all parts of the website!

How To Add Search Form In WordPress Website?

You can easily add search form in WordPress posts by using the short codes. When people start adding search forms in every WordPress post, they make one common mistake. They copy paste lengthy codes in every post to make the search form more visible. They forget the basic of coding, more codes you add, more time it takes to run!

So never copy paste lengthy codes in post. Instead you can get the desired results with search short codes. This is the convenient way of adding search form in WordPress post.

So first you have to navigate to your best WordPress themes functions.php file. Then go to the admin dashboard and into Appearance. There click on Editor. Then on the left side find the function.php file and edit it. While editing copy paste the following code:

Add_shortcode(‘wpsearchf’ , ‘get_search_form’);

In this code the wpsearchf is a short code. This short code will add the search form in your posts. After writing the code the default search form will appear on screen.

Custom Search Form

Most of the times viewers prefer custom search forms. So if you want to add such form to your posts, you just have to add following code in to your functions.php file.

function wpsearchformf( $form ) {$form = '

<div><label class="screen-reader-text" for="s">' . __('Search for:') . '</label>     

</div>  '; return $form;}

add_shortcode('wpsearchf', 'wpbsearchform');

You can even use user-defined plugin and write the code in the plugin. This way you can use it throughout the website.


There are plugins to help you add search forms in WordPress website. Just go to admin dashboard and into Plugins. Click on add new. On the search bar type Ivory Search.

This plugin will give you a default search form instead of custom search form for better user experience.

After searching the name of the plugin, it will appear on the window. Click on install then on activate plugin. After activating the plugin go to settings of the plugin from the dashboard. You will see a separate tab for the plugin available on the menu.

In the settings of the plugin, write the short code you want to add every time you will be adding a search form in WordPress posts. Have a look at WooCommerce Product Add-Ons by VWTHEMES.

So these are the several different ways of adding search form in WordPress posts. Although it is recommended to go for a manual way. Rather than using a plugin to add custom search box, write the codes manually and design the search box the way you want. Add the search form in WordPress by using search short codes and see the magic!

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