Top 10 Review Plugins for WordPress to Improve Your Website


Users always look for the force that makes them visit your website. That force can be the strong reviews on your website. Reviews play the most convincing role when it comes to boosting user engagement. Most users directly visit the reviews page to know the best and worst about any website. That eventually helps in building trust among the new visitors to your website.

To boost user engagement and trust among visitors, you must add a review page. Thankfully, review plugins for WordPress are a complete solution for this. Here, you can easily add customer reviews without any codes or developer charges. You just need to look at the blog below and start adding reviews.

Here’s the list of top review plugins for WordPress websites.

1. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

We're gearing up our list of top review plugins for WordPress with the best customer reviews for WooCommerce plugins. This is the absolute solution if you wish to build loyalty and increase engagement on your website. The plugin sets the perfect stage where customers would love to add positive reviews to your website.

It comes with an automated and personalized system to send emails to recently formed customers. Once the review is published, it goes directly to a service for a quality check to determine whether it is spam or not. Not only this, but it offers to tweak the custom formatting settings on how to display the review section. It allows you to have a sidebar, grid, or in-the-list form on your posts and pages. It also helps to send discount codes just after customers give reviews on their purchases.

Key features:

  • Automated review reminder emails
  • Several display options
  • Discount coupons in exchange for reviews

2. Site Reviews

Site Reviews is another most-picked plugin that comes with a complete review management system. This review plugin for WordPress comes with a free installation and additional premium add-ons to work with.
It is fully documented and can be available in the form of shortcodes, blocks, and widgets. What makes it the most preferable choice is its unique set of features in just the free version.

Once users have posted their reviews, the plugin offers to pin the reviews, making a good impression on new users. Even the reviews can be marked as verified spam so that users can easily trust your website. Even though it is free to use, users are asked to log in to post reviews. Users will immediately receive a personal notification after submitting reviews.

Key features:

  • Fully documented plugin
  • Pinning the best reviews on the website
  • Multilingual support

3. WP Customer Reviews

WP Customer Reviews is another dynamic yet customizable plugin to set up reviews on a website. Setting up customer testimonials and product review pages in no time. Its unique ability to find original and self-posted comments makes it a preferable choice for business websites. This feature can be seen in the microformat schema for Google and other search engines.

It even allows you to set up a specific page to embed customer reviews with various customizations. Users can eventually filter which reviews to pin, along with removing the spammy ones too. Users are even allowed to take anti-spam measures to prevent spam reviews. Developers are allowed to use shortcodes to add custom review sections to any part of the website. No need to worry about low speed, as this plugin works well with caching plugins as well.

Key features:

  • Easy to customise
  • Anti-spam measures to prevent spam bots
  • Supports caching plugins

4. Rich Reviews by Starfish

Power up your website’s user engagement with this highly creative Rich Reviews plugin by Starfish. Indeed, this is one of the finest review plugins for WordPress, enabling easy reviews on the website. What makes it the most desirable plugin is its ability to add reviews from social media sites as well.

It also allows the addition of reviews and ratings using shortcodes to individual posts and pages on the website. The reviews schema is used to pin reviews so that search engines can easily know the overall ratings. Moreover, it uses three types of reviews: per post, category, and global reviews. Additionally, its simple design is compatible with themes, schema microformats, and code integration.

Key features:

  • Schema microformat
  • Compatible with other themes
  • Speed optimization with its lightweight design

5. Review Plus

Enable users to add rich reviews to your website with this free Review Plus plugin. This is an absolute solution for e-commerce businesses to add helpful reviews for upcoming users. Its built-in functionality allows filtering reviews for specific posts, such as spam, trash, and moderate ones.

It is compatible with WooCommerce, other plugins, and the WordPress comment system. Reviews can even be added using shortcodes for every page and post on your website. It seems to be user-friendly with a mobile-responsive design. Even its rating summary is compatible with Google's guidance, showing the most relevant reviews.

Key features:

  • WooCommerce compatibility
  • User-friendly design
  • Fully responsive

6. Widgets for Google Reviews

Introducing one of the top review plugins for WordPress that widgetizes site reviews. The widget for Google Reviews is an absolute game changer for businesses like restaurants and e-commerce. The website reviews can be easily channeled to any part of the website. Earlier, reviews mostly appeared on one side of the page.

But now, with this plugin, it is easier to pin up to 10 Google reviews and make your website strong. Moreover, it comes with more than 25 great styling features that even suit your theme configuration. Its compatibility raises questions with the Elementor, Beaver Builder, and WP Bakery, Easy signup allows displaying reviews from other sites, customizing widgets, and more.

Key features:

  • Easy widgetizing Google reviews
  • Compatible with page builders
  • 25+ styling features for widgets

7. Taqyeem

Taqyeem is another striking review plugin for WordPress, popular for its unique features. It seems to be an all-rounder plugin for managing the overall aspects of adding reviews to a website. The plugin requires basic HTML and CSS knowledge. Its simple interface lets you easily design an interactive section for adding customer reviews. It runs on the schema marketing technique, where your clients become a medium for higher search engine ranks.

Moreover, it allows adding unlimited custom options to add reviews, such as rating styles, web fonts, colour choices, and more. It even uses widgets for adding Google reviews, which is suitable for service businesses. Otherwise, you can use the sidebars to display reviews as best, most recent, or more options.

Key features:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Multiple review styling options
  • Widgets are available for adding reviews.

8. WP Ultimate Review Plugin

There is another review plugin for WordPress that enables the easy addition of reviews on your website. WP Ultimate Review proves to be a user-friendly plugin that enables interactive blog comments as well. It runs on the latest WordPress versions, with around 10,000+ active installations.

What’s unique about this plugin is its integration with affiliates that help your website generate money. Users can tap the "Buy Now" option once they have completed the review process on your blog. Not only this, it allows for additional review systems such as points, stars, and charts. Managing and accepting reviews is also a good feature because you can decide which ones to display globally.

Key features:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Multiple rating styles are available.
  • Managing user reviews globally

9. Wiremo: Customer Reviews for WordPress

Wiremo is another creatively designed review plugin to amplify user engagement on your website. Using this plugin is an absolute pleasure, as it comes with an easy set-up and user-friendly interface. With over 15 languages for reviews, it proves best for e-commerce businesses. Here, you can request customer feedback via email, displaying their reviews on top.

It professionally runs on the AI module, enabling a more enhanced review system to be displayed alongside your page, It then analyzes the reviews filtering and displaying only the positive ones. It integrates with website design platforms like Squarespace and Shopify to boost sales and social proof. Additionally, replying to the reviews is allowed, and social review sharing and more such features are added.

Key features:

  • Requesting reviews via emails
  • Supports 15+ languages
  • Runs on the AI module

10. Reviews Feed: Google Reviews and Yelp Reviews Plugin

Don’t think the last one is always the least to be considered. This Reviews Feed plugin proves to be the simplest way to add customer reviews to your website. This intuitive plugin allows you to add reviews from Google and Yelp accounts as well. Well, this is the best way you can connect more visitors to your website.

As said, it is completely easy to set up, and once done, you can create a personalized feed using the Reviews feed menu. The feed gets immediately updated when you visit it, and you can even configure various features of it. It eventually helps in configuring the source of reviews and adding shortcodes to add reviews at different locations. Customizing the look of reviews is also allowed, along with reordering them on your website.

Key features:

  • It's super easy to set up.
  • Displaying reviews from Google and Yelp accounts
  • Easy customization is available for reviews.


And it’s a wrap for the most promising list of review plugins for WordPress.
Reviews often play the most vital role when it comes to building trust among new users. And that shows how your brand deals with the user experience as well. In this article we came across the top 10 review plugins for WordPress in order to add review functions on your product pages. These plugins will help you grow your e-commerce website by adding a review function so that user can rate your product. So, you are now ready to add reviews to your website as per the above list.

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