The 5 Best Request A Quote WordPress Plugins



Don’t you find the appropriate prices for your products?

Now request a quote from the customers, and you will be able to fix a price for your products or services.

Today we have come up with an extraordinary and beneficial set of Request a Quote WordPress plugins for you. Let’s dig in with the fundamentals.

What is meant by the Request a Quote WordPress plugin?

The Request a Quote WordPress Plugin is a form that is embedded on the WordPress business website to ask for a quotation from customers and vendors. It’s a helpful tool that is used to receive the price bars for a specific service or product.

Need to use Request a Quote WordPress Plugin

Many times it is not possible to decide the price range of different products or services in any sector. Many service-giving businesses require some details that can be received directly from the customers.

For example, if you want to book a hall for a family function. Its price will depend on the facilities that you select in addition to basic charges. If you want an AC in the hall accompanied by some decorations and catering, then the charges will vary. Again if you select multiple food items, then you have to pay extra charges as per the type of dish.

If you want something customized, then the rates may vary. It depends on the percentage of customization.

In such cases, the service providers won't give you a final fixed figure. Instead, they want you as a customer to fill out your requirements and budget as per their needs and the type of work that they want to get done. They also can fill out the details related to the products. The information acquired from the quotation form helps the provider to determine the appropriate rates.

So they send or embed a quotation request form on their business websites. You just need to fill it with your requirements and send it to the providers. Once you get the proper requirements you can estimate the final cost and respond to the customers to lock the deal.

Request a Quote WordPress Plugins are the tools that gracefully receive quotation requests from customers.

Benefits of using Request a Quote WordPress Plugin

  • In the embedded quote form, customers can negotiate the rates. So you can offer an affordable deal and make them satisfied.
  • Customers can connect to you directly which results in fruitful outcomes.
  • Helps to enhance the conversion rates of the site.
  • The plugins are nothing but forms for collecting required information regarding the product. So it can generate leads and help in growing your sales.

Top 5 Request a Quote WordPress Plugins

We hope we succeeded in clearing the basic concept of Request a Quote WordPress Plugins. Now let’s illustrate some very efficient and useful plugins to you. You can pick the one carefully that matches your requirements. So let’s begin our travel to the most advantageous Request a Quote WordPress Plugins.

1. Everest Forms

When you need an add-on that works fastest, you need to know the exact customer requirements to decide the prices Everest Forms by WPEverest would be a great choice. One of the jam-packed Request a Quote WordPress Plugins are capable of creating almost all kinds of information collection forms consisting of multiple-choice options, checkboxes, etc. It is possible to show full-fledged professional forms just because of the availability of drag-and-drop elements.


  • The plugin sends real-time email notifications immediately when customers submit their request for a quote. You can respond with the received confirmation email to them as well.
  • Provides easy settings for the addition and deletion of field labels and descriptions, marks fields as required, and more.
  • Ready-to-use templates save time and effort by removing the need to start from scratch when creating a form.
  • You are allowed to perform experiments with spacing, background, colors, fonts, and other design elements to make your request form alluring with the help of the live form designer tool.  

2. WPForms

WPForms By WPForms doesn’t require any introduction as it’s a famous add-on to embed all types of data-collecting forms on your business website. The plugin gives an unbelievable result once you study and implement it. It embeds your form with so much perfection that is beyond your imagination.

A WPForm consists of many options and functional capabilities that you won’t get in any other. It provides the drag-and-drop elements for easy design accompanied by various customization options.


  • The plugin provides multiple options to the consumers to submit a form without refreshing the page.
  • Also, create a form that is exclusive for you and your business to efficiently gather all the information that you need from your customers.
  • Freely utilize conditional logic to customize your form depending on how the user interacted with earlier fields, certain form fields that may be displayed or hidden.
  • Google ReCaptcha for WordPress integration is used to stop the submission of spam forms.
  • Get notified each time the user submits a quote on your website and show a confirmation message to let them know their form was submitted.  

3. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms By Strategy11 Form Builder Team is a modern, non-conventional, and one of the most advanced Request a Quote WordPress plugin. If you are looking for a tool to create innovative quotation forms, then you can go with Formidable Forms. The drag-and-drop service will make it easy for you. The plugin allows you to distribute the complex forms in multiple sections.

Furthermore, using a visual form styler, you can customize your form’s color, border, padding, and other features. In order to complete the quote for your visitors automatically, you can include a calculator in your request for a quote form with the help of an advanced form-building solution.

Additionally, your visitors receive the calculated quotation immediately via email, for issuing an excellent user experience.


  • For accepting immediate payments, use secure payment processors.
  • You can use the plugin to check your email and password for typos and other potential issues.
  • Both the interface and the backend make it simple to view, organize, update, and remove form submissions.
  • Track your users to learn which pages they view prior to form submission.
  • Use strong add-ons such as MailChimp, HubSpot, Zapier, Active Campaign, etc. to enhance the form’s functionality.

4. Request a Quote

It is one of the top-notch Request a Quote By eMarket Design WordPress Plugins available to serve you. It's an easy, simple, and efficient plugin that can generate creative quotation forms.

Additionally, you may use the Private Quote functionality to restrict quote requests to people who are logged in only.

A front end can store and display all of the received quotations and inquiry requests. Moreover,

you may quickly and simply filter the crucial quote request with the EMD Advanced Filters 

and Column Extension.


  • This plugin was thoughtfully created to reduce conflicts with the themes. Therefore, it works with all WordPress themes that have been carefully coded.
  • Mark submitted quote requests as a draft, delivered, on hold, or closed as soon as possible to give priority to the most crucial ones.
  • The file upload area allows clients to provide any required files or photos with their requests.
  • Other than these features, you are allowed to configure the sales quote request form quickly with the insertion of form fields, altering the column size for form fields, making certain form fields mandatory or optional, etc. 

5. YITH Request a Quote for Woocommerce

YITH Request a Quote for Woocommerce By YITH our last plugin will be going to rock and give you the best quotation to fix the prices of your product and services for sure. If you are an owner of an online store selling different products and are not able to decide the cost of any products, then here you can acquire the quotation for WooCommerce products and determine a fixed rate.

Let us tell you one interesting feature of the plugin. Most of the time you must have seen the option ‘Add to cart’ on shopping websites. But this plugin displays an option for ‘Add to Quote’. So ultimately, it asks to provide the details of a specific product to the customer. In this way, you may add this option to all your product pages. It becomes convenient for the customers to pick any product and fill the quotation for it.


  • Display the add to quote button or link but hide the prices and add to basket button on all product pages.
  • You may quickly modify the add-to quote button's color and appearance to suit your preferences.
  • Receive a prompt email alert each time a user wants a new quote.
  • The compatibility of this plugin has been tested with a number of WooCommerce plugins, including YITH WooCommerce Save for Later and YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode, among others.
  • Add more quotation request features by upgrading to the pro version of the plugin.


Your website must have a straightforward quote form that allows clients to easily price quotes and enter into negotiations. It creates a path for increasing sales and conversions in order to expand your company. As a result, you must select the best plugin for this.

The best way to request a Quote WordPress plugin for your website is discussed in this article. We hope the discussion will be fruitful for you. If we are expected to recommend any of the above, then we would like to suggest Everest Forms for you. It’s the finest plugin for embedding a quote form.

Additionally, when it comes to enhancing the overall look and feel of your website, incorporating Premium WordPress themes can be a game-changer. These themes not only provide a visually appealing design but also come with advanced features and customization options to make your website stand out.

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