Beginner’s Guide On Creating Redirects In WordPress Website!

When you make any change in your lifestyle, you make sure everyone notices it. At first its for only attention. But in business, its for money. As change is necessary, it can cost you money and customers. That’s why you have to redirect them. While changing website you need to redirect your viewers to your new site so that you don’t lose money or loyal customers. This is a very simple process. Here’s a beginner’s guide on creating redirects in a WordPress website without any hustle. Follow these steps and you will save much of your time and efforts.

What Is Redirect?

When you pass through your favorite eating spot and it’s closed since some days you might wonder why. So the spot owners put a sign saying they moved it to somewhere else. The redirect in WordPress website is that sign!

When you move your WordPress website to another server or host, you need to let viewers know. Adding redirect page in Wordpress website will let them know where you shift it. It’s important to add a redirect page to make sure you don’t lose your viewership.

On this redirect page there will be a link to the new website. So people just have to click on it and go. They won’t have to face the 404 error. This will keep your viewers happy and updated.

Why And How To Get It?

Before we get into ‘How’ let’s dig more into ‘Why’! There are many reasons to have a redirect page in WordPress website. We are going to explore some here. If you change a domain name of your website, you need to redirect your viewers to another site. If you are facing any difficulties to run a previous website and you change it to other one, the redirect page will show the viewers how to contact you.

After the redirection, your viewers will still see your old website URL. The website URL will of course change. It will include the information that it has been moved. They will also be able to see your new website. While redirection you can have two websites under one domain. But the old one won’t be working of course!

Another reason to get a redirect page is when you redirect viewers from your old site to new one, you redirect the web browser and search engine as well. You put the information on the internet about it. Redirection page informs everyone about your shifting.

There are 5 types of redirects! They are as follows: 301,302,303,307 and 308!

The 301 is a permanent redirect, it clearly states that your website is no longer live here to visit and viewer should go to following page. This redirect is for users and robots as well. It tells them both that the previous website is not working. That there is new site, domain, page and answers their additional questions. It redirects them to the new site.

The 301 redirect page will glue your viewers to new site so you don’t lose your viewership.

Create Redirects In WordPress Website! 

There are two ways to create redirects in WordPress website. We are going to look at them here!

Using plugins:-

Using plugins is the most simple way of adding redirect page in WordPress website. There are plenty of plugins that you can use. We have some suggestions for you!


It’s the most popular plugin for redirection. This plugin has more popularity among web developers. This plugin will help you in managing 404 error and 301 redirect at the same time. This plugin is known as the most valuable one on the internet. You will have no limitations on how many redirects you want to create through it. You can make as many redirections as you want with this plugin.

Quick Page/Post Redirect:-

This plugin is also known for its simple working. You won’t have to put much efforts to add redirect with this plugin. This plugin offers 301 redirects for website and also for individual posts or pages. This plugin also helps in correcting mistakes made from deleted posts, incorrect permalinks, updated URL’s and more. You just have to add the existing website and destination website’s URL. The plugin will process the redirection job for you.

Simple 301 Redirect:-

This plugin is known for its trustworthiness. Many web developers trust this plugin for the redirection. It works with simple procedure to redirection to new page, posts or website. It works well with the multisite installation as well. It also has an easy process for installation and activation. You just need to download this plugin with your FTP to your login directory. Then find 301 editor screen to create the redirect in Wordpress.

Safe Redirect Manager:-

This plugin is very helpful for the beginners who want to create redirect in WordPress website. It has well managed and easy to process user interface. This plugin will help you redirecting to new locations to new URLs with the help of HTTP status codes. It also supports multisite installations.

Using .htaccess:-

You can create redirect in WordPress website by using web server configuration file .htaccess. You can find this file in your WordPress website’s root directory. But before making any changes into your .htaccess file make sure to take backup.

To process this first you need to connect your WordPress website with FTP client to edit .htaccess file. If get to the file using FTP client but can’t find the needed file do this! Choose ‘force showing hidden files’ under the server. This will force FTP to show the hidden .htaccess files.

To edit this file open text editor. Write following codes: ReWriteEngine On or Redirect 301 /a-very-old-post/ Add the post names and URL as you like.

With these codes at the end of the .htaccess files will redirect viewers to new page.

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