Tips About Reasons WordPress Site Is Too Slow Can Be Awesome

Major Banes Of WordPress Site Loading Slow

An overly slow website is one of the most annoying things. Undercut your search engine optimization efforts apart from turning users away are the two major banes of WordPress site slow. Google uses page load speed and a determinant of bounce rate as independent ranking factors. In this article, we will see reasons WordPress site is too slow.

Most Common Reasons WordPress Site Is Too Slow And How To Fix Them For Good

1. Computer Issues:

You should try to eliminate this first possibility by get back on your PC and try to locate the problem, if possible. If there is a difference in load speeds, even if small, use another computer. The other reasons could be related to your browser, storage, or memory.

2. Unreliable Hosting Services:

Your website’s hosting is home for visitors use all the content and resources. Shared hosting plans used by sites not only experience crashes and frequent downtimes but also load slowly. The only solution that will work for you is to change your hosting plan or provider, if you are a victim of server limitations.

3. Use Of Large Visuals:

In adding high-quality images and infographics to your site, there is nothing wrong with it. However, they are the reasons WordPress site is too slow and potentially put off users before they can even go through your content. Find an image optimization tool is the best thing to do.

4. Data Caching:

Chances to take your old users to an out-dated, un-optimized version of your WordPress site if you don’t purge the history often through data caching leads to WordPress site loading slow. Otherwise webmasters use this technique to accelerate clients loading speeds during subsequent visits.

5. Bulky Theme And Frameworks:

WordPress provides its users with dozens of themes and frameworks, including bulky or low quality. It’s always wise to consider the impact WordPress themes will have on your site load speeds and before committing to using research and understand professional WordPress themes.                                                                     

6. Excessive Use Of Plugins:

Though you can customize your site and increase its functionality with use of hundreds of free and paid plugins they add extra weight and, consequently, extra load time. A common reason to WordPress site loading slow, sometimes it’s just one poorly optimized plugin. One way to fix good is to try deactivating the plugins one by one, and test the speeds after each deactivation.

7. Post And Page Redirects:

8. Too Many Ads:

Your sole source of revenue may be ads but they can take a massive toll on your page speeds if used in excess. If displaying advertisements on your pages results in WordPress site slow, undercut your SEO efforts, and push away users it is better to avoid or reduce them. Take the time to review poorly optimized ads that go on your site.

9. Failure To Use A CDN:

To overcome the latency that occurs when foreign users visit a website a content delivery network (CDN) is used. Users that visit the site from a region near the server location receive the content faster than users from farther-away locations since a site is hosted on a server that is in a single location. Therefore, any website that has or is looking to attract an international audience, this is a necessary tool.

10. Too Many External Scripts:

Every time someone visits your domain each external script on your website makes a separate HTTP request. These external scripts can be anything including commenting systems, external fonts, and popup boxes to social media boxes and web analytics services. You can identify the external scripts taking the most time to load with the help of tools such as Pingdom.

Concluding Comments

These are definitely not all the reasons WordPress site is too slow, but they are among the more common ones.

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