The 5 Best Progress Bar Plugins For WordPress In 2023



Visually showing the progress of your percentage-based data on the site with a progress bar is an awesome idea.

Usually, progress bars are shown to display the status of your ongoing projects so that you can get an idea of how long will the project run and complete.

If you want to add a progress bar to your website, thanks to WordPress, you can have a great collection of free and premium Progress Bar Plugins. If you have decided to embed the progress bar on your site, then it’s an admirable decision.

Using the Progress Bar Plugins can make your business website more informative and engaging. Visual representation of any kind of data keeps the readers engaged for a long time. It’s a success of using Progress Bars Plugins in a professional business website.

What are the Progress Bars?

Progress Bars are thin horizontal bars that show the progress of your site. Basically, it’s a visual representation of data that you need to show it statistically. It can be used to show percentiles in bar format. You can easily integrate the Progress Bar Plugins to show these progress bars on your website.

How to add progress bar plugins to a website?

Just like any other plugin, you will be required to follow a similar procedure for installing and activating the Progress Bar Plugins.

Just, navigate to the WordPress Dashboard of your web URL and move towards Plugins-> Add New. Next, go and explore the plugin that you want to install in a ‘Search’ text box.

Once you find the one that you want to install, hit the 'Install Now' button and then the ‘Activate’.

Now run to the post or page where it is planned to include a progress bar. Then press the + sign and try to discover the 'Progress Bar' block. You can read our blog on adding WordPress animated progress bars for more information.

5 Best Progress Bar Plugins for WordPress

Here we are going to introduce the top-notch, superlative, and advanced Progress Bar Plugin in WordPress for you. You can get multiple options to compare and pick any as per your project’s requirements. So without wasting time anymore, let’s start to list out and illustrate the five most useful Progress Bar plugins one by one.

1. Progress Bar and Skill Bar

Progress Bar and Skill Bar plugin is one of the most outstanding Progress Bar Plugins you may ever experience. A wonderfully structured feature-rich plugin consists of two magnificent animated designs to display your percentage-based information. For this, you just need to insert the proper values and select a specific design and here you may go ahead.

Furthermore, the drag-and-drop feature of the plugin effortlessly creates highly customizable progress bars. An alluring, colorful, and eye-catching progress bar immediately fetches the user’s attention for sure.

Most simple and easy-to-use Shortcodes In WordPress, you can place the progress bar anywhere on the site.

Prime Features:

  • The number 1 progress bar plugin is popular for its fast and simple configuration.
  • You won’t receive such an exclusive design that the plugin has in any other add-on.
  • Functionally strong plugin has the ability to work smoothly with all Themes.
  • A Professional Chart Style Layout is available in the plugin.
  • Advanced Custom Fields (Pro) are also allowed to be added to your site.  

2. Reading Progress Bar

Reading Progress Bar is a plugin that allows visitors to your website to know how far they have gone through the content of your post while reading. So, your visitors can see the percentage of content that you have read on a progress bar.

Prime Features:

  • Reading Progress Bar is one of the lightweight Progress Bar Plugins.
  • In this, you will get complete freedom to pick multiple page template options for easy progress bar customization.
  • You can adjust the progress bar height, foreground color, and background color in the plugin.
  • It’s a reading position indicator in the form of a progress bar that shows the positions top, bottom, or custom position in various templates.

3. Read Meter

Do you have a blogging site? If you have then here is the finest Read Meter plugin that is particularly considered the leading plugin for bloggers. As per its name, it shows the percentage of the content that is getting read or has completed the reading by the audiences on the site. It’s one of the dynamic and high-octane Progress Bar Plugins for WordPress.

Most importantly, the Read Meter is a plugin that manifests the predicted reading time for blog content as well as a progress indicator. It’s a terrific way to offer visitors a brief sense of how long it will take to read a piece and urge them to keep reading to the conclusion.

Prime Features:

  • It’s the most powerful Progress Bar plugin.
  • A simple and easy-to-use plugin can be integrated with the site without any complexities.
  • The plugin uses a shortcode   for inserting the read time as per your choice on any webpage of the site.
  • Besides, you are allowed to set the position for read time such as Above/Below title or content and many more.

4. Catch scroll progress bar

The catch scroll progress bar is a plugin that delivers a visual representation of how much of a blog post remains to be read. When the reader scrolls down the web page, the progress bar fills up, indicating how far they have arrived while reading your content. Also, the plugin provides proper direction to display the progress bar where you would like to be displayed like on the front page, blog page, or posts/pages.

Furthermore, a free plugin comes with limitless customization features that produce an elegant and outstanding progress bar. It’s an ideal choice to generate and show the classy progress bar on the web URL.

If you are in search of a straightforward and user-friendly plugin to display a progress bar on your site, then we would like to recommend one of the simple Progress Bar Plugins i.e. ‘Catch the scroll progress bar’ plugin.

Prime Features:

  • Although the plugin produces a graceful progress bar, it is one of the lightweight Progress Bar Plugins in WordPress.
  • The plugin provides customization options like background colors, opacity level, height, and many more.
  • Extremely easy to understand and implement as well.
  • It lets you display the progress bar on the front, blog, or posts/pages.

5. Progress Bar  

Progress Bar is a plugin that generates a simple but compelling CSS3 progress bar that you can modify with your own CSS and use anywhere on the site you want with a simple shortcode. A customizable plugin can issue an alluring and exclusive progress bar on the site.

Prime Features:

  • Custom colors and gradients are now supported.
  • It’s a simple, cross-browser-compatible, and lightweight plugin.
  • You can use a shortcode for a post or a page where you want to display a progress bar. In shortcode, 50 is a percentile for completion.


The WordPress plugin directory contains a large number of progress bar plugins. Only a small number of progress bar plugins, nevertheless, are useful enough to be used on a typical WordPress site. You can have millions of Progress Bar Plugins available in the online market. Picking any is a little bit tricky.

But, the ones that are included here are the top WordPress progress bar plugins since they were picked for their widespread use, compatibility with their platforms, and usefulness. Additionally, you can enhance your website's functionality even further by considering premium WordPress plugins. These premium plugins offer advanced features and excellent support, making them a valuable addition to your WordPress toolkit.

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