5 Product Review Plugins For Your WooCommerce Store



Do you want to amplify the review system of your online WooCommerce store?

Now it's very easy to enhance your review system with very simple and comfortable Product Review Plugins. These plugins have the potential to make your review system strong and influential. It surely will help in accumulating more reviews.

Today, in this article, we will have a look at some admired and finest Product Review plugins for your eStore website.

What is meant by Product Review Plugins?

Any website can gather customer evaluations via forms or email and post them whenever they choose. However, if you execute a large internet-based business with a heavy client base, this can be a time-consuming process. As a result, you might want to think about automating the procedure. WordPress review plugins allow you to automate that process. The majority of them have traits such as:

  • Customer review submission forms on the front end
  • A product review grading system The capability of filtering out spam reviews
  • The ability to collect reviews from third-party networks such as Yelp.
  • Built in Schema markup support for displaying your reviews in Rich Snippets in Google SERPs.
  • Custom post types are used to create and manage reviews. Possibility of improving local SEO

Reasons for using Product Review Plugins in WordPress

Product Reviews play a key role in growing sales. When a customer wants to shop online they first read or check out the product reviews and compare various options. Most of the shoppers fix their decisions by reading reviews.

If you are an owner of a WooCommerce online store allowing your customers to present, their reviews are a brilliant method to insert social proof to show how much your product is useful and worth buying. It helps to boost your sales and increase revenue.

The Product Review Plugins are used to minimizeyour reviews in search results to obtain maximum clicks and traffic. In WordPress, if you want to extend any functionality, then using a plugin is the only option. So for inserting reviews to the site, the Product Review Plugins prove the ultimate. With these plugins, you can make more sales, allow users to present their reviews to the site, and insertion of reviews from third-party platforms.

In a nutshell, the better reviews your website will get, the more sales will increase. Also, users are more likely to trust online retailers that display product ratings. Furthermore, consumer input may be quite useful in identifying areas where you can improve. Now let’s move on to our main topic.

5 leading Product Review plugins

There are the following top-notch and potential Product Review Plugins for your WooCommerce store are as follows:

  1. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce
  2. Sparks for WooCommerce
  3. Site Reviews
  4. Plugin for Google Reviews
  5. WooCommerce Reviews Plugin

Allow us now to go through these plugins in detail.

1. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce


There are plugins that are used to send an invitation to submit reviews through email. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/customer-reviews-woocommerce/) do the same job but in a different form.  The plugin allows you to submit a detailed review accompanied by an enhancement social proof. Whenever people view your product pages, they must complete the purchase. Here, your consumers are permitted to join the pictures and vote on reviews. In addition to this, there is also a section for questions and answers to list the products which looks very professional.

Cost: Starts from $49.99 per year

2. Sparks for WooCommerce


Sparks for WooCommerce (https://themeisle.com/plugins/sparks-for-woocommerce/) is one of the exclusive Product Review Plugins that comprises a package of conversion-focused product tools along with the core modules for online reviewing. There are eight store functionalities in the plugin that are used for magnifying your customer’s shopping experiences as follows-

  • Showcases product offers every now and then with Multi-announcement bars.
  • Add a view button to your catalog for a quick view of the details of each item.
  • An easy way to check out different options of the same product is by using variation swatches.
  • Storing the user’s favorite stuff for purchase at a later date through a wishlist module.
  • Shoppers can compare products by their specifications by using a comparison table.

With the use of this plugin, customers may get the benefit of reviewing the products in statements, votes, photos, and ratings. Apart from this, customers can also configure the reviews to display with the reviewer’s avatar and name.

Cost: Starts at $49

3. Site Reviews


Site Reviews (https://wordpress.org/plugins/site-reviews/) is an open-source, flexible, and simple-to-implement plugin that gathers reviews from customers. It accumulates reviews about your products, services, and local businesses.

Other than this, the plugin allows you to submit reviews on specific parts of your website, such as posts, products, pages, and more. The plugin has an uncomplicated configuration page that helps you control how you wish to collect customer reviews and how you wish to present them on your web URL. The plugin permits you to customize the review form and show it anywhere on your site.

Like a mobile screen, the Site Reviews plugin may pin your best reviews to the top, so your customers can see them immediately.

All in all, the plugin provides an opportunity to submit a review on almost a whole site, from pages to categories, custom post types, and more.

Site reviews can restrict the volume of submissions by username, IP address, or email to keep everything organized. Furthermore, you may emphasize the best reviews, limit the number of reviews per page, and present a combined summary of several ratings.

Cost: 100% free

4. Plugin for Google Reviews


Google Reviews (https://wordpress.org/plugins/widget-google-reviews/) is the most popular reference tool for organization reviews. Over 65% of evaluations are estimated that are depend on the organization and ratings posted on their web URL, making it the most important review site on customer’s decision to shop.

You may leverage this to your advantage without necessarily diverting leads away from your website. And, as the name implies, this WooCommerce review plugin focuses on a single

sort of review.

The organization evaluations that consumers post on Google reviews. Its role is to import them and display them directly on your website, providing prospects with an on-site reference for evaluating your brand's reliability. You can quickly link to and import data from your Google Business listing.

Cost: Starts from $85

5. WooCommerce Reviews Plugin


Last but not least Product Review Plugin for an eStore is the WooCommerce Review Plugin (https://reviewx.io/). This one sticks out since it can capture several product criteria in a single evaluation.

By multicriteria, we imply that buyers can score different product aspects individually.

For instance, you are allowed to ask each client to deliver feedback on product quality, service, delivery time, pricing, degree of happiness, and so on. Reviewers can leave comments, rate items, recommend them, contribute images and videos, like and hate product aspects, and share final reviews with their social network followers. When additional consumers arrive, they may thoroughly filter the published product reviews, down to the comments, connected material, timings, chronology, and ratings. The WooCommerce Reviews Plugin provides powerful features for visualizing all of the reviews to make the overall experience even more smooth.

Cost: Starts from $69


We honestly present our opinion that a single Product Review Plugins can be the best choice to submit positive reviews about your products.

So, it's all decided on an individual basis, the ideal WooCommerce review plugin for your eStore is highly recommended depending on your personal requirements. For example, the architecture of your WordPress store, your target audience, the items you want to sell, and the kind of reviews you intend to display. As a result, we had to evaluate the most common use scenarios before determining the ideal review plugin for each.

The outcomes are as follows: We propose Sparks for WooCommerce as the finest all-in-one review plugin for WooCommerce.

The WP theme bundle tailored for Product Review Plugins offers a comprehensive solution for individuals and businesses seeking to create a dynamic and engaging product review website. This carefully curated bundle combines a collection of visually appealing themes with powerful Product Review Plugins, resulting in an intuitive and user-friendly platform. With customizable layouts, sleek design elements, and seamless integration of the review plugins, website creators can effortlessly showcase product evaluations and ratings. Whether it's electronics, fashion, or any other niche, this theme bundle empowers users to present their product reviews professionally, fostering credibility and assisting consumers in making informed decisions.

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