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Do you wish to grow your business's sales?

Now make use of the influential and very practical Payment Plugins for WordPress to sell your by-products or services online and increase the percentage of total revenue.

A payment plugin for WordPress is a program that lengthens the capacity of a website to collect payments from consumers directly on their WordPress website. It merges with payment processors and gateways such as PayPal or Stripe to process payments with complete WordPress Security and easy and smooth payment operations.

Significance of using a payment Plugin for WordPress

The Payment Plugin for WordPress permits accepting payments upon completing the purchase of various products and services like physical goods, digital downloads, subscriptions, bookings, or donations.

Website owners and users can obtain the advantages of using Payment Plugins. When the owners of the website collect payments easily and directly through their website, it delivers the best user experience.

Additionally, it improves tracking and reporting capabilities and increases the efficiency of payment processing. On the other hand, customers want a streamlined payment process with a selection of multiple payment choices.

A competent plugin will make sure that sensitive data is encrypted and safeguarded during the payment process, thus payment plugins also provide users with more assurance about the security of their payment information. That’s why using the Payment Plugin for WordPress is always a good practice for eCommerce websites. You can enhance your eCommerce website by using WordPress Ecommerce Theme.

If you are the owner of an e-store and are looking for a trustworthy payment plugin for smooth transactions, here we are issuing a list of the finest and leading Payment Plugins for WordPress.

Best Payment Plugins for WordPress

1. WPForms

From the name of this plugin, you may think that it is used to embed forms only. But the plugin is not limited to integrating the forms into the website. It’s a formidable and compelling drag-and-drop form builder that has the capability to produce payment forms along with payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe.

Apart from this, the WPForm is capable of inserting conditional logic, which is used to create dynamic payment forms. It depends on the customers’ previous selections, which gives a more customized payment experience.

 In short, the WPForm plugin is the finest tool for those who want to design and develop customized forms consisting of payment options. A business website that offers subscription-based products or services can make efficient use of this plugin. However, you have to go with its premium version for the use of payment forms.

Cost: The premium version starts from $39.50 per year.

Main Features:

  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • In-built form templates
  • Payment gateway integrations (PayPal, Stripe, and Square)
  • Conditional logic
  • Smart CAPTCHA
  • spam protection

2. MemberPress

MemberPress ( is the second most popular and uncomplicated to configure and manage payment plugins. Users can create and customize membership levels and limit access to content based on the payment system. The plugin also permits the user to produce and customize checkout pages with branding and logos.

The plugin is advantageous for collaborating with multiple well-known payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and All these payment portals let buyers process their payments securely.

Cost: The basic plan starts at $179.50 per year.

Main Features:

  • Easy membership configuration and management
  • Content access rules and drip content
  • Payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and merge.
  • Automated email notifications and reminders

3. Stripe Pro Payment Gateway


Stripe ( is the most familiar and secured payment portal in the market, It can grow the sales of eBooks, applications, and online courses. All in all, the plugin plays a vital role in growing the sales of companies that sell digital products or services.

Other than this, Stripe is best for its refund functionality. It makes the refund process uncomplicated. Besides, it won’t let you log in to your account on Stripe to apply for a refund. Instead, it allows you to access the website dashboard, modify relevant payment records, and alter its status to “refunded.”

The best payment plugin to sell digital downloads permits the user to make payments with a Credit Card, Bank Card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Stripe. Stripe deals with international business transactions in over 100 currencies.

Cost: $99.50/yr

Main Features:

  • Supports various payment methods, including credit cards and Apple Pay
  • Simple configuration and integration with Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Personalized checkout page that suits your brand and website design.
  • Supports subscriptions and pre-orders.

4. GiveWP

GiveWP ( is a broadly-used Payment plugin for WordPress. More than 100,000 active users are taking advantage of this tool. The plugin allows you to accumulate one-time and recurring donations with assistance from the PayPal and Stripe payment gateways.

Besides this, it permits you to scan the information of a donor and track analytics from the donor database. This information is necessary for you to keep track of your revenue and donor recognition.

Along with this, GiveWP delivers custom templates and holds plugins like Mailchimp for email marketing.

Seamless integration with the Divi drag-and-drop builder proves beneficial for generating magnificent donation forms and embedding them efficiently on the website.

That is why GiveWP is an ideal plugin for non-profits, charities, and organizations that are trying to get more and more funds and donations through their WordPress websites. 

Cost: The basic plan starts at $149 per year.

Main Features:

  • Custom objectives and templates.
  • Donation subscription services.
  • Complete analytics reporting system.
  • Recurring Donations

5. Gravity Forms


Gravity Forms are the most commonly used choice for users in WordPress. Any WordPress website can make payments with the proper integration of forms made with Gravity Forms plugins.

When managing sensitive client data like credit card information, Gravity Forms is a reliable company with a long history that should be taken into account. It accepts a variety of payments, including product sales and contributions.

Anyone who is looking for a trustworthy form builder solution that supports a variety of payment methods should check out Gravity Forms.

There is no free option for Gravity Forms. Thus, you must choose one of the membership tiers. Fortunately, they offer a trial so that you may try the plugin out before purchasing it.

Cost: Starts at $59. $259 for unpicking all add-ons

Main Features:

  • Collaborates with top-notch payment processors, including Stripe, PayPal, Mollie, Checkout, and Square.
  • Capability to produce discount codes.
  • Supports subscriptions and recurring payments.
  • It makes the accumulation of donations very easy.
  • fulfills all requirements for PCI compliance.

6. WP Simple Pay


WP Simple Pay ( is a great Payment plugin in WordPress popular for its security. It supports multiple payment gateways and accepts payments via credit and debit cards. The WP Simple Pay payment plugin for WordPress allows you to develop forms in which you can add custom fields for payments. it is also a WordPress Custom Field Plugin. The plugin is very useful for you if you don’t want to involve the third-party gateway and want to receive payments directly through the website.

Cost: $99 per year.

 Main features:

  • Online payments and donations
  • One-time or recurring payments
  • Option to insert coupon codes
  • Multi-language compatible
  • Extensive support documentation

7. Quick Paypal Payments


If you are looking for a simple and lightweight payment plugin for WordPress, then Quick Paypal Payment ( can be the ideal choice. The plugin allows you to develop and design a PayPal payment form and use it on any part of the website with the help of the shortcode. It’s very simple and easy to embed the PayPal payment button into the website. Its user-friendly interface makes it easier to interact with users. The customized payment button can be integrated into any post, page, or widget. Individual business owners or small organizations can make use of Quick Paypal Payments.

Cost: The premium version of the plugin is available for $14.99 per year.

Main Features:

  • Create custom payment buttons
  • Attach payment buttons to posts, pages, or widgets
  • Pick from multiple button styles and sizes


We have listed and explained the top 7 Payment Plugin For WordPress. You have numerous options to select from. Now, when it comes to picking any, you need to compare all 7 plugins depending on their features and prices. Still, we recommend the WP Simple Pay payment plugin. It’s a fantastic plugin that can be set up without any kind of technical knowledge or code. WPfroms and MemberPress are two more excellent choices. A user-friendly interface, editable payment forms, and interaction with well-known payment processors like PayPal and Stripe are all provided by WPForms.

In contrast, MemberPress provides comprehensive membership features, content access management, and easy payment integration. Both plugins provide first-rate customer service and have a proven track record of getting rare reviews from users. The ideal payment plugin for WordPress for your purposes will ultimately depend on your unique requirements and spending limit, so be sure to take your demands into account before choosing. Check out our suggestions if you're seeking the top payment plugins available for a variety of uses.

The WordPress theme bundle, when integrated with a Payment Plugin, offers a powerful and versatile platform for online businesses and content creators. This combination seamlessly merges appealing website design with seamless payment processing capabilities. Users can select from a range of professionally designed themes that suit their branding and style. The Payment Plugin then empowers these websites with secure and efficient transaction processing, supporting various payment methods to cater to a global audience. Whether it's an e-commerce store, a membership site, or a donation platform, the WordPress theme bundle coupled with a Payment Plugin streamlines the user experience, instills trust, and enables website owners to monetize their content or products effectively.

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