Best Practices To Optimize UX Audit For WordPress Website

Optimize UX Audit For WordPress Website: Give your users an unforgettable experience via your website. Make your website enjoyable and easy-to-use for your visitors. The tricks and techniques you use to make your website alluring for the users are all falls under UX audit. A thorough audit makes the website easy to navigate for users. Top WordPress Themes are available on our website VWthemes.

UX audit

User Experience (UX) Is The Key For Successful Website

UX relates as to how easy and useful you website is for the users. Any website built on WordPress, its performance, navigation, readability and many more aspects are covered by UX. These elements are the primary need of any website and its success.

Visitors visit your website for some reason, it could be anything like reading a blog, purchase your product, learn some technique about any new thing in the market or anything else. If they land on your website and they couldn’t figure out how to move or accomplish their goal then they will leave the page and will move to some other related website.

If you are providing user-friendly and rich content with easy navigation website, then it will attract more users to your website. Also it will help to engage and encourage users to spend time on the website and visit more often. UX audit help increasing the conversion rate of your website and reduce the bounce rate.

Method To Perform UX Audit Of WordPress Website

This audit has a collection of the information on how visitors are using your website and what exactly you can do to improve their experience. The more thorough you do the audit on the website it makes your website easier and enticing to users.

Think From Users’ Perspective

When you design your website, it is important to make the website user friendly and you create it in a handy way for the users. The website’s qualities and advantages are known by you but the users are yet to discover the road blocks, which you even never realized.

So, it is important to look at your website from the visitors’ point of view for a successful website UX audit. You are supposed to acknowledge your loopholes to ensure a perfect possible UX.

It can be a little difficult to change your point of view and think like an outsider, that too when you know everything about your website. One very important way to start working towards seeing through your visitors’ eyes is to focus on your website’s purpose and what users will expect from the site.

You can use user persona to get help from. It will also help in finding the missing out features, which users can find. This process can help you to incorporate the missing points eventually in UX design audit to make your website interesting for your users.

Recruit Someone To Provide You An Outsider’s Point Of View

This is the best practice while performing a website UX audit to take help from an outsider. A person who has no idea about your website. No matter how objective you strive to be, but you’ll never be able to see the loopholes like an outsider.

Recruit any of your friends, family members or any other person from the industry to check and test the website usability. They can help you solve the potential issues to build a better and usable site.

You also can hire a UX professional to diagnose the problem and fix it. They will be able to tell you more accurate points to look and change. Also if you allow them they can sort and fix the issues at their own.

One important step can be, taking surveys from the users. You can ask them to participate in the survey on your website and tell you about the issues, if any. That will be more genuine and unbiased review and suggestion for improvement.

The other people can help you find the right direction but your users can exactly tell you what they want from your website. So, before starting ask your users directly for their input. Also, have a look at Best CSS Frameworks.

User Metrics Can Help Seeking Out The Problem

Your website data can give you an alert to go for a UX audit. Your assessment and the other people’s suggestion is useful but user metrics will clearly highlight the problem areas on your website.

Like, the bounce rate will clearly indicate that website is not working for the visitors. They are landing on your pages but not spending time, rather leaving the site within few moments. There can be navigational or another issue which might be creating trouble for them to surf on your web page.

There are many plugins like MonsterInsights, to gather these information and they help to fix the problems.

Then you can check the popular keywords and behavior flow to perform a UX audit. Try to make your popular content more accessible by adding it on home page or main menu. So that people can easily access it. Add other internal links into that content and guide users to visit the other pages as well.

Behavior flows can help you know the pattern as to how users move through your website. They can indicate the common routes or blockages. So that you can make an easy path of navigation for them.

Try To Test The Navigation And Performance Of The Website As A User

You are the owner of your website, so you know the back end. All the content creation process, updates installation and other important tasks, all done by you. So you can work easily on the back end.

But now come to the front end and try to see from user’s point of view. Become a user for the website and check the navigational and performance problems to do website UX audit.

For instance, if your website is an E-commerce site then as a user you start exploring the website to buy a specific product. Then you’ll be able to find the problems to choose and find the correct product, if any. Note all the hold ups and fix the issues.

There can be an issue with loading time, look for that problem also. Check the speed of page and if it is taking a long then work on speed thing. Speed test can help you figure out where your website is going slow, so you can highlight and resolve the issue by UX audit.

Website Should Be Optimized For The Mobile Phones

Mobile phone users are greater than laptop or computer users, so all the websites should be compatible and optimized for the mobile phones. If poor mobile UX persists then it increases the likelihood of dropping the users. Their engagement starts if the website shows the smooth performance as it gives on the laptop or pc.

It indicates that if the website is highly responsive on mobile then the UX quality is also high and your conversion rate is good. Sine you make the website mostly on desktop, so the optimization for mobile is a must thing to do.

Similarly, check the navigation and performance on the mobile also, like you did for desktop. It will help you add or subtract the features for mobile phones.

There are landscape variations for mobiles and desktops. They can be done easily on WordPress themes by opting out the changes for mobile phone.

Compile All The Notes And Make Improvements

After performing above UX audit, you are ready with a long list of problems and issues. So now start working and sorting the issues to make your website feasible and easy to navigate for all the users.

In this UX audit, whatever information you’ve gathered will surely give you a clear plan of action. You can change the fonts and formats, make your menu easily accessible, make the clear page title, put call to action on landing pages, give internal links, optimize images and make the website responsive for mobile phones.

UX is something which you cannot avoid. So perform the UX audit periodically to improve the users’ experience. It will always help you to improve the conversion rate and eliminate the bounce rate for the website.

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