The 5 Best Newsletter Plugins For WordPress In 2023



Are you planning to create an email newsletter for your WordPress website?

Now Promote your brand with impressive newsletters and shoot up the business revenue.

Implementing a strategy to grow your email list is the best plan to grow your trade. Lacking conversion rates is an issue to get repaired as soon as possible if your site is going through. An email newsletter empowers your website visitors to subscribe so that they can obtain updates from you about your blog, and new sale promotions, and stay updated with the latest features via emails.

Promotion and marketing through electronic mail is the only strategy for enhancing the conversion rates of a website. Sending newsletters is of those successful strategies.

Before promoting your brand in assistance with newsletters, let’s take a small look at its basic definition for those who don’t have any idea about newsletters.

What are newsletters?

A newsletter is a form consisting the promotional content like news, updates, events, and more regarding a particular product or service. It can be sent via email to the customers. Your customers must be aware of all the activities and should get all the relevant updated information about your products. It helps to generate better outcomes than the present. So in short, newsletters are invented as a tool for email marketing to magnify the conversion rates of business websites. You can read our blog on "Don’t Wrongly Judge The Power of A Fine Newsletter to Steer Business" for more information.

What are the newsletter plugins for WordPress?

The newsletter plugins are the tools that are used to forward marketing emails automatically. Sending newsletters individually to the clients is a time taking process. Newsletter plugins for WordPress can make this process faster. It minimizes the email campaign with automation. You won’t need to send an email newsletter to every client separately. The plugin can create, send, and monitor the email marketing drive.

The necessity of using Newsletter Plugins for WordPress

Email Newsletters consist of information that encourages your clients to buy regular subscriptions and be consistent shoppers. Conveying this information is a task that the newsletter plugins for WordPress do efficiently. Besides this, the following are some reasons that manifest the requirement or necessity of using newsletter plugins for WordPress.

  • Lead generation:  Lead generation is a procedure to entice people and turn them into subscribers or customers by mailing them coupons or free trials.  Newsletter plugins make it very fast and easy.
  • Customer commitment Boosting: Newsletter Plugins for WordPress establish a relationship with the subscribers by rewarding them with discounts or helping them by offering helpful information.  It boosts the customer’s loyalty.
  • Magnifies SEO: Influential email newsletter plugins for WordPress magnifies your SEO and the email marketing drive as well.

Top 5 newsletter plugins for WordPress

Here we will study the two types of newsletter plugins which include WordPress newsletter and email subscription plugins. So let us allow to explain these in detail.

1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp ( is a very popular and trending Free Email Newsletters and subscription plugin for WordPress. It’s a tool that is used to measure or track the performance of your email marketing drive’s performance. It is also a form builder that creates subscription forms for various browsers and devices with simple UI.  A flexible and easy-to-implement plugin lets you place the signup forms in pages, posts, and widget areas. A WooCommerce-compatible plugin distributes the list of subscribers which is helpful for analysing the purchase activities.

Mailchimp supports third-party integrations and add-ons like Google reCAPTCHA, WPBruiser, and Boxzilla.

  • Downloads: 2,000,000+
  • Features: checkbox integrations, list management
  • Price: free. Premium plan starts from $59–$149/year


2. Newsletter


The newsletter ( is a hard-core WordPress plugin for email marketing. It is super advantageous to extend the subscription list, automate newsletters, and monitor email performance.

Other than this, the plugin uses its drag-and-drop builder for easy and quick customization of newsletter forms. It let the user perform customizations directly from their WordPress dashboard. generating leads is another benefit of using this plugin via forms. This proves helpful for collecting data and enlarging the newsletter list. Most importantly, the plugin creates an SMTP-ready newsletter that easily collaborated with external mail delivery services like Amazon SES, Mailgun, and SendGrid.

Furthermore, the plugin actively dispatches the 12 emails per hour to as many as your site can handle as it has a controlled delivery speed option. Posting emails in batches targets your list more accurately.

Apart from this, you can receive statistics reports that play a vital role in making decisions regarding total emails sent, opened, and clicked.

  • Downloads: 300,000+
  • Features: extensive SMTP support, email delivery speed, and limitless newsletters
  • Price: free. The premium version is available for $65.


3. Jackmail

Do you want to manage your email list efficiently?

Now get one of the greatest Newsletter plugins for WordPress that comprises a simple drag-and-drop email builder. It will assist you to design and develop responsive newsletter templates or try reading out the blog "Mistakes To Avoid When Designing And Using Newsletter On WordPress!". It won’t display any advertisements on your email footer. Ninja Forms, Bloom, and Contact Form 7 can make it happen to join Jackmail with a third-party opt-in plugin.

Jackmail ( is a secure and anti-spam newsletter plugin that has an inbuilt SMTP server.

  • Downloads: 2,000+
  • Features: pre-built SMTP server, embeds well with other plugins
  • Price: $69/month. 30-day trial free for sending 500 email newsletters.


4. OptinMonster


Are you looking for a plugin that creates a high-converting pop-up?

If so, then OptinMonster ( can make it happen and convert the anonymous visitors into email subscribers.

The dynamic and feature-rich OptinMonster plugin is intended to create pop-ups from scratch as there are more than a hundred pop-up templates available in the library which include newsletter pop-ups, slide-ins, and announcement bars. An easy-to-understand visual editor, the drag-and-drop functionality, inserting countdown timers, and spinning wheel can make your newsletter comprehensive. A smart and useful Newsletter plugin can easily perform personalization depending on the customer’s behavior.

  • Downloads: 700,000+
  • Features: customer behavior personalization, interactive pop-up elements
  • Price: $9/month includes A/B testing, analytics, and usage in countless drives.


5. Brevo

Brevo ( is popular by its former name Sendinblue. It is a mail marketing service that is a simple, robust, and easy-to-use WordPress plugin. The plugin supports SMTP service to send emails speedily. Simple to configure Brevo WordPress plugin has a free plan that lets you dispatch 300 emails per day to your newsletter list. The live chat facility is helpful to get contacted. WP Mail SMTP plugins can connect WooCommerce through Brevo’s SMTP and send your emails to buyers. Besides this, the plugin provides a variety of responsive newsletter templates which runs comfortably on mobile too.

An email newsletter lets you establish a connection with your site’s visitors. Email marketing is a crucial and influential way for earning massive income from your website. All these are the top 5 best newsletter plugins for WordPress. But the list not ends here. There are more email marketing newsletter plugins available in the market. All functions well. All the plugins have some pros and cons when it comes to implementation. But in the end, are advantageous for engrossing the customers and encouraging them to complete the purchase. It fulfills the business objective.

Let’s know their names-

Top 7 WordPress Email Subscription Plugins

  • Mailchimp
  • Popup Builder
  • Thrive Leads
  • OptinMonster
  • WP Subscribe
  • Icegram
  • Sleeknote

How do I select one of the top 5 best Newsletter plugins for WordPress?

Following are some factors that you need to keep in mind while picking the newsletter plugin.

Uncomplicated to use: The plugin UI shouldn’t be complicated to navigate.

Trustworthy: The plugin must have an SMTP server or third-party integrations, as it helps to amplify email deliverability.

Email list segmentation: Segmentation of the email list and target subscribers proves helpful.

Easy to Customize: The plugin should include the necessary design tools to coordinate the overall appearance of your brand and items.  

Automation: Plugins must carry out automated actions that save time and increase productivity.

You can expand your email list with the following two amazing and popular choices, which are highly recommended to use for your website and grow your business revenue:

Newsletter: A powerful newsletter plugin with a reasonable cost that allows for countless email sends It is ideal for novices.

OptinMonster: is an all-in-one plugin that offers consumer behavioral targeting and robust testing features, which are everything you need to increase conversions.


While using the Newsletter plugins for WordPress, you should always utilize an email marketing platform with comprehensive email delivery capabilities. Most of the platforms do not have robust registration functionality.

To some extent, form builder plugins like WPForms and WordPress newsletter plugins like OptinMonster can help with this.

You may link your WordPress website with effective email marketing services with these plugins, 

giving you the best of both worlds.

The majority of experts and knowledgeable WordPress users DO NOT handle their email lists inside of 

WordPress using a newsletter plugin.

They avoid installing an SMTP plugin and linking it to an email delivery provider since they don't want to deal with  the effort.

The WordPress theme bundle serves as a versatile and comprehensive solution for website design and functionality, enhancing the user experience and visual appeal of WordPress websites. In the context of the year 2023, when newsletters have become an essential communication tool, integrating the best newsletter plugins with your WordPress site is crucial. The 5 best newsletter plugins for WordPress in 2023 offer advanced features for managing and creating newsletters, capturing leads, and maintaining seamless subscriber engagement. When coupled with a powerful WordPress theme bundle, these plugins ensure a harmonious blend of captivating design and efficient functionality, resulting in an outstanding platform for delivering content and building strong reader relationships.

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