Must Have WordPress Plugins for Building Your WordPress Website 


Are you looking for plugins to make your website even better? Well, you're in the right place! Plugins are like magic tools that can add cool features and make your website do awesome things without needing to know fancy coding stuff. Whether you're a total beginner or a web whiz, these essential WordPress plugins can help you create a website that stands out from the crowd. In this blog, we're going to look into some must have WordPress plugins for websites. These plugins are like secret weapons that can take your site from okay to amazing in no time! So, let's get started and see how these plugins can help you build the website of your dreams! 

Listed Below Are Some Of The Must Have WordPress Plugins:

1. Ibtana - WordPress Website Builder 


This WordPress Website Builder makes building websites easier than ever. It's designed to be simple, efficient, and quick, perfect for anyone new to WordPress. With easy drag-and-drop features, you can create the perfect website without needing to know any code. It is a must have WordPress plugins.

 Ibtana follows the best coding practices for faster performance and offers settings for each block, so you can customize your site exactly how you want. Its drag-and-drop interface saves you time, letting you design web pages in no time. Plus, it comes with ready-made blocks to make building your website a breeze. 

 Whether you're a beginner or an expert developer, Ibtana's user-friendly design and pre-built blocks make it easy to create stunning websites. You can add pages for sales, products, and more, all optimized for mobile devices. With its drag-and-drop functionality, you can create beautiful pages without touching any code, making website building faster and easier than ever. 

2. WPForms 


Every website needs a way for people to reach out, right? WPForms makes it super easy. It's like a friendly helper that lets you create all sorts of forms without any fuss. Want a contact form? Done. Need a survey? No problem. With over 1500 ready-made templates, you can build any form you imagine in just a few clicks. It is a must have WordPress plugins.

What's cool is, WPForms plays nice with lots of other tools, like Stripe, PayPal, and more. So, if you need to collect payments or connect with your audience, WPForms has your back. And get this, it's got features you won't find anywhere else, like chats right in your forms, tracking who's visiting, and even making forms that fit with the GDPR rules. 

Big websites like WPBeginner love WPForms, and over 6 million others do too. There's a free version if you're just starting out, but if you're serious about growing your biz, go for the Pro version. It's got all the bells and whistles you need to turn visitors into customers. There's also a sweet discount waiting for you! 

3. All in one SEO 


SEO is like a map that helps more people find your website when they search online. Even though WordPress is already good for SEO, you can do even better to bring in more visitors. All in One SEO (AIOSEO) is a really popular tool for this, used by millions of websites. 

Out of all the SEO plugins for WordPress, AIOSEO is the most complete. It helps you do lots of things like adding the right titles and descriptions for search engines, making sitemaps, connecting to Google Search Console, and even sharing your site on social media. 

AIOSEO keeps getting better too. They keep adding new stuff to help your site rank higher, like tools to check how good your content is, making it easier to link to other pages on your site, and creating special tags that help search engines understand your content better. Plus, there's a free version, but if you want extra power, you can get the pro version with even more cool features like helping online stores, local businesses, and fixing website errors. 

4. Seed Prod 


SeedProd makes building your WordPress website a breeze with its intuitive drag-and-drop page builder. No need to tackle complicated code – simply customize your site's design and layout effortlessly. 

 Business owners rave about SeedProd because it empowers them to craft unique landing pages in minutes, eliminating the need for pricey developers.  SeedProd now allows you to create custom WordPress themes without any coding! Choose from a vast selection of templates or design your own layout from scratch using the user-friendly drag-and-drop builder. From landing pages to maintenance mode pages, SeedProd has you covered with pre-designed WordPress themes for various purposes. 

Plus, its smart design system saves time by enabling you to reuse elements and customize everything from color schemes to page templates. With features like opt-in forms, countdown timers, and seamless integration with email marketing services, SeedProd offers everything you need to create a standout website. And the best part? It works seamlessly with any WordPress theme, so you can keep your current design while enjoying the benefits of customization. 

5. MonsterInsights 

For WordPress, MonsterInsights stands out as the best Google Analytics plugin. It links your website with Google Analytics, letting you see how people discover and use your site. What's great is that it displays all the important data right in your WordPress dashboard, making it easy to understand. 

Inside your dashboard, you'll find reports showing key stats, like your most popular pages and posts, conversions from contact forms, and the pages users visited before buying something. With this info, you can tweak your site to attract more visitors, subscribers, and revenue. 

If you're keen on learning more about Google Analytics in WordPress, we've got you covered with detailed guides. While MonsterInsights offers a free version, upgrading to premium unleashes its full potential. Plus, you can snag a 50% discount with our MonsterInsights coupon. Trusted by over 3 million websites, MonsterInsights is a must-have tool for any WordPress user. 

6. OptinMonster 

OptinMonster is a super popular tool for making more people who visit your website turn into email subscribers or buyers. With this tool, you can quickly get more people to sign up for your emails and buy stuff from you. This is a must have WordPress plugins for elevating your website.

Using OptinMonster, you can make different kinds of pop-up messages on your WordPress website, like pop-ups that slide in, announcement bars, and even games like spinning wheels. These messages catch people's attention and make them more likely to sign up for your emails or buy things from your site. 

You can customize each message however you want using OptinMonster's easy drag-and-drop tool. Plus, you can make sure the right message shows up for each person at the right time, which is super helpful. It's great for bloggers, businesses, and online stores who want to make more money from their website visitors. If you want to see how well it works, check out the success stories from other businesses. We use OptinMonster on our websites too, and you can even try it out for free if you sign up through the WordPress plugin. 

7. MemberPress 


MemberPress is a special tool for WordPress that lets you make online courses, groups, and websites where people pay to access content. It's considered one of the best plugins for this on the market. 

 With MemberPress, you can set up different subscription plans and decide who gets to see what content based on what plan they're on. It works with lots of different ways people pay online, like Stripe and PayPal. 

 Since MemberPress is a paid plugin, it has a bunch of other cool stuff included, like drip content (releasing content gradually), course management tools, quizzes, and even ways to manage groups of users. It's like a whole system for managing memberships on your site. 

 You can even link MemberPress up with popular email services like Mailchimp or ConvertKit to keep in touch with your members. It's a really powerful tool and helps lots of people make a ton of money every year! 

8. Constant Contact 

As a business owner, having an email list is super important. It lets you keep talking to people who visited your website, even after they've left. That's why we think it's a smart move for every business to start making an email list as soon as possible. 

 Constant Contact is a big name in the world of email marketing. They help you build and manage your email list. Plus, they make it easy to send out really nice-looking newsletters to all your subscribers. 

 The best part about Constant Contact is that it's easy to use, even if you're not a tech whiz. And if you're using WordPress, it plays nicely with popular plugins like OptinMonster and WPForms, making it even more handy. 

9. Pretty Links Pro 

Pretty Links Pro stands out as an excellent plugin for managing links on WordPress. Whether you're handling affiliate links or just want to make URLs shorter and easier to remember for sharing, this plugin has got you covered. 

It's especially handy for affiliate marketers, podcasters, and business owners looking to simplify the process of creating short URLs directly within WordPress. 

Moreover, this must have WordPress plugins takes the hassle out of affiliate marketing by offering features like automatic insertion of relevant links into your blog posts and various other tools such as link rotation, QR code generation, and split testing. 

10. WP Rocket 

WP Rocket stands out as the top choice for speeding up your WordPress site. With just a few clicks, it amps up your site's speed and performance. This premium WordPress plugin does a bunch of helpful things automatically, like setting up caching stuff and making your site load faster. Plus, you can tweak some extra features if you want, like lazy-loading images or making your images smaller without losing quality. 

The coolest part? WP Rocket doesn't wait around for people to visit your site before making it faster. It does its thing in the background, so your site is always ready to impress visitors. And there's more – they even give you a free tool called Imagify to make your images load even quicker. Plus, they play nice with other tools like Cloudflare and Sucuri to give your site a turbo boost. The only catch? You gotta pay for it – but trust me, it's worth it! 

11. SearchWP 

SearchWP stands out as a top-notch search plugin for WordPress. It's designed to make searching on your website a breeze for your visitors. Unlike the basic search tool that comes with WordPress, SearchWP digs deep into your site, including everything from custom fields to PDFs, ensuring nothing gets overlooked. 

One of its coolest features is the ability to fine-tune how search results are ranked, all without needing to mess around with complicated code. Plus, with its search metrics feature, you can see what your visitors are searching for and how well your content matches up, helping you make improvements where needed. 

With SearchWP, you can also add handy features like live AJAX search, making it super convenient for your audience. And the best part? It plays nice with all the major WordPress plugins, so you can seamlessly integrate it with your site, whether you're running WooCommerce, bbPress, or any other popular plugin. 

12. Uncanny Automator 


Uncanny Automator is a must have WordPress plugins that makes your life easier. With it, you can make your WordPress plugins team up without needing to know any fancy code. This means you can get rid of repetitive tasks, which saves you both time and money. 

The best part is, Uncanny Automator plays nice with lots of other plugins and platforms - over 150 of them! So, you can create smart setups without needing a tech expert. You get to pick from a bunch of different actions and triggers to set up cool "if this then that" rules for your WordPress site, all without touching any code. 

In simple terms, Uncanny Automator helps your WordPress plugins and other tools understand each other better, so they can work together smoothly. It's a bit like having a translator for your website tools. Plus, you can even link up two different WordPress sites without any coding, which is super handy for online shops and membership sites. 

13. Duplicator 


Duplicator stands out as the go-to choice for backing up your WordPress site. With this plugin, you can set up automatic backups and securely store them in various remote locations such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and more. 

Restoring your website from a backup is a breeze with Duplicator. It offers additional features like support for multiple sites, encrypted archives, recovery options, and a simple migration tool, among others. 

Plus, there's a free version of Duplicator available, making it accessible for anyone looking to start safeguarding their website. Having reliable backups is crucial for every WordPress blog or website, making Duplicator an essential plugin for your backend needs. 

14. PushEngage 

PushEngage is a great tool for sending messages to people who visit your website. These messages pop up on their browser, catching their attention. We use it alongside our email newsletters to keep in touch with our visitors and bring more people back to our site. 

It's one of the top ways we get traffic to WPBeginner. If you want to see how it works, you can check out how we use it to get more people coming back to our site. PushEngage has lots of cool features, like sending out different kinds of messages and tracking how well they're doing. 

If you're selling things online, it can even help you remind people about items they've left in their cart or let them know when prices drop. And if you're a blogger, it can automatically tell your followers when you've posted something new. Plus, it works with lots of different website builders, not just WordPress. And one really cool thing about PushEngage is that they don't sell your data like some other services do. 

15. RafflePress 

RafflePress stands out as the top choice for hosting giveaways on your WordPress website. With this must have WordPress plugins, you can effortlessly boost your site traffic, gain new social media followers, and grow your email subscriber list through exciting contests and giveaways. 

Creating engaging giveaways is a breeze with RafflePress's user-friendly drag-and-drop builder and ready-made templates. These tools help you craft attention-grabbing giveaways that captivate your audience. 

Participants enter the giveaways by providing their email addresses, which helps you expand your email newsletter subscriber base. Additionally, RafflePress encourages users to follow your social media profiles and share the giveaway with their friends to earn more entries, leading to increased social media interaction. 

By leveraging word-of-mouth marketing, RafflePress accelerates your website's traffic growth, resulting in more followers, increased sales, and higher revenue. Plus, you can seamlessly integrate RafflePress with your social media accounts, WordPress forms, and popular marketing platforms and CRMs for enhanced functionality. Explore RafflePress Lite for a free starting point, or unlock even more powerful features with RafflePress Pro to supercharge your growth journey. 

16. Sucuri 

Security is super important for anyone with an online business. Sucuri has a special plugin for WordPress that acts like a shield for your website. It stops bad stuff like viruses and hackers from messing with your site. It's like having a tough bodyguard for your website, keeping it safe from all kinds of attacks. 

 Sucuri doesn't just sit there – it keeps an eye on your website all the time. It stops all sorts of attacks, from sneaky viruses to annoying spam comments. If you haven't added this protection yet, you should do it ASAP. It's a must-have for any website owner who cares about security. 

 On top of keeping your website safe, Sucuri also makes it faster. It's like magic – your website gets a speed boost without you having to do anything extra. While there are other security plugins out there, none of them offer the same level of protection as Sucuri. It's like having a superhero for your website, and that's why it's our top choice at WPBeginner. 

17. Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) 

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is a bunch of online tools made by Google. It includes stuff like email, docs, and spreadsheets. It's made to be simple, affordable, and easy to set up. 

With this must have WordPress plugins, you save money on buying software and hardware. You don't need to hire IT people or worry about backups. Plus, you can use fancy email addresses with your business name in Gmail. 

In a nutshell, Google Workspace is like having your own office online, without all the headaches and expenses. It's a smart way to run your business smoothly and professionally. 

18. Semrush 


Semrush is a handy toolkit for folks who want to boost their online presence. Whether you're into SEO, social media, or advertising, Semrush has got you covered. It's like having a secret weapon to help you understand what works best in your industry. 

With Semrush, you can peek into what your competitors are up to. This means you can figure out how to stand out and stay ahead in your field. It's like having a spy tool that helps you climb to the top of the ladder. 

 We rely on Semrush for lots of things, like finding the right keywords, checking out who's linking to us, and even seeing what's hot on social media. It's a must have WordPress plugins for anyone serious about their online game, and it plays nicely with other tools like AIOSEO. 

19. LiveChat 

LiveChat Inc stands out as the top choice for businesses and online stores seeking live chat support. With its user-friendly interface, it's a breeze to set up live chat on your WordPress site. 

 Boasting a myriad of customization features, LiveChat allows you to tailor the chat experience to suit your needs. Plus, its mobile app ensures you can offer real-time assistance wherever you go. 

 What's more, LiveChat seamlessly integrates with your existing support tools, CRM, and email marketing platforms. With its lightning-fast loading times and excellent user experience, LiveChat is a must-have for any website. Additionally, the creators of LiveChat have also developed, offering AI-powered chatbot solutions. By combining LiveChat with, you can ensure your users receive prompt responses from both AI and human agents. 

20. WP Mail SMTP 


WordPress typically relies on the PHP mail function to send emails. However, sometimes this function doesn't work as it should because WordPress hosting companies might not have it set up correctly or they block it to stop misuse. 

This could lead to important emails from your WordPress site not reaching you or your users. WP Mail SMTP solves this problem by making sure WordPress emails are sent through a proper SMTP mail server, ensuring they get delivered reliably. 

It's a super popular plugin, used by over 3 million websites, including ours, WPBeginner. If you want even more features and hands-on help, consider upgrading to WP Mail SMTP Pro for personalized setup, detailed email logs, and extra perks from their support team. 

21. Shared Counts 

Shared Counts stands out as the top choice for adding social sharing buttons to your WordPress website. With its user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly incorporate eye-catching buttons for sharing content across social media platforms. 

Additionally, Shared Counts provides valuable share counts, offering social proof that can enhance credibility and engagement on your site. Despite the availability of paid alternatives, this free plugin excels in both code quality and performance, making it a preferred option for both beginners and experienced developers. 

We rely on Shared Counts across many of our websites due to its seamless integration and reliability. However, if you're looking to showcase even more social proof by automatically displaying your latest Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube content, consider exploring Smash Balloon plugins. Trusted by 1.75 million websites, Smash Balloon offers the leading social media feed plugin for WordPress. 

22. WPCode 


When you're handling your WordPress website, you might need to include bits of code in places like the header or footer. It could be for things like verifying your site or adding ad tracking codes. WPCode (previously called Insert Headers and Footers) makes this easy. You can put in code without messing with your theme's files. 

With WPCode, you're not limited to just header and footer stuff. You can also add your own PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, or plain text snippets. There's even a library of common WordPress code bits that you can use with just a click. 

And if you upgrade to WPCode Pro, you get even more cool stuff. You can keep track of different versions of your code snippets, target specific devices, and add code that's just for certain posts or pages. Plus, it works extra well with plugins like WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. 

23. WPML 

Creating a website in multiple languages can be tricky with regular WordPress. This can be tough for businesses serving customers who speak different languages in various places. 

But don't worry! That's where WPML comes in. It's a special must have WordPress plugins that makes building multilingual websites simple. WPML is user-friendly, good for SEO, and makes it a breeze to add content in different languages. With WPML, reaching a diverse audience has never been easier! 

24. WooCommerce 

WooCommerce stands out as the go-to choice for creating online stores on WordPress, used by more than 5 million websites worldwide. It packs in all the essential features you need to set up and manage your online shop hassle-free. 

Developed by the same folks behind and Jetpack, WooCommerce has solidified its position as the leading eCommerce plugin for WordPress in recent years. Its popularity continues to soar, thanks to its user-friendly interface and robust functionality. 

Today, the WooCommerce community thrives with specialized hosting, themes, and plugins tailored for eCommerce ventures. For those diving into eCommerce with WooCommerce, consider starting with SiteGround for reliable hosting. Alternatively, Bluehost offers a new eCommerce plan, bundling over $1000 worth of premium WooCommerce extensions, including subscriptions and booking features, for free. 

25. Nextiva 


Nextiva stands out as a top-notch business phone service because it's packed with useful features and it's super easy to use. With Nextiva, you can snag a business phone number for your website, complete with fancy call routing options, unlimited free domestic calling, voicemail that gets sent to your email or text, and even online faxing! 

 What's really neat is that you can direct calls from your business number straight to your cell phone, which is a big plus for small businesses. Plus, you can set specific business hours to avoid getting calls during holidays or off-hours, keeping your work-life balance in check. 

 On top of all that, Nextiva offers other handy tools like CRM, live chat, online surveys, and more. And the cherry on top? You can handle everything effortlessly through their simple web-based admin panel, making it a breeze for small business owners to stay on top of things like a pro. 

And that wraps up our list of must have WordPress plugins for business websites. So, if you're looking to boost your site's performance, engage your audience, or enhance security, these plugins are the way to go. Don't hesitate to give them a try and see how they can take your website to the next level! 


In conclusion, these must have WordPress plugins are essential tools for building a robust and functional WordPress website. From enhancing security and performance to optimizing SEO and streamlining site management, these plugins empower you to create a professional and engaging online presence. Incorporating these plugins into your WordPress website ensures a seamless user experience, improved functionality, and greater success in achieving your website goals. Explore these indispensable plugins today and take your WordPress website to the next level.

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Here are Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

a) How do WordPress plugins work and what are they? 

A WordPress plugin is essentially an add-on or extension for your website, similar to installing new apps on your smartphone. These plugins are like small software programs designed to offer specific features or functions to enhance your WordPress site. They operate by expanding the basic capabilities of WordPress without requiring you to delve into the complex coding of your website's core structure. 

 Once installed, plugins seamlessly integrate into your WordPress dashboard, where you can manage, activate, or configure them according to your needs. They work by providing additional tools or functionalities that can range from adding contact forms and galleries to boosting SEO or improving site security. With plugins, you can easily customize and expand the functionality of your WordPress website without the hassle of coding, making it easier to achieve your desired website goals. 

b) What effect do WordPress plugins have on site speed? 

Imagine your website as a car speeding down the information superhighway. Each plugin you add is like putting an extra suitcase in the trunk. While some plugins are lightweight and don't slow you down much, others are like carrying around a piano they really weigh you down! 

 When your website has too many heavy plugins, it can take longer for it to load. That means visitors might get impatient and leave before they even see your awesome content. Plus, search engines like Google don't like slow websites, so they might not show yours as high up in search results. 

 So, it's super important to choose your plugins wisely. Look for ones that are well-made and don't hog all your website's resources. That way, your site can zip along the internet freeway without any traffic jams! 

c) When it comes to WordPress plugins, how many should I use? 

Think of plugins like tools in a toolbox. You wouldn't fill your toolbox with every tool you can find, right? You'd pick the ones you need for the job at hand. The same goes for plugins on your WordPress website. 

Using too many plugins can slow down your website and make it harder to manage. It's like cluttering your workspace with too many gadgets you end up spending more time looking for what you need instead of getting things done. 

So, how many plugins should you use? Well, it's more about quality than quantity. Instead of loading up on plugins just because they're available, focus on the ones that truly enhance your website's functionality and user experience. 

A good rule of thumb is to stick to the must have WordPress plugins that you absolutely need to achieve your website's goals. Keep your plugin count lean and mean, and your website will thank you for it with faster loading times and smoother performance. Remember, less is often more when it comes to plugins! 

d) Is it worth it to invest in WordPress plugins?   

Absolutely! WordPress plugins are a game-changer for website owners, offering a alot of benefits that make them well worth the investment. From enhancing functionality and improving user experience to saving time and effort, plugins empower you to customize your website to meet your unique needs and goals. With a vast selection of plugins available, both free and premium, you can easily add advanced features to your site without breaking the bank, thanks to the supportive community of developers continually updating and improving these plugins. 

 Furthermore, plugins provide a cost-effective solution for adding complex functionalities to your website, sparing you the need for extensive coding or hiring expensive developers. With regular updates and a wealth of community support, WordPress plugins ensure that your website remains up-to-date, secure, and optimized for success. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, leveraging the power of WordPress plugins can elevate your website to new heights, driving more traffic, engagement, and conversions along the way. 

e) Are professional developers more likely to use WordPress plugins than custom code? 

Professional developers often face the decision of whether to utilize WordPress plugins or craft custom code for their projects. Plugins offer pre-built solutions for common website functionalities, saving time and effort while providing reliability and compatibility with WordPress updates. They offer a wide array of features and customization options, making them suitable for projects with tight deadlines or limited resources. However, in cases where specialized or unique functionality is required, developers may opt for custom code to gain greater control and efficiency. Custom code allows for tailored solutions that meet specific project needs and can sometimes offer better performance. Ultimately, the choice between plugins and custom code depends on project requirements, timeline, budget, and developer expertise, with many professionals adopting a hybrid approach to leverage the benefits of both methods. 

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