Realtor Website Guide-8 Must Have Real Estate Website Features

Must Have Real Estate Website Features

Just like every other business an online presence for the real estate domain is important in this digitalized era. Creating a website for your real estate business can be a great option to scale up your business.

WordPress can help you to set up a business websites for like real estate builders, agents and brokers. But it can only turn out to be beneficial for your real estate business if it is set up properly.

A real estate website design should have some specific features to make it stand out and help expand the business. To help you with setting up an effective real estate website we have brought the 8 must-have features for relators’ websites. So, sit back relax and read this blog till the end.

8 Must Have Real Estate Website Features

The eight must-have features in a real estate website design are mentioned below.

  • Simple Navigation
  • Advanced Property Search Options
  • Complete Contact Details with Map Location
  • 24*7 Online Chatbot
  • 3D Images and Videos
  • Ongoing and Upcoming Project Details
  • Contact Form
  • Client Testimonials

Let’s take a look at all of the features in detail.

Simple Navigation

Our goal behind creating a website is to help customers get every info about the listed property. It can only happen if the navigation of your real estate website design is simple to understand.

Information is of no worth if visitors are not able to reach the right information listed on your website.

Your visitors might not entertain your website if it has complex navigation.  Hence it is a must that you have set up a simple navigation on your real estate website.


Good navigation includes CTAs, drop-down menus and interlinking of the content. Adding this feature allows your real estate website visitors to easily jump from one web page to another. Interlinking should be done in a way that customers should be redirected to the specific page they are looking for.

Your site’s header bar on the homepage is a great place to include a well-categorized menu. Here you can divide your content into a menu and sub-menu to make it easy for the website visitors to reach the particular piece of content.

Simple and easy navigation will allow website visitors to explore your website without any hassle. As a result, they will automatically spend more time on your website and their odds of turning into your potential buyers will tend to increase.

Website designing and adding elements to your real estate website might feel like a hassle. Well, now you don’t need to have prior knowledge of coding or website designing to make your website look great. Yes! You heard it right. With the help of best real estate WordPress themes, you can easily enhance the look of your real estate website without typing a single line of code.

So, if you want to make the website exploration experience of your website visitors smooth and user-friendly and want them to spend a long time on your website, then make sure that your real estate website design is easy to navigate.

Advance Property Search Options

A search bar provides information at the fingertips of the website owners. One can just easily type a search query in the search box and get the desired results in minutes from the website.

Well, in the case of real estate website design, the search bar plays an important role by allowing the website visitors to filter through the property listing and find the one that fits their needs.

With the help of advanced property search options, your website visitors can easily sort between properties by location, price, type, infrastructure etc. All this information will assist your customers to scroll through all the options and make a good choice for them.

This feature will ensure that your real estate customers will get to explore properties based on their preferences. Due to this, your website visitors will get more and more options and are more likely to convert into a buyer.

It is one of the most important features so, make sure to place it on the homepage or a place on your website from where it can be easily noticeable to the website visitors.

Complete Contact Details with Map Location

Contact details are very crucial especially when it comes to real estate websites. Your website visitors might be trying to contact you to let you know about their interests or doubts about a property.

With the help of contact details such as the contact number, physical address or e-mail address of your office and sites, your clients can directly reach out to you to book a deal or solve doubts about their desired property.

You can also include a contact form on your website to get the queries and inquiries of your potential clients. With the help of contact forms, you will get to collect the information of your customers and send them updates about their desired property in the future.

Along with the contact details, it is a must that you include map locations of the property sites and your office. It will help website visitors to pinpoint and analyze the exact location of the respective property.

To give a clear idea about the location to your website visitors you can also include a satellite view, street view or aerial view of the property. The additional benefit of including maps is that your website’s ranking and visibility will more likely to improve.

Contact details and map locations will enable direct communication with your website visitors as a result, you can win their trust and convert them into potential buyers. So, if you want your website visitors to reach out to you easily, then make sure to add proper contact information to your real estate website.

24*7 Online Chatbot

Chatbots are virtual assistants that help you to provide a good customer support experience to your website and visitors. Well, you might ask why we need a chatbot feature on real estate website, if we have already provided the contact details on the website.

The thing with contact details is that you or your support team can’t be available 24*7 to answer the queries and complaints of your website visitors. Therefore, the need for a chatbot comes into the picture.


Since the chatbot is a virtual assistant, it can communicate with your website visitors anytime to solve their doubts and queries about a property effectively. Chabot ensures that none of your website visitor's queries or inquiries remains unanswered.

Queries such as the cost of a property, location and amenities provided can be answered by the chatbot in real-time. Hence it helps to provide a great customer support experience to your website visitors.

Along with the benefit of a good customer support experience, the chatbot will also help to lower your customer service budget. As it is a virtual assistant that is going to be hosted on your website hence it doesn’t require any salary or maintenance expense.

So, if you want to answer the queries of your customers 24*7 and provide them with a good customer support experience, then make sure to install a Chabot assistant on your real estate website.

3D Images and Videos

As a customer, we all know the importance of the visual aspect of the product while buying. Well, when it comes to the real estate business the visual aspect matters the most to the customer.

When customers purchase a property or home, they aren’t just buying a shelter but also the lifestyle coming with it. They tend to find attractive neighborhoods and good amenities around them hence, to generate their interest it is a must that you upload 3D images and videos of the properties on your website.


Good-quality featured images of real estate allow your website visitors to experience the property and the lifestyle attached to it even before making a physical visit to it. It tends to excite the users and increases their desire to give it a visit or purchase it. 

High 3D images and videos of the property can successfully please the visual aspect of your customers. If the 3D images are paired with well-written descriptions the customer might not book the deal even before visiting the property site.

So, if you want to catch the eye-sight of your website visitors and maximize your revenue, then make sure that you are following latest and engaging web designing trends by including 3D images and videos of the property site to make your product immersive to the potential customers.

Ongoing and Upcoming Project Details

As a customer, we are always looking for better deals and discounts on everything we purchase. In the case of property businesses, featuring new and upcoming real estate properties tend to provide greater deals to customers. Hence it is a must that you add ongoing and upcoming project details to your real estate website design.

Keeping your real estate site updated with your ongoing and upcoming project details is important. It turn out to be a great opportunity for property buyers and more likely to invest their money in it.

Upcoming or under-construction properties come at a cheaper rate than ready-to-move-in properties. This becomes a center of attraction for buyers. On the other hand, older properties are less likely to excite your website visitors.

Contact Form

Communication with your customers is an important aspect of every type of businesses. Contact forms help you to communicate with your customer and know their needs.


The contact form feature can help you to collect the feedback of your real estate clients and make changes to optimize your business. Every time a customer fills out a contact form, you get their details such as contact number and email address.

You can use those details to send them exciting property deals in which they might show interest. In this way, without spending on customer acquisition you will be able to keep in touch with your clients. This will help to market great deals to them.

Place the contact form on the header bar of your homepage in the contact us section. This will make it easy to locate for every visitor. So, if you want to take feedback of your customers then make sure to include a contact form on your real estate website.

Client Testimonials

What we look for before making the online purchase decision? Customer ratings and reviews, right?

Well, it’s the nature of every customer to check the product multiple times to ensure whether it's valuable or not. Online shopping we lack the physical presence of the product and hence tend to rely on customer testimonials for legitimate.


When it becomes to buying a property which is a crucial decision, hence it's natural for customers to become more careful. In that scenario, you must win their trust to convert them into buyers.

Featuring client testimonials on real estate website is one the local SEO tactics that helps your business-like realtors to gain customer’s trust. As we talked earlier, customers tend to check for reviews before purchasing something. Reviews helps them to experience the consequences or benefits of it even before purchasing.

Including client testimonials, will help to win the trust and will emerge as a trusted authority sites in their eyes. Positive testimonials are more likely to make their mind to make a deal. As a result, the revenue of your business will tend to shoot up.


With the rising technology, the real estate domain is also booming. Hence to keep up with the competition and to capture the market you must create an effective real estate website.

To make the real estate website design effective it is a must to have these features. So, make sure that you include them while creating a website for your real estate business.

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