An Excellent Use Of Minimalist Design In Your Website!

It won’t be an exaggeration to call this era a minimalist one. With increasing population, there’s a small place left for each person on this earth. So our technology is finding a way to minimize everything. From house designs in Japan to web, minimalist web design is winning hearts everywhere. But did you know this minimal approach can boost the engagingness of your website more? It evidently has a power to hold people’s attention and serve them what they want.

You may believe in larger than life show business. But having a minimalist design will save your money and space as well. It is beneficial for both you and users too.

We have broken it in bullet points. They are better to understand. So here we go!

1. Strong Presence-

When an internet user clicks on your website link, they would only remember your brand name. They must have read the description below your website suggestion and expecting the same. So you an opportunity to make an impact through merely your brand name.

Not only it should be attractive but also placed in definite position where it can catch the eye. The brand name of your work should be at the center top of your website. The logo and tagline should entice the visitors to look for more.

It is researched that an average time of people looking at something online is 6 seconds. You have to impress them in such less time. Even time is going minimalist here!

Make sure they don’t get distracted by loading time, boring content, empty space and ads. You can put nice images and one liners to explain what its about. We need to attract viewers not blind them with items. So keep it simple and precise. Offer them a transparent viewpoint, it will break the ice between you and viewers.

2. Easy Navigation-

Along with attractive tagline, logo and layout, you need to make the minimalist design useful. Your minimalist website should be easy to navigate through. There should not be any hurdles or unnecessary imagery to distract them.

According to a report, people visit the website which is easy to navigate through. They only stay on a website which doesn’t stress them for usage. Your minimalist website must have an easy navigation. It must come with clear instructions.

The website should be made according to minimalist rules. The minimalist design will make it easy for users to navigate through your website. You have to divide content into categories and sort them out as per importance and effect. You can take help from professional developer here to set the minimalist design.  

3. Bold Messages-

While going with minimalist design you can’t sideline the message. The message is what you are promoting through this minimalist design. It should be loud and clear to the visitors. They should get the hint of what you want to say.

The message can be bold through visual tools. These tools are buttons, schemes, fonts, color themes and more. You have to use these tools to not only impress but impact your users with your message.

You will need to work on the typography. Adding minimalist web design to your website is kind of like an art. So you have to be the artist and design it accordingly.

4. Imagery-

Adding images and videos to your content on website has more power to make users stay. They play a huge role with your SEO and rank on browsers. That’s why its important to add them even in minimalist design. But you need to take care of their quality here.

In the minimalist web design you need to put less images or videos. The whole minimalist concept revolves around ‘less is more’. But you need to make sure that the images are high resolution, perfect and large. The videos should also be in HD format and shouldn’t buffer.

You can do analyze it by being in a customer’s shoes. Know what they must be expecting and deliver that. Once you figure that out everything will become easy for you.

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