How To Merge Two Websites Into One WordPress?

I am sure you are on this page to learn and understand more about how to Merge Two Websites Into One WordPress. Also, I am glad to share few tips for your information and also to help you get through all the steps properly and with complete details. All the information and steps given below are just for you to help you merge different websites WordPress. Also, you will find the top WordPress themes on our website to create stunning websites.

How To Merge Two Websites Into One WordPress?

Most individuals are usually not clear regarding the procedure of Merge Two Websites Into One WordPress into one. These people generally are confused with the shifting one WordPress websites, mainly from one domain to another.

This blog is specially written and is majorly focused for individuals and businesses that have two different websites from one single domain name to other one. After reading the blog, I am sure you would easily perform the required procedure and simply merge two WordPress sites.

One can easily understand how to merge two WordPress sites in order to streamline their content marketing difficulties or complications under one umbrella. This simplifies their management as well as administration, including other difficulties like merger of two firms and business-associated issues. The entire procedure for how to merge pages in WordPress themes is comparatively much easier than one usually thinks of, or also executes the merging process.

On the basis of the website’s size, the process consumes less than 5 minutes for thorough and systematic Merge Two Websites Into One WordPress.

Most individuals who are highly professional in WordPress and have the system adopted for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), properly assist the visual and textual content, there are still chances that the user could require to add more content from one website to another website.

These forms of conditions or situations could be experienced when the user realizes that one of the blogs is not offering enough return or gaining attention of the expected group of people, despite the content could be important and earn more interest. Hence, users choose to merge such sites with the existing one and gain good profit or rewards.

Moreover, users can also buy, loan anyone’s blog, takeover and elect to merge it with their existing ones and obtain higher effectiveness, monetary restraints, and time efficiency of wasting money in two blogs. So, here are FIVE STEPS that will assist all types of users to merge two WordPress sites one without the fear or worry of losing their SEO ranking.

Export The Content From WordPress Website That Users Wish To Close Down

Go to the WordPress dashboard and click on the tools that are followed by export. Now, users can just ensure to select ‘only the post’ or media, or particular pages. As the merging procedure continues, chose the option of ‘select all the content’.

Above on the screen, users will merge two entire websites, start the procedure of installation of Extensible Markup Language (XML). This file, comprises all visual and textual (exclusive of images) the WordPress data having current customizations as well as the SEO of the business unaffected.

Import The Exported File To Merge The Selected Websites

To Merge Two Websites Into One WordPress, Go to the WordPress dashboard of fresh website and start importing the particular XML file that was created in the last step. Now users have to click on the tools option that is followed by import tab and then select the ‘install now’ for download WordPress importer.

Now, users will get a notification will appear on the screen that will say ‘Importer Installed Successfully’. Users have to now click on ‘Run Importer’ option and choose to click on your XML file. This will completely take good care of all the text matter with old WordPress website including contract forms, blog, customized headers, articles, and posts.

There will also be other options to select, click whatever you wish to import. When the right file is selected, just select ‘Upload file and Import’.

Assign The Author For New Content

Next step to merge two WordPress site is as follows. The ‘WordPress Development Company’, has offered huge or given great importance on the authorization and security of the web-pages of WordPress. If the second step is rightly followed, this will now import the old content of WordPress.

Preferably if users are not sure of the procedure, they can assign or request the admin as author and modify it later from the section of admin if required. Just ensure to re-check the box that says ‘Download and import all files attachments’.

This gives consent to import rightly after which it would be noticeable on fresh or new WordPress as well as the message window will start to appear immediately saying ‘All Done, Have Fun!’.

Organize The Website URL Redirects

As the users want the SEO to not be impacted with the entire procedure of merging websites WordPress, this simply proves to be one of the important steps. The users require accessing the ‘.htaccess file available on users’ old website of WordPress with FTP route of client or also through the file manager tool in web hosting in ‘cPanel’.

Now easily access the file from the main or root directory of website that allow users to add the code snippets as required. Users can add the below code

1: Options +FollowSymLinks

2: Rewrite Engine on

3: Rewrite Rule ‘^(.*)$  ’

This snippet allows 301 redirections to websites of users including an upside of no dropping in the thorough rankings of SEO. Though the slight drop in overall website ranking may be present and on the display. This crucial step makes sure that in case any of the users are accessing the old websites WordPress, with no permission they will automatically redirect to the new website, which assures and makes sure that no website traffic is lost while maintaining around 100% required rankings of SEO of particular web-pages.

Major Work Of Media Transfer

Once, all the above steps are rightly followed, users will automatically get the option of importing all images from old website to new website. Users will just need to install the media files through an FTP tool and place it or locate on the root directory.

A WordPress professional forum is easily accessible that will guide users if they are still struggling to locate or place the root directory. All of the images users need to be transferred to new websites will be securely stored in the list name ‘WordPress-content uploads’. These files when downloaded can be easily uploaded to FTP client.

Placing the images on their URLs can be easily performed through ‘Search and Replace’ plugin that can be easily downloaded on users’ WordPress.

Briefing about the steps, just backup the primary websites or website initially, export the data from secondary website, wherein users can transfer one type of content at a time, and also export the data required. Importing the data to primary website is also essential, which users must not forget to perform.

Users can now set up URL redirects, particularly on the secondary web server. Last, but not least, users must essentially update the internal links, as mentioned above. In short few basic steps will help you to increase your (ROI) Return on Investment and help business grow in a better way. Following of these steps will streamline your procedures and help you gain more profit by simply one step - Merge Two Websites Into One WordPress.

This will not allow users to lose their previous data and cause no damage to all the techniques implemented by Search Engine Optimization.

Hence, instead of optimizing 2 websites, writing content for two websites as well as marketing 2 websites, users will no doubt select the option of merge two WordPress sites one and unite them together in order to obtain maximum profit out of the entire modern techniques given above and reduce unnecessary processes.

Just user will have to ensure to take backup of both the websites so that if anything goes missing after importing or merging, the data will still be safe with the user and they can use them whenever they wish to.

There should not be any thoughts in mind before implementing the new techniques that guarantee better efficiency and profit to businesses. Hence, decision making plays an important role in any strategy.

Similarly, the new SEO techniques are now ruling the digital marketing industry and are making the best use of technology to offer clients with the best of the best alternatives like website WordPress for not only clearing the doubts of users, but also making best use of SEO. Also, have a look at Menu In WordPress, an article by VWTHEMES.

Now, the question, ‘how to Merge Two Websites Into One WordPress’ will never be your nightmare or waste your time in thinking about conducting the procedure or not. 5 amazing and easy tricks or steps will help you grow your business and gain you more profit than before.

Especially if any of the users is new to SEO must eventually merge two WordPress site in unique ways, but these five steps will help you gain more clients and also better image of business in the particular sector. Hence, there is no hurry or any complications, but just the users should be initially prepared to perform these essential tasks from backing up site to the last step of linking.

Basically, there is no complication or manual list of procedures associated with ‘Merge Two Websites Into One WordPress into a Single Website in WordPress’. All the procedures mentioned in the blog are completely automatic as written and well-explained in the steps.

For the older websites that used to perform well on just search engines, today, they have added few extra steps to notify Google and other search engines to the de-indexing the old website from its database. We hope you would definitely love to help your business grow in the most unique and effective manner and more in future. Moreover, moving WordPress sites to other domains without losing your existing SEO ranking is an additional benefit.

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