Marketing Strategy for SEO That You Should Know


This blog discusses strategies to organize a websites content such that search engines like Google and Bing understand a users content. By optimizing the topics and keywords in those topic, we can rank higher in the search. In this article, you will learn marketing strategy for SEO which will help you write SEO optimized content for your website.


What Is SEO?

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results. It is the process of growing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engines like Google and Bing. The most important aspect in SEO is the Keyword searches i.e. the phrases and main bullets of your business.

There are many ways of searching:

  • Local Search
  • Pictorial Search
  • Video graphic search
  • Vocal Search

This helps in building up the top ranking result to your business.

Top 8 Elements To Add To Your SEO Marketing Strategy:

1. Keyword

This is the first element where we need to focus on the phrases (keywords). To have a good result you need to find out the key source of our company and need to target the main watch word of our company.

There are long – tail watch word and short - tail watch word:

Long - tail watch words has a full described words where if we are about to find doctors then “Best child specialist” in this we get exactly what is needed. It doesn’t create any confusion in what we are searching. Where as in short–tail watch words we search with only one word like “doctors”.

When we make Search Engine Optimization we need to use the keywords of our company for which research tools like Buzzsumo, or Keyword FX can help.


2. Quality Site Content

Another key of marketing strategy for SEO is the custom site content: This is important for leading about our business. This helps in sharing all the experts and valuable aspects of our company. It helps in establishing the business authority.

If you are a general store vendor and describing about Patanjali product

Then you are going to drive interest on Patanjali product and not general store products. As soon as the topic is chosen there are many ways for uploading the contents e.g. V-blog, videos articles and eBooks. As you are unaware of how to start with the content of your company you can quickly make a Google search with articles and videos.

You can also take a quick look on types of question being asked by people around us which can be used to start with the content.


When you create content it is uploaded frequently and continually publishing the content to drive on a website. Maintaining quality is a very crucial part for earning a good profit.


3. Fast Loading Website

Like content, fast loading is also very important.  The user requires a very friendly and free website and which loads in seconds or at most in a minute. .

Users are unwilling to wait too long for websites to load and will typically abandon sites that do. If you lack the resources to improve it you can take a help of page speed services through digital marketing services.

4. User – Focused Design

Searches should be easy to access, well designed so that it engages the user. Users are very curious to find out new things.

We can capture the attention of a user by breaking the text with images. In this we can use the text graphics videos, and visuals appeal on the text which makes the content more effective and interesting.


5. Responsive Design

 The user has many different types of devices he can use so the design  should be user friendly.

So it should b designed in such a manner that the site must operate in every design easily. Further each device has a different type of screen size and in many cases we have seen that some sites are only accessible to specific systems so it creates difficulty. Every modern website should use a responsive layout.

An effective responsive design provides your audience with positive perspective and keeps them happy and engaged  for longer time. This is one of the important marketing strategy for SEO.

6. Voice Search Optimisation

Voice search optimization is a new tool for searching is growing rapidly. While typing in search engines and verbally searching makes a lot of difference. In this search the user always posses verbal search in a question form while trying to find your busines products or services.

As in voice search people generally use the slang or phrases as they use in their normal  speech. This voice search optimisation started from the mobile phones and is based on the dialogue system.

It was started as a very small concept but it is a very important topic in the search industry. And people are working very hard in it.

Examples: Like if you are in the kitchen preparing a recipe and you have a question about the recipe; you would not like to use the phone since your hands are soiled but instead use vocal search optimisation.


7. Local SEO

Local SEO is a general search optimization to help the business promote their products and services to local customers on a higher scale e.g. when the user is searching for something and whatever result comes first is the local searcher.

The content involved in local SEO is the name, contact, and address, (like related to location or “near me”). Everything which is been displayed on the Local packs comes from the business’s Google My Business profile.

Every small and multi-location company can grow their business and attract more customers using Local SEO strategy. The core element of Local marketing strategy for SEO is how close your business is to the user, how clear your product and services are, the consumers experience about your products and services.

8. SEO Analytics

The most successful and important component in SEO is the Analytics. This provides you the valuable insight of how you can improve your company results. We get numeric statistics for insight on your campaign. You can find out the page view m conversation and much more. There analytics helps you to understand what is effectively used by consumers.

This lets you know how to perform and make adjustments, helps you identify exactly what the consumer needs. From this SEO we can use the Google analytics to check on the performance and status of the company. It helps in to act on the data in order to create the growth of the company. This helps in bringing out the loop holes and opportunities.


In the competitive landscape of digital marketing, an effective SEO strategy remains the cornerstone for online success. By implementing robust SEO practices, businesses can significantly enhance their online visibility and organic traffic. Moreover, the choice of website design plays a pivotal role in this process. Investing in a comprehensive WP Theme bundle not only streamlines the development process but also ensures versatility and adaptability to meet evolving SEO needs. Additionally, the utilization of premium WordPress themes offers a myriad of benefits, from enhanced user experience to better site performance, fostering an SEO-friendly environment. As search engines evolve, integrating these themes not only enhances aesthetics but also future-proofs your site against algorithmic changes. By amalgamating a potent SEO strategy with the flexibility and performance of WP Theme bundles and premium WordPress themes, businesses can secure a competitive edge and sustainably grow their online presence in today's dynamic digital sphere.

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