Things To Do When Locked Out Of Admin Area!

WordPress website is complex yet easy to handle. You just need to know what to do and when to do it. You will face many issues during this time. But being locked out of WordPress admin area of website will top the stress level.

Don’t worry there are bunch of ways to resolve this issue. Here in this blog we are going to explore the issue of getting locked out of admin area.

1. Password Problem:-

This is one of the common issues you will have to face while managing WordPress website. It’s not that easy to manage WordPress. You are going to face such problems every day. But if you know how to get out of it, it won’t be a big deal.

Now, to deal with this password issue, you will get locked out of admin area due to this issue. Sometimes the password will get stuck or return to login page again and again. The auto recovery also doesn’t work as it supposed to many times.

To resolve this issue, you need to head first to the FTP client that your host has provided. You can even go to phpMyAdmin your host has provided for this. To get into it use the credentials that they have given you. Then access the root directory.

In the root directory spot the wp-users folder. Using this locate the profile with which you logged into the admin. Then click on edit which will be right next to the user name. This will enable you to enter a new password. Make sure the password is complex and precise to protect your WordPress website.

After this click on save and MD5! This will ensure the encryption for the new password.

2. Admin Privilege:-

Losing your admin privileges might cost you a lot. You can not only be locked out of your own WordPress website, but you can lose authority over it. This happens often when your site is hacked. To prevent this from happening you need to strengthen your website security. But if it still happens then you will have to open new profile and manage it.

For this, go to FTP client or phpMyAdmin your host has provided. There access the root directory of your WordPress website. Then go to the wp-users table. After locating it click on insert on the top right side of the table. Then enter the needed information for creating new user ID.

Your new user ID must have all the needed information to be able to access your admin area. After entering all the information click on save and MD5. That will do it!

3. The White Screen:-

This is the deadliest of the errors you will face while managing WordPress website. It is also known as the white screen of ‘death’. When this white screen appears you get locked out of WordPress Admin area. But it doesn’t stop there. Your website stops working, your viewers face problem loading website and you might also lose some subscribers. That’s why its important to fix this as soon as possible.

When the white screen shows up you have to do first thing is to deactivate the plugins. Deactivate all the plugins that you have been using on your website.

For this you need to go to the FTP client your host has provided. There find the wp-content folder. Right under that folder you will find the folder for plugin. After locating it change the name of the plugin folder. If the white screen goes away then the issue was indeed because of the plugins.

Now you know that one of the plugins is rough. After renaming the folder change it to the original one. Then rename each plugin one-by-one to check which plugin in particular has betrayed you.

Once you identify the rough plugin deactivate it. Look for better alternative online.

If that doesn’t work out, then may be its your WordPress theme and its compatibility. If this is the issue then you will have to work on default theme.

If this also doesn’t work, then you have to check the memory space of your root directory. If its not enough you can increase it by using wp-config file.

4. Security Plugins:-

These are most important factors to have in WordPress website. Internet security is very crucial. You can’t leave your website for hackers to feed on. It’s all you worked for. The WordPress website is not just your face for the world, it’s ‘you’ for the world. It’s very important to protect yourself from possible hackers.

Security plugins are the easiest way of ensuring your security. Internet security plugins provide the security that you and your users require. But after all its just a plugin. You can’t completely depend on it. The security plugin can also malfunction sometimes. The result of this will be you locked out of WordPress admin area of your own website.

When this happens first thing you need to do is to go into your FTP client that your host has provided. Then access your root directory. There you will have to spot wp-content and under that the folder for plugins.

Look closely into the security plugins you have. Deactivate them if you want and see if the problem resolves. If the issue is causing by security plugin this will stop it.

5. Error In Database Connection:-

This is also one of the issues you may face with your WordPress website. Due to error in establishing database connection your WordPress website might malfunction. It can leave you locked out of WordPress admin area. It will show the error massage on screen.

This can happen cause of corrupted core files. In such case you will have to download the copy of core files from Then go to your root directory via FTP client that your host has provided. Spot the wp-content folder and replace all the core files.

After replacing the files reload your website. Wait for few minutes and check again. This will finish the issue once and for all.

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