Improve Conversion With Live Chat Software For Websites


Do you want to fuel your sales?

If yes, then go for the Live chat application for your website, and you will obtain surprising outcomes.

What is Live chat software?

Live chat is an excellent customer service platform that serves customers honestly and responds to their queries right away.

Automating customer service applications

In a service-based business WWW site, customers acquire different queries regarding the services. They expect an instant answer to each of their queries, which the organization can’t provide. Live chat software is an application that interacts with the user and issues the expected answer immediately.

The importance of using Live chat software on a website

Many customers are uncertain about their purchase due to unresolved queries. So delivering them with the exact information along with instant replies may encourage them to complete the purchase. So ultimately, it affects the sales. Hence, customer service and satisfaction should be the first priorities.

User interaction at the right time in the right way always proves advantageous and produces the best results, and that’s a fact. When you respond quickly to anyone, he or she can proceed and decide their dealings. It means users expect you to share detailed information regarding your products or services with them.


Live chat service is one of the ultimate solutions that we find appropriate to give a happy user experience for your internet commerce.

Benefits of incorporating a Live Chat on the website

A live chat support application is very beneficial, and more than 70% of the sites have incorporated this in their web URLs as it is an impactful concept for increasing sales and market share. Users can get immediate answers without leaving your site for a second. When users get an immediate answer to their queries, it helps them make a positive decision about completing the purchase.

But you need to be very consistent and confident while providing this service to your customers. Otherwise, this may have a negative effect or give a bad impression.

You need to identify the requirements of your website while selecting a proper application. There are many affordable, easy-to-use, simple WordPress website builder platforms that consist of everything that you will require in a website and that can increase your sales and profits as well.  

But here, in this blog, we will be sharing some very engaging information about experts picking the best live chat software providers. So let us go into the depths of the topic.

1. Chatbot


An outstanding application chatbot ( is introduced to provide 24*7 customer support and engagement for their satisfaction and to solve different queries. The drag-and-drop interface in the Chatbot makes it very easy to create your own automated chatbot. You can customize it with the pre-designed templates and make it more interactive.

If you are running an eCommerce website, then you can use the eCOmmerce bot template so that your users can go through the buying process. Also, you can use WordPress E-commerce Theme which comes with ready-made live chat plugins.

The chatbot encourages the user to find and explore the latest deals.


  • Unsupervised AI Learning (NLP/NLU)
  • Omnichannel Messaging.
  • No-Code Visual Flow Builder.
  • Live Chat Handover & Intelligence.
  • Sentiment Analysis.
  • Third-party app integration
  • Interactive flow.

Cost: For Small-scale business chatbot applications, the cost ranges from $0 to $500 per month. For Enterprise chatbot applications, costs range from $1,000 to $10,000 per month.

2. Brevo

Brevo ( was formerly known as Sendinblue. It is one of the very powerful and user-friendly live chat applications for websites. It’s a real-time live chat that responds quickly and forms a bond between the customers.

It has a great package of email marketing integration, SMS, CRM,  retargeting for Facebook ads, segmentation, and complete marketing automation.


  • AB Testing
  • Great API
  • Archiving and Retention
  • Auto-Responders
  • Availability Management
  • CAN-SPAM Compliance
  • CRM
  • Calendar Management

Cost: The premium plan starts at $65 per month.

3. HubSpot


HubSpot ( is a sales application that provides a market for your product, compels visitors, and creates leads. A fully customized application lets you design your own chatbot and permits you to establish a connection with the customers through various channels like live chat, support tickets, and email automation.

Small and large-scale industries can also make use of this live chat software. Its powerful functionality is a most advantageous feature for you.


  • HubSpot allows businesses to track how a lead interacts with their website.
  • Opportunity pipeline regarding the deals.
  • Task management.
  • Insights.
  • Email integration and tracking.
  • Call integration.
  • Extensive marketplace.
  • Custom objects and properties.

Cost: Prices start at $45 per month.

4. LiveChat


LiveChat ( is the topmost and one of the real-time service provider software that helps companies to generate sales channels and interact with their users. As per its name, LiveChat is basically used to satisfy users by connecting with them immediately. The application manages everything, such as business communications, selling, and generating leads. For leads, you can also use the Lead Generation WordPress Theme. It is specifically designed to provide certain and necessary information to the user regarding the product or service. It also engages the customers for a long time by providing them with details of coupons, deals, and many more.


  • Message sneak-peek.
  • Canned responses.
  • Chat tags.
  • Rich messages.
  • File sharing.
  • Chat archives.
  • Inactivity messages.
  • Notifications.
  • Customized
  • responsive
  • Integrates with Hubspot, Google Analytics, and Zendesk
  • Extremely fast
  • Smart API.

5. Tidio

Tidio ( a multichannel communication all-in-one live chat tool is the best platform for all kinds of enterprise websites.

In recent times, over 300,000 business websites have used Tidio to maintain CRM. A well-known chat tool can easily be integrated into the website.

Powerful tools can provide the best user experience. One of the top-rated platforms generates more sales and grows your business worldwide. It connects instantly with the user and satisfies them with all their answers. A web-based application connects with the user through emails, Facebook Messenger, and chat widgets. Non-profit organizational websites, sites related to large enterprises, small-scale industries, and freelancers can make use of Tidio.  


  • Responds fast.
  • drag-and-drop chatbot editor
  • Provides more than 30 ready-made templates.
  • Easy-to-uses
  • Fully customized chat widget.
  • Integrates with various websites.
  • Efficiently handles queries asked by the users.

Cost: Completely free forever. Paid plans start at $19.

6. Olarks


Do you want to have an online interaction with your users?

Now it is possible through live chat software like Olark (

You can find many other applications, but Olark is the booming application these days in the industry. A popular and multichannel best choice for users is a company that responds quickly to customers’ queries.

It easily integrates with Salesforce, Google Analytics, Slack, Mailchimp, and Zoom to host video chats.


  • Easy live chat management.
  • Monitors chat.
  • message routing.
  • Per-agent chat limits.
  • Superb functionality.
  • Fully customized.
  • Secure platform.
  • File sharing
  • Chat Analytics.
  • Chat Volume.
  • Automation
  • Real-time engagement.

Cost: Pricing plans start at $29 per agent per month. You can get an offer of a 2-week free live chat support trial as well.

7. Smartsupp


Are you looking for a live chat application for your business URL?

But can we extend the budget?

If you want to spend less amount on the live chat application but still want to integrate this in the web URL, then Smartsupp ( is a very convenient and easy option for you. A cost-effective SmartSupp is a live chat app used to keep track of and record user sessions on your website. An interactive application can keep a record of chat conversations in Google Analytics and check the performance of the application.

The application easily works with WordPress, Magento, and eCommerce platforms like Shopify.

  • Features-
  • Video recordings
  • Detailed statistics
  • Out-of-the-box integrations.
  • Saves time
  • Fast and responsive.
  • Enhances the customer experience.

Cost: Paid plans start at $19.50 per month for three agents, along with the 14-day free trial.


  • What will be the best live chat software for the website?

If you are running a small-scale business website, then we will recommend LiveChat. It is a 5-star, top-rated application with all the strong features. The software also reverts quickly to the customer’s answers and boosts the conversation. it is perfectly fitted according to your budget. You can also look for Chatbot, as it is also a dedicated application.

  • Is the business live chat application different from the other applications?

Yes. It is quite different from the other applications. Business live chat usually receives pre-sales inquiries as well as customer support.

  • Which one is the best for the website?

All the applications that we have listed in this blog are superb and work outstandingly. Now the selection completely depends on your web requirements. It must meet your business needs.

  • Can you let us know the advantages of using live chat software on the website?

Live chat software enhances the productivity and efficiency of the business that you run. It helps to engage customers for a long time on your website and keep them in touch with you. It helps you turn them into paying customers.

  • Is WhatsApp better than any other live chat application?

No. Not at all. You can say the reverse. Every live chat software is better than WhatsApp because it provides a better workflow, better integrations, and much more.

  • Is there another popular live chat application that exists?

Of course. There are. Here is the list below:

  • Intercom
  • Zendesk
  • Userlike
  • Kayako
  • Zoho Corporation
  • LivePerson
  • FreshChat

All these are the popular’s choices and latest applications in the market. You can search for it, study these applications, and see where it fits on your website.


Embedding live chat software drives merchandising revenues, heightens sales, and scales support with personal contact with the customers on your web URL. Live chat applications are the platforms to construct and launch a conversation tool on your site without making use of codes.

The WordPress theme bundle, when integrated with Live Chat Software for websites, offers a powerful combination that enhances user engagement and satisfaction. The bundle combines aesthetically appealing and functional WordPress themes with dynamic Live Chat Software, enabling website owners to create a visually captivating online presence while also providing real-time communication channels. This integration facilitates seamless customer interactions, immediate support, and quick issue resolution, ultimately leading to improved user experiences. Visitors can navigate the website's visually appealing layout while easily accessing instant assistance through the Live Chat Software, creating a well-rounded digital environment that fosters both aesthetics and functionality.

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