5 Best Landing Page Templates For WordPress To Increase Conversions On Your Website

best landing page templates for wordpress

You certainly need landing page templates for WordPress when you operate a business, have something you want to market, or provide any kind of service. With so many options available, it might be challenging to pick one that reflects current fashion and makes yourself stand out from everyone else.

In order to compile this list, we looked for templates that display the CTA- Call To Action Buttons above the fold"—that is, on the screen as soon as the page loads. Additionally, I'm looking for additional elements that gently guide visitors towards the CTA. Above the fold are usually supporting elements like photographs, videos, text, the news, etc. Some of these topics include the ability to hide their menus for the landing page, but numerous of them contain menus (maybe even excessive ones for a landing page). Most of them provide a wide range of customization and layout options, while some even provide pre-built designs for immediate use.

The content below the fold must support the CTA, incorporating elements such as testimonials, examples, proofs, etc. As long as the viewer can grasp the layout and disregard that part of the website, regardless of their choice, they will still feel enticed to click on your call to action and enter your sales funnel.

Why Select a landing page templates for WordPress Website?

No matter what business or product you wish to advertise, landing page templates for WordPress have one objective: remove any unnecessary components so that your page can concentrate on conversion. Your call for action will be prominently displayed on a well-designed landing page, which will also provide your visitors with the details and support they need to follow your message to action. It must center on your CTA and provide data to back it up.

5 Best Landing Page Templates For WordPress:

Although they didn't have to be brand new, we picked themes that were simple, modern, and conversion-oriented. Here are five of the top WordPress themes for landing pages.

1. VW WordPress Landing Page Theme:

By creating a landing page templates for WordPress that looks professional and is readily attractive to visitors, this template has the ability to maximize the effectiveness of your website. It boasts a beautiful design, employing vibrant colors and attractive fonts to captivate visitors to the landing page you create, ultimately drawing them to your website. Its compatibility extends to various website types, such as portfolio, corporate, small-scale company, blog, eCommerce, independent contractor, and online stores.

No matter your level of coding expertise, this landing page templates for WordPress provides the perfect framework for you to successfully grow your business. The addition of call to action (CTA) buttons will boost conversion rates, which will ultimately generate the leads your organization needs. It has never been so simple for non-professional builders to design their own website. Despite having a great deal of extremely useful features, the web page is not made bigger by them.

2. Divi:

Divi from Elegant Themes may be utilized to create any kind of website you require. It comes with a variety of pre-designed designs, one of which is a landing page with a title, an image, a call to action, blurbs, a further image, and yet another call to action. The focal point is your product and CTA. You can drag and drop the elements to reorder them, add or remove rows, add or delete sections, and make entirely new designs because of the layout's thorough customization.

There is text and a button in the CTA module. Within the component or any other section of the page, you can change the colors, fonts, styles, and more. Some of you can even insert custom CSS. Built-in a/b split testing (often referred to as Divi Leads) is one of its most practical features and a feature that distinguishes Divi from the competition. You are free to try as many variations of your design as you like, and statistics will show you which produces the best outcome.

The drag-and-drop Divi Builder, Divi Leads, nearly 50 content modules, 32 predefined designs, icons, and more are all included with Divi. Numerous header variations are accessible, and it is totally adjustable. It is adaptable, safe, multilingual (with support for right to left), and much more. Depending on the kind of device those who visit are using, you may additionally toggle things on or off. Elegant Themes offers Divi in their Personal plan for $69 annually, the Designer plan (which includes PSD files) for $89 annually, and a lifetime access plan for a one-time cost of $249.

3. Stratus:

The theme Stratus was created mainly to highlight lead-generating apps, tools, and SaaS. There are various designs for pages available, including ones for items, apps, SaaS, startups, and shops. There are six pre-built layouts available. A single sheet with a call to action and a focus on what you are selling is one of the designs. It provides options for the page's backdrop and unique header, CSS animation, the Master Slide plugin, Glyphicons Pro with more than 1000 icons, and other features.

Any programming language can be used with the design because it is completely responsive. There are two layout options: box and full. Some of you can make as many forms as you want using an optional plugin. Shortcodes, masonry blog designs, parallax, and an example content importer are additional features. The PSD files with layering are included.

The regular license for Stratus costs $59, while the extended license costs $2950.

4. Engage:

The Engage is the one of the top one page WordPress Themes and landing page templates for wordpress was designed for agencies, companies, and portfolios. While it's intended as a landing page, you can also use its features and capabilities to build separate websites. It includes 11 hero styles, 4 alternative menu styles, 17 pre-made designs, and 5 concepts for design. Additionally, video backgrounds will be shown.

Additionally, it features portfolio administration with an AJAX portfolio, parallax, CSS movement, font icons, Visual Composer and Slider Revolution plugins, and more. The landing page you create will look fantastic on any size screen because of its full flexibility and Retina readiness. You are able to use it with any spoken language because it is multinational-ready.

The regular license for Engage costs $44, while the extended license costs $2200.

5. KeySoft

Keysoft's landing page is fascinating, featuring nine alternative header designs and numerous background options. A video background, image history, or particle background are all options. The layout styles are Dashboard, Mobile, and Subscribe.

Anyone can install the preview version with just one click. There are limitless options and nine Visual Composer elements. All Google fonts, countless colors, icons, seamless scrolling, and more are included. Also included are the PSD files. Because it is flexible, it looks fantastic on screens of all sizes.

The regular license of Keysoft costs $49, while the extended license costs $2450.


  • What is good conversion optimization?

In the realm of online advertising, a widely held belief is that a specific optimization measure can improve the conversion rate, and this is known as a CRO best practice. For instance, in the case of call-to-action (CTA) buttons, experts recommend selecting a bold color and placing CTAs above the fold. To increase sales, utilize urgency (such as time-limited deals).

  • What format makes a landing page work best:

The most successful landing page language should be concise, simple to read, and convey a clear statement. Make details easy to read by using bullet points, headlines, and a strong font. On your landing page, each sentence and word should have a specific function that supports your call to action.


Groups and businesses emphasizing conversion rely on landing page templates for wordpress. A well-designed website should prominently feature a call to action (CTA). These pages should provide visitors with the information and inspiration they require to act on the message. WordPress themes like VW, Divi, Stratus, Engage, and KeySoft are the best ones for landing pages.

VW is a professional and eye-catching Premium WordPress themes that increases website efficiency by producing a polished landing page templates for wordpress. It is designed to function with several kinds of internet pages, including portfolio, corporate, small-business, blogs, eCommerce, contractors, freelancers, and online shops. Divi has numerous pre-designed layouts, editable components, and integrated a/b splitting (Div Leads).

Stratus, a lead-generating theme with six pre-built designs, CSS animation, and more, is made for different types of websites. It is flexible, supports numerous programming languages, and offers a variety of layout options. Engage is a one-page theme designed for agencies, businesses, and portfolios. It offers 11 hero styles, 4 menu options, 17 pre-made designs, and 5 design ideas. Additionally, it has plugins for Visual Composer and Slider Revolutionary War, parallax, CSS movement, font symbols, and portfolio management with an AJAX portfolio.

The home page for KeySoft is remarkable, offering nine different header designs as well as a wide variety of backdrop choices, including video histories, image history backgrounds, and particle backgrounds. It can be installed with only one click and has design styles including Dashboard, Mobile, and Subscribe.

Choosing the ideal WordPress landing page templates is essential for maximizing website effectiveness and drawing visitors.

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