Best Internal Linking Plugins For WordPress In 2023

Why Internal Linking is Important

Internal links are very beneficial for SEO and here are the three most important reasons: Better user experience, decrease Bounce Rate, Link Juice. These are some of the reasons why internal linking is good for your website. Now let us take a look at the best internal linking plugins for WordPress.

The Best Internal Linking Plugins for WordPress

All in One SEO

AIOSEO ( All in One SEO) is one of the best plugins for WP. This is a user-friendly plugin and aids in the improvement of your website’s SEO score without the need for any kind of technical understanding. Its link assistant tool allows you to improve your website’s performance by creating better internal links.

As it crawls your WordPress website’s links, it generates a complete report giving complete info regarding each page and post. The plugin also identifies areas that you can further strengthen in terms of internal linkages. You will be able to see the exact phrase as well as the anchor text on which the link will be created.

All in One SEO

By using this plugin, you are also able to see orphaned pages. Adding links to these pages can easily speed up their indexing and help them to obtain better ranks in search engine results. Other options include adding no-follow, sponsored, and UGC tags as well as a rapid search for blog entries.

Internal Link Juicer is a free plugin using which you can create internal links in your content automatically. You can enter certain keywords and phrases and it will generate links for you. You will have more control over internal connections such as anchor text diversification and rightly so, they appear more natural rather than computer generated.

It is possible to blacklist and whitelist particular posts from internal linking with the plugin. It also blocks authors from linking to specific articles and pages in this way. With this plugin, you can also set the restriction on the number of links for each post.

Rank Math

Rank Math another useful plugin with built-in basic capabilities for assisting you in improving the internal linking strategy. What this plugin does is, it examines your website for links and then suggests internal links for you to add by showing the recommendations within the WordPress dashboard.

In the next step, you simply need to copy and paste the suggested URL into your paragraph. Apart from link suggestions, the Rank Match plugin includes Google Schema Markup, Keyword rank tracking, 404 error tracking, redirection manager, and other useful features.

The fourth plugin in this list of best internal linking plugins for WordPress is Link Whisper. This is a paid plugin that allows generating internal links and improving your website's performance. The experts find the ability to propose internal connections to your content right on the WordPress editor a great feature. The UI of the Plugin is great and is very easy to use.

You will also be able to use the Link Whisper for finding blog articles and pages that have very few or hardly any internal links. You may then add the links to this left or orphaned pages by making use of the internal link suggestion tool.

Link Whisper

Interlinks Manager is another one on the list. It is a free internal linking plugin which is also one of the best internal linking plugins for WordPress allowing you to easily analyze as well as optimize your internal links and all the relative data is shown on your WordPress admin area. It is a unique plugin that uses an algorithm for determining whether the internal links are properly optimized and also for calculating the link juice for every connection.

Now, in order to optimize your SEO, make use of this information for increasing the link juice distribution in order to develop internal links to relevant pages. This plugin also permits you to alter the algorithm and tweak it for meeting all your specific needs.

Final Thoughts

Among many of these plugins, you can pick any one that you find useful. However, it is always advised to pick a plugin that matches your maximum business needs. The plugins that we have listed above are having many useful and incredible features that can potentially increase the overall performance of your website.

We hope that you might have found the useful information in this article. If you still have any difficulties in finding the right plugin, you can reach out to us and we will help you to get the right plugin for you. Check out WooCommerce Product Add-Ons by VWThemes.


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