How to Install WordPress Template on Your WordPress Website Dashboard



Are you heading towards the website-building process? If yes, then this blog is a jackpot for you. Website creation is not that crucial when you know the right assets to utilize. That straightaway refers to choosing the right theme or template for your site. Website creation becomes twice as simple when you opt to Install WordPress Template.

And that too with WordPress; your website is a thing of no time. WordPress itself is the most popular platform for designing your dream niche websites. WordPress themes are a cluster of stylesheets and templates that determine your site’s appearance. Not just appearance, but today, a theme balances functionality too. Overall, getting a theme for your website lessens your stress. These are crafted by web designers to smooth the path of web design for users. Even users get free from adding codes and focusing on creating content for your site. 

But all that matters is choosing the right theme and installing it properly on your site. So, here we are with this complete guide for installing WordPress template on your site. Stay tuned. 

What is the Need to Have a WordPress Theme on Your Site? 

As said, a WordPress theme is itself a vital asset that contributes well to website creation. When you install a theme, you can easily install WordPress template into it. The theme is the entire website design asset. While the template is just a small section or the page of a theme, here are some of the benefits of having a WordPress theme on your site. 

1. The Root Base : A WordPress theme can be a great starting point if you are a startup business or blogger. Not only this but getting a WordPress is even more beneficial for existing businesses. Getting a WordPress theme determines the overall look and functionality of your site. 

2. Code-Free : Another most imposing fact is that WordPress themes are free from adding codes. Even users with zero coding skills can design their dream websites with WordPress themes. 

3. Affordable : WordPress themes are often said to be low-cost. As they come with free and paid versions, you can choose from the free ones. Also, the premium themes aren’t expensive and can be budget-friendly, covering exciting features. 

4. Page builder compatibility : As said, WordPress themes come in both free and paid versions. And let me tell you that most of the paid themes have page builder compatibility. Page builders are the most useful tools for building innovative websites on your own. Customization is the only motivation page builders have. That means users get to customize the website the way they wish to. 

5. Plugin compatibility : WordPress themes come along with some plugins that increase the overall functionality of your site. 

Important Factors to Know Before Purchasing Premium WordPress Themes 

As you know, WordPress themes come in both free and paid versions. Free WordPress themes require no installation cost; additional costs are required when custom elements are added. The only thing is that free themes have limited features and templates to work with. 

Whereas the premium WordPress themes have installation charges, advanced features, and functionalities to add, Users are free to add custom elements without any extra charges. 

Above all this, theme selection matters the most when you have future goals. You need to choose a theme that brings reliability and scalability to your site. And it all depends on your budget, whether you need a free or a premium theme. We are assuming that you wish to have premium themes for your site. Here are some of the vital considerations to look at while choosing the right premium theme: 

1. Know Your Needs. 

A perfect theme decision is made when you know what you need for your website. You must decide which type of website you are pulling from the web. Whether it is a blog, business, portfolio, or any other. Each website type carries different layouts, templates, features, and more.  So install WordPress template according to your need.

So, all the decision lies in which type of website you are investing in. According to that, you need to note down the list that can help you find the right theme. Also, you can view the demo content of the theme that you have chosen for your site. Looking at the demo site, you can refer to the vital things in the theme. 

2. Customization is Essential. 

Sometimes, the theme chosen may not meet the overall expectations to fulfil your website's needs. Then comes the need to customize the theme so that the user achieves the exact desired design. So, you must go with a theme that supports advanced customization properties. 

You can simply visit the appearance tab under the themes section of the dashboard. After selecting and installing the theme, you can tap the Live Preview button to explore the customizer section. Here, you will find various options to customize the theme. 

3. SEO is the Key. 

SEO matters the most when you go for a WordPress theme selection. Make sure that the WordPress theme has a fully SEO-optimized interface. 

Your website’s theme determines the performance, speed, and functionality that impact SEO. Do not fall for more features or designs; quality matters the most. More features and designs may result in slowing down your site, and this heavily impacts your site’s SEO. Also, a theme offering bulk plugins should be avoided, as too many plugins can slow down the functionality. And once you have the right theme, you must check its speed and performance by using WordPress tools. 

4. Responsive Design 

A WordPress theme must be responsive enough so that its interface supports every screen size. A responsive design is the key to having more users attracted to your site. Even Google considers responsive websites as its top priority while ranking on search engines. 

And most importantly, users are more active on their mobile devices than on desktop sites. Almost 85% of the internet is filled with mobile users, so it becomes obvious to choose a mobile-responsive theme. 

5. Plugin and Browser Compatibility 

As said, the themes set the appearance of your site, but the plugins are for functionality. So, you must go with a theme that offers plugin support to extend functionality and avoid compatibility issues. 

While there are so many plugins in the plugin directory, you must know which plugins to install. Tentatively, you must know the most common but vital plugins for your website. It should be the business plugin, woocommerce, contact form plugin, SEO, or sometimes social media. 

Furthermore, it's crucial to ensure that the theme provides robust support for cross-browser compatibility. Not every user uses a single browser type for surfing. There may be users with different browsers set on their devices. Your theme must support almost every popular browser type to avoid audience breakouts. 

6. Budget Matters 

It doesn’t matter whether you are getting a premium or a free theme. First, you need to organize your web design budget and make sure that the theme price meets the budget. 

It will affect your entire budget if you purchase a theme that is too expensive. Also, there are free themes that have good features if you are just starting your business on the web. It is highly recommended to start with free, and after that, you can move on to upgrade to premium levels. 

7. Keep Up with the Ratings and Reviews. 

Ratings and reviews are the deciding factors in deciding whether you should go with the theme or not. These tell you about the users and their experiences, which they have already had. So, watching the ratings and reviews will surely help you decide on the theme before activating it. Look for ratings of more than 4 stars and positive reviews from the users. 

How to Install WordPress Theme or Template on your Website? 

To install WordPress template, you simply need to follow some steps: 

1. Purchase a WordPress Theme from a Third-Party Website. 

If you have chosen to get a premium theme for your website, you need to purchase it from a third-party site. Choosing a premium theme is another crucial task you need to tackle. There are so many WordPress theme platforms rolling out on the web. They give their best themes and features to sell on the web. But you need the best that helps in the right development of your niche website. 

Among so many platforms selling their themes, there is one platform, VW Themes, that has an incredible range of themes to sell. They have their WordPress themes crowned with the latest features and templates to define. Customization is advanced and filled with custom features, even for beginners. They have the most supportive expert team to resolve user queries in no time. After all this, I think there is no need to go anywhere instead of VW Themes. So, out of so many themes on VW Theme’s best page, we are getting one of the best top-rated WordPress themes. 

We have this Business Consultant WordPress theme meticulously crafted for online consultancy websites. The theme holds a prestigious reputation for efficiently creating consultancy platforms. VW Themes offers you the simplest method to craft personalized websites swiftly. Here, you'll experience clean interfaces with responsive design support. The interface is impeccably designed using the latest versions and clean codes. We've integrated extensive plugins like WooCommerce and more to bolster functionality. You'll benefit from the best-customized features and advanced theme options for seamless integration.

To install WordPress template, visit the VW Themes official website first. On the homepage, navigate to the Themes section among the various menus in the header.

  • Scroll down a bit, and under the best themes section, locate the Business Consultant Theme and click on it.
  • You'll arrive at the Business Consultant Theme page. Scroll down a bit further to click the Buy Now button.
  • The subsequent page will prompt you to fill in the necessary payment details, and you're all set to proceed.
  • Once the purchase details are completed, you'll promptly receive a zip file of the Business Consultant WordPress theme.

2. Login to your WordPress Dashboard.

  • You have a zip file of the Business Consultant WordPress Theme downloaded on your device. 
  • The next step is to log in to your WordPress dashboard. To do this, simply enter your website, and on the homepage, you will see a screen separated by a small panel. 
  • That is the dashboard area of your website. 

3. Upload the Theme File. 

  • On your WordPress website’s dashboard, tap the Appearance tab.
  • It will unlock some options, and among them, tap the Themes option. 
  • On the next page, you need to press the Add New button to proceed with the upload file option. 
  • The next page will have the upload file section and the theme directory. Since we need to upload the file, tap the Choose File button and select the zip file. 
  • Once you have chosen the file, the install WordPress template button will get activated, and you need to tap it. 
  • After the installation, the next page will let you activate the theme by tapping the Activate link. 
  • You are now on the welcome page of the Business Consultant WordPress theme. This page will have various buttons to explore, but before that, the license key is mandatory. 
  • Enter the license key that you have been provided after the purchase of the theme. By entering the license key, it will let you explore the various menus on the theme page. After the license key is entered, tap the activate button, and it is done. On the next page, tap the Start Now button to move ahead. 

4. Install Plugins 

  • Once you have tapped on the Start Now button, the next page will show you the list of necessary plugins to install. 
  • It will include the WooCommerce plugin, which is a business plugin. Ibtana is the page builder plugin, and WP Forms is the contact form plugin. 
  • Last are the Ibtana addons. You simply need to tap the Install Plugins button to install all the plugins at once. 

5. Start One-Click Demo Importer 

  • After installing the plugins, the next page will have two options to choose from. Those are “Click on the Image to Import the Customizer Demo." The other is “Click on the Image to Import the Gutenberg Block Demo.”. 
  • Here, you can either go for the customized menu or create a unique website. Or simply, you can set up your website with just a single click by tapping the second image. 
  • So, here we are tapping the first image to import the Customizer demo. 

6. Customize Your Theme 

  • Once you have tapped Import the Customizer Demo, the next page will immediately set up a site for you.
  • On the next page, again, you will see two buttons: customize your demo and visit the site. 
  • If you wish to give a new look to your site, you can tap on Customize your Demo and mould it as per your desires. 
  • Here, you can add, remove, or edit the features on your site. 
  • Also, various templates can be used on your site. As you have purchased the premium theme, you have a lot of templates to install. And there are no extra charges to apply. 
  • Simply tap on the Install button under the template you have chosen, and you are ready to use it. 
  • There are more such custom options, like custom widgets, adding web pages, and styling features. You can use the drag-and-drop facility to enable all the custom features on your site. 

7. Finish Setting Up and Testing your Website.

  • And here comes the final step, where you need to finish the setup for your site. Everything is just managed with a single click with the VW Themes. 
  • Also, it offers tutorial videos in different sections to add to your site. You can easily refer to them and start building your site. 
  • Before launching your website, it is necessary to give it a trial as a user. This is where you can test your site with the audience. 
  • Here, you must check that all the plugins are working well and updated to their latest versions. Make sure the theme is updated and loads properly on cross-browsers. 
  • Mobile responsiveness must be checked on various screen sizes. Also, you must check the CTAs and conversion links. 
  • If everything goes well, you are ready to launch your website. 


So, have you learned how to install WordPress template on your website? A theme is a cluster of templates, features, and plugins for web design. A template is either a page or a couple of pages for website creation. 

We have given you the most significant set of steps on how to install a theme and the template. Before that, you can see the importance of getting a theme for website creation. A theme matters a lot when you are heading for website creation. It is the most important asset that determines the overall design and functionality of your site. 

Also, choosing the right theme matters a lot, so there are some vital factors to look at while choosing the right theme. Then comes the step-by-step configuration on how to install WordPress template and a theme. You can truly refer to this blog if you aren’t acknowledged for installing a theme or template on your site. With the WP Theme Bundle by VW Themes, you have access to a diverse collection of professionally crafted themes to elevate your website's design and functionality.

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