The 5 Best Instagram Feed Plugins for WordPress in 2024


Are you looking for a strategy to enhance your social media engagement? then Instagram Feed Plugins for WordPress may be a great assistance to you.

We are fortunate that the most popular CMS has made available an excellent set of Instagram Feed Plugins for WordPress so that you can instantly connect with global audiences and encourage them to visit your site and complete the purchase.

Integrating an Instagram feed into a WordPress website is a great way to increase social media interaction. By doing this, you can offer an eye-catching gallery that entices users to follow you on Instagram.

Purpose of using Instagram Feed plugins for WordPress

Instagram Feed plugins for WordPress serve several purposes, and they can enhance the functionality and appeal of your website in various ways. Here are some of the main purposes and benefits of using Instagram Feed Plugins for WordPress-

Displaying Instagram Feeds

The plugins allow you to easily integrate your Instagram content directly into your WordPress website. This can include displaying your latest photos, videos, or stories from your Instagram account.

Content Integration

By displaying your Integration feed on your website, you can seamlessly integrate your social media content with your website content, providing visitors with a more comprehensive view of your brand or personal identity.

Visual Appeal

Instagram feeds often consist of visually appealing images and videos, making them a great addition to your website’s design. they can help make your site more visually engaging and dynamic.

User Engagement

Instagram Feed Plugins for WordPress can encourage user engagement by allowing visitors to interact with your Instagram content directly from your site, such as liking, commenting, or sharing posts. This can lead to increased user interaction and social media exposure.

Social Proof

Displaying your Instagram feed on your website can provide social proof of your online presence and activity, demonstrating that your brand or personal profile is active on social media platforms.

Promotional Opportunities

You can use Instagram Feed Plugins for WordPress to promote specific Instagram campaigns, contests, r products on your website. This can help you drive traffic to your Instagram account and increase your social media following.

Other than this, the plugins provide customization, dynamic content, cross-promotion, enhanced SEO, and user retention.

Overall, Instagram Feed Plugins can be a valuable tool for integrating your social media presence with your WordPress website, enhancing the visual appeal of your site, and engaging your audience effectively. they provide a convenient way to show your Instagram content and leverage it for your website’s benefit.  

5 best Instagram Feed Plugins for WordPress

Instagram Feed Plugins for WordPress can help you display your Instagram photos and content on your WordPress website. These plugins are useful for businesses, bloggers, or anyone who wants to integrate their Instagram feed with their WordPress site. Here are some popular Instagram Feed Plugins for WordPress 2024.

1. Smash Balloon Instagram Feed Pro

It is the number one freemium plugin that has gained so much popularity that it is downloaded by more than a million users. To make editing easier, Smash Balloon Instagram Feed Pro provides a feed editor with a range of customization options.

Because it allows you to see changes in real-time, this WordPress Instagram plugin is quick and simple to use. Additionally, it offers a variety of pre-built feed layouts, such as carousel, list, grid, and masonry. Furthermore, every feed made with the Instagram plugin is responsive on mobile devices. After activating the Instagram plugin from Smash Balloon, Instagram Feed will appear on the dashboard sidebar.

Key Attributes

  • It’s a plugin that is completely localized and translatable so that you can display text in whatever language you want.
  • Built-in share options of the plugin help to share your posts on social media.
  • You are allowed to share unlimited posts on social media.
  • Dynamic data loading is an important feature that reduces external requests.
  • Dynamic content improvement enhances your website’s relevance.

2. Spotlight Social Feeds

Now let’s move on to our number next and one of the greatest Instagram Feed Plugins for WordPress. With Spotlight Social Feeds, users may enhance visitor interaction on WordPress websites by embedding several Instagram feeds and accounts.

Easily showcase reels, pictures, and videos in any section of your website. You are able to make designs for various screens because of the plugin’s customization features.  Moreover, the plugin leverages dynamic content and transforms Instagram post hashtags into all tags to enhance search engine optimization results. Using this plugin will allow you to link your account, choose from a prebuilt template or create your own, and display your Instagram feed on WordPress. It is downloaded by 50,000+ users which costs $39-99 per year.

Key Features

  • The plugin delivers instant social proof and testimonials on your site.
  • You will have 40+ customizable feed templates to generate compelling image galleries on your website.
  • You are allowed to specify which posts on your website galleries should be shown or hidden by using keywords, hashtags, and phrases.
  • You can include WooCommerce products in your posts so that readers can make purchases straight from your feed.

3. Feed Them Social

Number 3 in the list of best Instagram Feed plugins for WordPress is Feed Them Social. It is one of the greatest WordPress Instagram plugins for showcasing several social media icons feeds on your WordPress website, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, is Feed Them Social by Slick Remix. Every feed works flawlessly across a range of devices. Besides this, the plugin’s feed works with practically every WordPress theme, so integrating Instagram is a breeze.

Key Features

  • The premium version of the plugin permits you to configure a countless number of feeds. Three feed kinds can be added in the interim using the free version.
  • To set the feed type, gallery width fixed height, and the number of photographs to display, simply constructed a shortcode.
  • You can insert extensions such as Facebook Reviews to present and show ratings on your business website.
  • While you adjust it, view a preview of the live feed. You can also make a feed and save it for subsequent editing.

4. Social Slider Feed

Now we are taking a turn to the end of our Instagram Feed Plugins for WordPress list. Social Slider Feed is one of the finest WordPress slider plugins that you can easily integrate with the site.

Using shortcodes, the plugin enables you to show an infinite number of Instagram feeds or other information on your website. Among the layout possibilities provided by Social Slider Widget Pro are sliders, thumbnails, highlights, and masonry.

Every feed arrangement is optimized for mobile devices. In addition to this, by default, the plugin’s feed matches the design of your website. Instagram users who are new to the platform can still benefit from Social Slider Widget Pro’s simple configuration and intuitive interface. We recommend using a premium version of the plugin that receives more updates.

Key Features

  • Customizable layout is the first and excellent feature of the plugin.
  • Attachments, custom URLs, and picture URLs can all be linked back to the user profile.
  • You may quickly show or conceal particular posts from your Instagram account.
  • The plugin issues both a free and paid support forum for users to use when navigating the plugin.

Now it is the last plugin in the list of best Instagram Feed Plugin for WordPress which is downloaded by 80,000+ users globally. A freemium Instagram plugin is designed and developed by the QuadLayers.

to show different feeds and connect numerous Instagram accounts, use this WordPress plugin. In order to help users, maintain optimal site performance, Social Feed Gallery provides an optimized Instagram API for data caching, minimizing requests, and lowering page load time. The plugin can be used in a simple manner. After activation, hit the ‘Add New’ Account, provide your credentials, and then choose an account or hashtag to have your access token generated automatically.

Key Features

  • With the premium version of the plugin, you can see feeds from several Instagram accounts.
  • Set up the pop-up window display option to deliver readers with a better view of your Instagram material on your WordPress website.
  • You can use patterns, hashtags, or post IDs to make some Instagram posts stand out in the site gallery.
  • You may alter the look and arrangement of your Instagram feeds by utilizing free pre-set layouts such as grid and carousel.


Before choosing a Premium WordPress plugins, consider your specific needs, such as the display style, customization options, and whether you need additional features like pop-ups, analytics, or the ability to display multiple Instagram accounts. Also, check for compatibility with your WordPress theme and the plugin’s user reviews and support options. All of these Premium WordPress Plugins are compatible with all of the Premium WordPress Themes and makes your website more efficient and user friendly.

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