Ways To Find .Htaccess File In WordPress Site!

While managing WordPress website you will have to access the .htaccess file several times. It will be in the root directory of your FTP client. This file is necessary for redirecting site pages, directory protection, enabling password in administrator’s server and much more.

Many jobs can be done using this file without any hustle. This .htaccess file is a configuration file of WordPress. This file helps WordPress is handling a lot of things. As to answer the question where to find htaccess file in WordPress, it will be in the FTP client your host has provided.

You just need to navigate to the root directory. This folder is highly efficient and functional configuration folder. It is often used for redirects and permalinks. There are many ways to use this folder.

But if you are still unable to find .htaccess file in WordPress, there might be two reasons. The first one is that your file manager must have hidden the .htaccess file folder.  The second one is that it doesn’t exist at all in your root directory.

In order to find .htaccess file in WordPress you must find the reason why. After that it all becomes easy. There are a lot of things that go into it and you must know. Let’s know about it more!

If It's Hidden:-

Your file manager hides some core files in root directory for emergency purpose. The hidden files will not be easily visible for FTP client. You must have noticed that there’s a dot before the file name. It is .htaccess and not only htaccess. That dot specifies that the file is hidden.

When you connect WordPress hosting with FTP client, the hidden files won’t be visible for you by default. You will have to make them visible. And for this you need to change the FTP client settings.

In FileZilla to make hidden files visible you need to click on server and choose force show hidden files. On cPanel you need to go to file manager and there will be an option to show hidden files.

In FTP client, the option for showing hidden files will be visible in app settings or preference menu. After clicking on show hidden files, the .htaccess file will also be visible for you.

If It Doesn’t Exist:-  

We are finding .htaccess file in WordPress by answering the reasons. The second reason why you can’t find htacess file in WordPress is because it simply doesn’t exist.

There can be a situation where your WordPress site didn’t create the htaccess file in first place. It is an automatic process for WordPress sites to create htaccess file. As this file helps in redirecting permalinks correctly.

After making all the hidden files visible you will know that the htaccess file isn’t there. So now you have to create the .htaccess file for your WordPress website.

So to create .htaccess file first thing you need to do is go to Settings. There click on Permalinks page. Don’t make any changes into the page but still click on save changes. After this WordPress will automatically generate the new .htaccess file for you.

There can be a bit complication in this process when WordPress becomes unable to generate the new .htaccess file. But don’t worry we have a way through this as well.

The reason why WordPress has issues with generating new .htaccess file is because of the file permission issues. After clicking on save changes there will be a message saying .htaccess file is not writable. When you receive this message know that the file permissions have some issues.

The window will show you some codes. Copy them in a text editor or notepad. Save that file as a .htaccess file. Now you need to upload this file into your WordPress server. For this connect your website with FTP client. Then upload the .htaccess file from desktop.

If you get an error while uploading the file, go to the root directory into Settings and change file permissions. For this you need to enter 755 in the file permission dialogue box. Then try again to upload the .htaccess file in public_html file of the root directory.

This whole process will create .htaccess file in your WordPress site and help you redirecting more efficiently. So that’s how you can find .htaccess file in WordPress website.  

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