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It’s a wise decision to choose to move your presently running website site to a WordPress-based website. WordPress is the only platform that has emerged out to be the most powerful web building platform. It has been used by individuals, groups and large enterprises all across the world to build beautiful websites. In this post article, you will come to know How To Move A WordPress Site.

How To Move A WordPress Site Learn With VWTHEMES

Check your site

You have your original website which you need to move to WordPress themes. Your current website is online. You need to know whether it’s running on any Content Management System or is a non-CMS-powered website.

Site running on CMS

If your current website is running on any CMS platform, then you may take the help of a WordPress plugin to move your site to WordPress. You can refer to migration tutorials to proceed with the migration process.

Running a static website

You may want to How To Move A WordPress Site manually. The manual process has some plus points as you see. You get complete control of each and every content present on your site. Actually, you are forming the posts, pages, and categories on your site manually. So, you are well aware of the contents of your site. When you manually move your website to WordPress, you come to understand the functions and features of WordPress better.

Create A Migration Plan

While planning for the migration process, consider the perspective of your existing website and also the outlook of WordPress. While reorganizing the contents of your site, see that you categorize them into posts and pages.

Reorganize the contents of your website

Determine the different posts and pages on your site. Be clear in identifying the posts and pages within your site. For example, if you run a restaurant website, consider the home and about us as pages. The latest updates and blogs could be considered as posts on your site. Along with have a look at the free WordPress themes by VWTHEMES.

Correct Web Hosting

In case, you want to consider shared hosting for your WordPress website, PHP and MySQL are the necessary components. If you’re thinking about hosting your website in, you will come across its unique set of merits and demerits. For websites with heavy traffic, managed WordPress hosting would be the best option to go with.

Plan a structure

Use the same domain to install your new WordPress website as it will hardly affect the SEO of your site. You can use WordPress separately as a blogging platform for which you may want to consider a different subdomain. So, carefully pick the installation directory when you want to install WordPress. Pay attention to menu structure and make it easy to follow.

Consider SEO

You can follow the tutorials by Moz and Yoast to work on WordPress SEO. The custom-built URLs on your current website must be functional after you How To Move A WordPress Site. You can take the help of the Redirection plugin.

Manage the spam and contact forms

Implementation of contact form 7 tells people that you appreciate suggestions, reviews, business opportunities, etc. For every website, spams are really harmful. Spams are a real problem for blogs as there is a comment form below every blog post. So, we recommend you to use the anti-spam plugin.So, you see it’s a good step to How To Move A WordPress Site if you want to reach out to a wide audience online.

Choose a WordPress Theme wisely

Pick a WordPress theme that suits your present as well as future needs. If you are picking a free WordPress theme, choose a reliable source from where you are getting it. However, a premium WordPress theme will always be a better option. Evaluate the speed of the WordPress theme before purchasing. Also, you can consider Custom WordPress Theme Development if you want a more precise website. VWThemes is your next stop where you will find a range of Multipurpose WordPress Themes each with a bunch of unique features. Try our themes now!

Take Complete Backup

Backups are really important and they prove to be useful in difficult times. It’s a real lifesaver if you are hosting your WordPress website by your own.

WordPress Security

WordPress security is a crucial thing to consider in the hacking world of the internet. SO, for better security of your WordPress site, you can consider the installation of WordPress security plugins.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a blogger, it would be a smart decision for you to How To Move A WordPress Site. WordPress is a versatile platform and is able to handle most of the common WordPress requirements to build a website.

While learning How To Move A WordPress Site, Wordpress is a widely used platform for blogging and website designing. Its simple and easy-to-use structure has made it popular among the masses. More and more people are switching to WordPress because of its innumerable benefits. It has emerged as a flexible platform that takes care of all the pre-requisites for web designing.

VW Themes understand the potential that is possessed by WordPress themes and brings you the most astonishing and multipurpose themes that are collected in a single WordPress Bundle. Using these themes, you can reach out to more people.

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