How To Make Mobile Friendly WordPress Theme!

Nowadays very few people use laptop or PC on daily basis. They have all its benefits in their hand on smartphone. This device does all the jobs that a computer does in less time and more convenience. That’s why when making website you need to make it mobile friendly. The mobile friendly WordPress theme needs a lot of things. Here are those things!

1. Hosting Plan:-

One of the biggest reasons to make a mobile-friendly WordPress theme is that it will attract more traffic to your website. But before looking after good returns, you have to make some right decisions. One of those decisions is a hosting plan.

A hosting plan is maybe the first decision you will have to make while building any WordPress theme. A mobile friendly WordPress theme needs a strong base. A good hosting plan can be the start to build that strong base. Also it helps in optimizing the theme perfectly for mobile phones.

There are few things you need to consider before going for a hosting plan. Here are those things!

The mobile friendly WordPress theme you are creating shouldn’t be shared on a common server. On a common server, you won’t get fast speed on multiple folds. Don’t fall for marketing. Always choose the quality service for mobile-friendly WordPress theme. Last but not the least, the hosting company should handle the traffic your website will face.

You not only have to make the mobile-friendly WordPress theme but also a responsive WP theme. So its necessary that you follow these instructions.

2. WordPress Theme:-

The second right choice you have to make it WordPress theme. After choosing the hosting plan, you need to make sure you choose correct WordPress theme. Here also you have to look for certain things in a WordPress theme.

For making a mobile-friendly WordPress website you need to choose the best WordPress theme. The theme should load fast. It should not buffer. This makes viewers experience bad about your website. This can directly affect your viewership.

The WordPress theme should adjust to all screen sizes and dimensions. It should go with all your organizational objectives. The theme should help you in fulfill all your purposes and deliver the best results to the viewers. With this the WordPress theme should provide great user experience.

It should be cross browser compatible and cross device compatible as well. This will break all the limits it has to reach more audience. Before buying this theme you must check it on Theme Authenticity Checker. Also you have to check the plugins for security.

While looking for the correct WordPress theme you should avoid buying one if you see following things in it. The WordPress themes which are coded unprofessionally, are meant to avoid. You should avoid themes with a lot of pictures. Don’t even consider the theme which take too much time to load.

3. Content:-

Websites need good content to engage viewers. It has to have good content on every page. On home page you will explain your work, but doing it with style is important.  More than that being precise with it has better impact. On the pages like blogs or contact us, you might need to use some other things.

Here’s where you can use content templates WordPress. If you want to add any advertisement banner or a special message, you can do it with a content template. In some blog post you want to add another header for emphasizing the point, you can use content templates. Another reason to use content templates in WP is if you want to add any graphic or animation or button.

4. Plugins:-

In every WordPress theme or website plugins play an important role. They not only make the website run smoothly with added functions. You have to has Woocommerce plugin which helps in opening an online store and making the transactions safe and secure. The WordPress themes should be compatible with third party plugins. You should be able to add as many plugins as you want.

Even though there’s a plugin for everything, make sure to add few and get more results. Because having too many plugins out of which you don’t even use few can slow down your website. The plugins can conflict with each other resulting in problematic functioning.

That’s why you should have strong check over plugins.

5. Image Optimization:-

Having imagery in WordPress website can definitely elevate the user experience. Images about your organization or products can give a direct idea to customers what its about. But you need to know where to stop. Having too many images into your website can weight it down. You website will become slow and buffer.

This can have negative impact on your website. That’s why you have to optimize images while using in your WordPress website. It will balance the user experience and loading speed of your website.

If you want a responsive WordPress theme then you have to spend some time on image optimization. While making mobile friendly WordPress theme you have to make sure about image optimization.

6. Theme Switcher:-

If you decide not to use plugins for provision of theme, then you need this theme switcher. It is basically a variation in the level of control every plugin offers. That’s why its important for you to make right choice. You need to ensure that all the requirements of the platform are fulfilled.

We recommend you to use Any mobile theme plugin for your mobile friendly WordPress theme. It is one of the best plugins to have in a website.

7. Test:-

After adding all the needed elements now you need to test it. We recommend you to test your website on multiple mobile devices. You need to browse through various sections and interact with a lot of elements. After a thorough test get your mobile friendly WordPress theme online.  

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