How To Keep Your WordPress Database Clean

You clean your house every once in a while. It makes you feel fresh and keeps diseases away. Just like that you need to clean your WordPress website. The home of your website is the database. And you need to keep it safe and tidy. The WordPress database is something you shouldn’t mess with. So here are some things you can do to keep it clean. We have the best collection of premium WordPress themes on our website VWthemes.

Things To Do!

1. Backup:-

Now we know what we want to do. We want to clean WordPress Database. This WordPress Database is everything our website is running on. How are we going to do it? Through a database maintenance tools. But before you install such tool and start cleaning, you need to backup your WordPress database.

This is the most important thing you need to do before starting to clean your WP Data. While working alongside computer you have to be ready for surprises. One of these surprises can make you lose your whole database. In such cases you would have to start anew.

To avoid that backup is important. Anything can happen! You can also make a silly mistake that would cost you the whole database. This will make you lose your website and all the work you have done on it. So its advisable to backup before starting maintenance work.

You can restore your website with the backup if something goes sideways. free WordPress Themes database is like the soul of your website. If you lose it to a mistake, it would be worst day of your life.  

2. Unused Plugins:-

Plugin is what we are going to use for the website maintenance. But plugin can be reason behind the mess as well. The unused plugins in your website can cause you a lot of issues. These can make your website slow and lag behind.

Why does it happen u ask? If the plugins are not being used at all, how can they affect on the website? Its because the system browsers follow before loading a page. Each plugin has a different line of codes. So while opening the webpage browser has to call them all out to load it completely.

Busy with their jobs, web developers forget to delete unused plugins from the database. This results in bloating website. This is the second thing you need to do while cleaning the WordPress database.

You need to search for the unused plugins and delete them. You may have installed the plugins to test them or the ones who serve the same purpose. Doesn’t matter the reason, but once in a while you should delete such unused plugins from the system.

3. Delete Plugin Data:-

Only deleting plugins isn’t enough. You will delete all your unused plugins from WordPress database, but some of them will leave their data into to your system. This data will take up the space in your system unnecessarily. You won’t have enough space for the stuffs your website actually need.

After deleting the unused plugin from WordPress database, search for the data they have stored in your website. You can find this data in 2p_postmeta table. Delete the entire non-required data from their and your website will run faster and smoother.

The database providers have the policy to help you delete such plugin data to keep your WordPress database clean. You can ask them for help anytime.

4. Delete Spam Comments:-

Spam comments is what everyone is looking out for. Let it be a social media account or website, everywhere you have to be careful and alert of these spam comments. There are plugins who ensure that you won’t get any spam comments. But if you do, then its time to clean up!

Some people just want to have fun spamming other’s work. It’s just bizarre happiness that they get from spamming. But it’s our duty to protect our website from them. The spam comments can be promotional or hate comments.

There are some queries that can help you getting rid of these spam comments. We have a suggestion for you!

DELETE FROM wp_#_comments WHWRM comment_approved= ‘spam’;

Here you just have to replace the # with your site ID which you want to clean from spam comments. This will do the job!

5. Clear Comments Awaiting Moderation:-

While cleaning the spam comments, you also need to moderate some comments once in a while. You need to observe your website comments. If most of the comments are spam and you don’t have a time to clean them all you can use simple query like we used to clean spam comments.

This query will help you clean the comments waiting to be moderate. Yes these comments can cause you s lot of stress. But before you proceed with this, check your comments to sort the genuine ones.

DELETE FROM wp_#_ comments WHERE comments_approved= ‘0’;

Here also replace the # with your site ID. And the task will be done!

6. Database Table:-

Another thing to do is to optimize your database table. There’s no need to install a plugin for it. You can easily do this with few simple steps.

For this go to your phpMyAdmin and click on database. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click on Check All box then select optimize table. If you have multiple tables in your site, you will have to repeat the process. If you have a large website, then this process longer time. After optimizing all the database tables you will receive a message. Also, learn how to do Installation Of Woocommerce Plugin with VWTHEMES.

7. Database Maintenance Plugin:-

The only things remained to do is to install database maintenance plugin in your website. You can do this by going to plugins in add plugin and install/activating the plugin. This plugin offers a lot of features.

For example, WP optimize revision control, optimize database after deleting revision, WP-sweep, WP-DBManager, simple revision delete, and Updraftplus backup and restoration etc.

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