How To Fix White Screen In WordPress?

Accessing your WordPress website and discovering a blank screen that might frighten you. A famous yet challenging issue is WordPress White Screen of Death (WSoD), which prohibits you from accessing your administrative dashboard for troubleshooting the problem. It might happen in all or only select areas of your website. Thankfully, because this is a frequently encountered mistake for WordPress users, various solutions have also been designed to How To Fix White Screen In WordPress. You can have your site back in no time with a little effort.

In this article, you get a detailed solution to fix the WordPress white screen of death and as well an introduction to the WordPress white screen of death. Try Best WordPress Themes from here and if you like it then upgrade to premium for advanced features.

Learn How To Fix White Screen In WordPress

WordPress white death screen is one of the most common issues observed by WordPress users. It usually takes place following the installation of a new plugin or topic incompatible with a different plug-in or WordPress core files.

You most likely get a WSOD problem when you see a blank page in your browser when you try to visit your website without any error or information.

The White Screen of Death has several possible causes and consequently justifiable reasons.

You can access your file transfer protocol (FTP) credentials on your web hosting account before entering into the next troubleshooting instructions. For some of these solutions, you will require an FTP client like FileZilla, because you cannot log in to your dashboard. Here are some of the effective solutions to How To Fix White Screen In WordPress. If you are looking for premium WordPress themes then VWthemes is the best place for you.

1. Recover Your Latest Backup

Due to the open-source nature of the platform, everybody can develop a plugin for WordPress. However, this may occasionally lead to disputes between tools provided by various developers or between the WordPress plugin and core.

When you have managed to install an update to a plugin or theme and now see the white death screen, try to restore a site backup. This will return the update to users and allow them to access your website as usual.

Naturally, it is not a long-term solution to run an outdated component on your site. You will have to consider whether the plugin or theme that caused the error is absolutely essential to You after restoration of your backup. Backups are typically stored in the same location as your website, which means that if there is a problem at their data center, both your original files and backup files may be lost.

If backups are available, it may also take time for a hosting company to restore your website. Your website has been offline for a long time. Moreover, if you are on a common hosting plan, you might not be able to roll back a website, since it affects other customers on the same server.

You can always make sure your website is restored in minutes rather than hours, by taking full control of backups.

2. Plugin Conflict Troubleshooting

Should you update a plugin manually and your site has immediately fallen off, it's fairly simple to cancel the damage. Automatic and bulk updates in WordPress are nevertheless not unusual, so you may be dark about which plugin fails.

You will need some detective work in this scenario to see which plugin causes the war. To do this, you need to disable one or more FTP plugins because in your dashboard you can't do that. To connect the FTP client (for example, the FileZilla client) with your server, use your FTP credentials. If you know the plugin is probably the one responsible, start. Otherwise, work your way one by one and check your website once you disable it.

When your website gets back, the root of the problem is the newest renamed plugin.

You've got to choose from there. You can remove the plugin from your website, substitute it for a similar tool, or contact the developer if it is going to fix anything that causes the conflict.

3. Switch To A WordPress Default Theme Temporarily

To How To Fix White Screen In WordPress, The subjects of third parties confront the same challenges as plugins. If you have recently updated your theme and are now viewing the white WordPress Death screen, check that the new version causes the mistake.

By renaming your active theme folder you can turn your WordPress site into the default theme via FTP, as I said above. With no active theme specified, the latest default theme on your site will automatically be applied by WordPress. If your site returns online, the WSoD is your theme. The same as for problem plugins are your options.

4. WordPress Debug Mode Check For PHP Errors

PHP is the WordPress-enabled programming language. PHP code errors can cause the white death screen to fall on your website.

Fortunately, How To Fix White Screen In WordPress, the integrated WordPress tool, called Debug Mode, is used to detect such errors. You may activate wp-config.php in your FTP client (located in the root folder of your website) and add the following code:

This will disclose any mistakes that your website currently has. Once you understand what errors affect PHP on your website, you can take the necessary steps to fix them (or get in touch with your developer for help). Early in your scripts, you can detect PHP problems with phpinfo. This file can display data about PHP's current status, including build and extension options, versions, environments, OS version, HTTP headers, and licences

Remember to return to and delete your wp-config.php file

Also, Sometimes when you browse your site, you may find the interval server error page. You can also check your website error logs to resolve such a problem.

A general log check can help website developers and beginners to identify the problem.

5. Expand The PHP Memory Limits On Your Site

You can display a Dead White Screen if your site doesn't have enough PHP memory to run critical scripts. The good news is that it is so simple to increase as to add a single line of code to wp-config.php. The PHP memory limit is complex to increase and the process is different from host to hosts. It's better to always get it from someone who's familiar with it. Just contact your hosting company and you will be glad to do so.

For most sites 256 MB is enough memory, but this number can be changed if necessary. Be aware that your hosting service provider imposes any limits.

6. Contact The Support Team Of Your Hosting Provider

If none of the above solutions work for you, How To Fix White Screen In WordPress can be a server problem. You will now have to contact the support team of your hosting provider and ask whether they can examine this problem. You may want to take a few more steps or just fix your server-side error. Also, learn how to add image gallery in wordpress website with VWTHEMES.


Why does WordPress Death White Screen occurs, has various reasons to it. Fortunately, How To Fix White Screen In WordPress some key troubleshooting techniques are still available for its solution.  Six potential WSoD solutions have been covered in this guide.

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