How To Create A Custom WordPress Website With Gutenberg Block

Here we will first try to understand the topic. Since the WordPress 5.0 update for creation of content in the new WordPress block editor blocks usage is necessary. Means to Create a Custom WordPress Website with Gutenberg Block the most significance will be given to blocks. Also Because of Gutenberg even a novice regarding HTML and CSS will be able to create executive websites which can be unique in the competition. The Gutenberg block has progressed into an outstanding tool for creating a custom WordPress website with Gutenberg block is a soiled secret. The reason is the initial release of Gutenberg was concluded to be a joke, useless, terrible etc.

We Will Describe Further With The Help Of Below Points:-

  • Adding, Editing, Moving And Deleting Blocks – As we told earlier Gutenberg is made up of different blocks. They are Image, Section, Heading, Button and Spacer block in a gist. Click the + button in the page you/we want to edit. Right sidebar is used to style and edit your/our blocks and its content. The Remove block is seen on click of the three dot option in additional options
  • Display Content Side By Side – There are more different blocks on Gutenberg block. Some of them are common blocks, formatting, Layout elements, Widgets, Embeds. Generally we don’t want that blocks should use the maximum width of our page so side by side display option is available with us. Here first select the + button, then insert the columns block by searching it and then seeing two columns add the number of columns by dragging the toggle on the column block across.
  • Creation Of Dynamic Content – Creation of image with correct content is known as dynamic content. This is done by Toolset Blocks as also featured in below points.
  • Navigating Through Your/Our Block – As we move on to create custom WordPress website using Gutenberg block the number of blocks will rose (rise past tense). For organising it Block Navigation button can be found at the top of the editor.
  • Displaying Fields In Your Block Editor Designs – In this presentation of different individual fields and custom fields or information of posts can be done as a block using Toolset Blocks.
  • Display Fields In An Individual Block – Here too above Toolset Blocks can be used
  • Combine Fields With Text In One Block – Combine fields means combine values from a particular field can be done by toolset Blocks.

This is one of the points in making of custom wp Website with Gutenberg Block.

  • Displaying An Image Gallery – This too is a significant feature in custom WordPress website with Gutenberg block. Repeating Field/Gallery block button selection can add more than one image to your/our posts using blocks.
  • Styling Toolset Blocks In The Editor – One of the better(here best) characteristics of custom wp website using Gutenberg block is designing our block as per our style also with the help of Toolset Blocks as described in earlier steps.

(A) Styling Items Using Interface – Fonts can be changed using text blocks while size can be rearranged with Image blocks.

(B) Styling Things (Here Items) Using Container Block – Here too as in     many features or steps Toolset Blocks will again provide us a major tool i.e. Container Block. Grouping and styling of different is the role of Container block .

Here we can see That Toolset Block is like a tree for preparing a custom WordPress website as it provides many blocks in Gutenberg Block.

  • Typography Controls – Formatting and styling of text can be done with the help of this typography section. In this feature we can adjust font type, font size, font style, line height, Text transform (here in-capital, upper or lower case) With text color and shadow.
  • Creating Template To Display Custom Content Or Posts Types – Its motive is to create uniformity in designs across your/our website.
  • Building Your Archive Pages Thus Helps In Creating Similar Posts – Archive is an option known to everyone here all blog posts are listed (eg. in gmail inbox mail can be listed in archive).
  • Creating A Custom Lists Of Content And Adding A Custom Search- Posts can be listed in the order we want and custom search helps in locating such posts.      

You can create a new website using block editor, you can also build using Ibtana Visual Editor.

With this step we would like end of our creation of custom WordPress website with Gutenberg Block. You can make custom WordPress websites with our creative WP themes. Grab all themes - our WordPress theme bundle at an amazing discount and get it at just $99.

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