Good And Bad Things Google Did With Their Logo

Nobody including Stanford University Students Larry Page and Sergey Brin had any idea that Google which was officially launched back in 1998 would become how much big. Most iconic and easily- recognizable logos are major features to make Google the most popular web-based search engine today. The company was not the same before and there were good and bad things Google did with their logo. Dennis Hwang brought such changes on Google logos which in time have become known as Doodles. As the face of human being makes it identifiable the same work a logo does for his company or enterprise.

Beginning of Google

Google was called BACKRUB in 1996. In 1998, as described earlier Larry Page successfully created computerised Google logo with Graphics program called GIMP famous at that time. Ruth Kedar, a graphic designer tried many colour combinations before actually developing the well-known logo today. Sense of familiarity is required in everything here the primary colours usage brought that. By not following the normal colour pattern the Google want to show the people that it doesn’t follow any rules. The above comes amongst good and bad things Google did with their logo. The name of the company came from misspelled word “googol” to fit the company’s purpose of creating the largest search engine ever.

  • One of the good thing about Google logo is becoming popular due to modification except from basic logo to mark important holidays, events, birth of famous personality, or tragedies all over the globe.
  • Wordmarks are adaptable to be used across multiple platforms.
  • Presence of brand name leads to fast recognition even for smaller or newer brands i.e for start-up companies.
  • Wordmark logo is the only thing through which consumer remember you. It is a great way till your name is not too long. Ultimately your brand name will stay as your logo includes that resulting in an increased chance of brand recall during online shopping. This can be countable in good and bad things google did with their logo.
  • Google logo design is considered as intelligent one with variety of different colour iterations.
  • The first ‘G’ in the Google logo had changed to blue from green to match the second ‘g’ and this is followed till today means it’s a good thing making it more professional and modern.
  • The tridimensional doodle of Google logo attracted the late 90”s users.
  • The exclamation mark removal from logo was the motive to make it different from Yahoo! Logo was good as it made the Google logo look unique.

The bad thing is that the various choices of logo design have not always better due to criticism by many users like in most other company’s choices.

The company’s decision to remove shadows from the letters of Google logo was a beneficial change to simplify text but people disagreed saying it too simplistic and difficult to read. This can be a point among good and bad things Google did with their logo.

As told above popular and primary colours bring familiarity but it becomes routine design in logo thus unique colours make the logo memorable especially in case of evolved business.

A professional graphic designer needs to avoid competitor’s logo brand colours to make look logo differently.

Stock images, clichéd symbols, popular colours is helpful in logo design only for tight budget ones not for the evolved business.

The decision to use free logo maker or paid one depends on the time-being for which the logo design will be displayed. For short term only free maker can be preferred.

Finally the introduction of a new identity family and thus a new logo was announced that can work on multiple devices in 2015. The typeface also was modified into a Product Sans and the point to be noted is such typeface was used later for the new Alphabet logo too.

Critics Say

Different opinion was given by people since the Google company constantly updated the logo with some telling it too simple while others noteworthy for such a big company. In inference no one stopped using the search engine for good and bad things Google logo.

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