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Gift Card WordPress Theme is a stylish, creative and elegant theme that firmly sets a good example of upgrading your gift store into a well-designed gift studio listing all the gifting products like gift cards, flowers, chocolates, greeting cards, etc. by using the responsive and allied features. Its highly intuitive design having lots of colour schemes along with alluring background themes will let you increase the number of viewers to your website. You can give a soft and pleasant look to the website depicting love and joyfulness and that on your gifts also. For setting up your E-Commerce website, you need to install our Woo Commerce plugin feature for effective trading of goods from placing an order to after-sales services.

Creative features Of Premium Gift Card WordPress Theme

Gift Card WordPress Theme has a set of detailed documentation with strong coding so that you don’t need to be a skilled developer to form a website. It has demo video options for perfect guidance to design a website. You can precisely display all your categorized products in a gallery slider format supported by the animated graphics option. Its drag and drop page builder technique will let add many page layouts provided with a scrolling button.


WordPress Ecommerce Theme is an extensively loved and preferred theme that uses Woo Commerce plugin to form a stylish and elegant gift shop website using the retina-ready designs and responsive features. You can easily customize your gift shop by adding handmade articles and adding a separate section will intensify the look of the website. It has some of the 20 Top Ecommerce WordPress Themes. Also, it has several elements like the tagline, custom header and footer options, title set, logo and domain name, etc. You can beautify the presentation of your website by displaying a video of joy and happiness through custom graphics options and impressing the clients by adding a secret gift card as a complementary for them and this is supported by the Gift Card WordPress Theme.

Flower Shop WordPress Theme

Flower Shop WordPress Theme is a soothing yet fascinating theme that is creatively designed for florists, flower shops, cake shops, bakeries, and many more to provide a website full of adaptive and alluring features to upgrade your flower shop business into a spacious one. Its professional features will enhance the beauty of the website by adding natural and fresh color schemes that will engage many visitors positively. The SEO property will let in health marketing techniques and thus maximize branding options. The Woo Commerce plugin will help in the perfect buying and selling of the products and also by adding cute gift cards with wishes integrated by the Gift Card WordPress Theme.

Jewellery WordPress Theme

Jewellery WordPress Theme is a stylish and trendy theme that is crafted for the jewellery shops to design their E-Commerce website by using our skilled features and tempting layout designs. Its highly responsive features will let your website shine like no other and also intensify the appearance using the custom color schemes and background themes. The Woo Commerce plugin will ease the buying and selling options for you making it a user-friendly website. You can add plenty of accessories you want to include along with specialized gift cards provided to the clients at the delivery time supported by the Gift Card WordPress Theme.

Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Multipurpose WordPress Theme is a flexible and reliable theme that uses skilled features and template designs to build a successive website for your particular business. Its main aim is to provide more exciting features with great functionalities with less effort and time consumption. The bootstrap framework will let you grow your website in an amplified way also with faster loading pages and large storage capacity without affecting the design. Its custom and personalized options will let your mould them as per your requirements. Also, the Woo Commerce plugin will provide healthy trading practices supported by the Gift Card WordPress Theme.


Concluding the landing part, Gift Card WordPress Theme will give exciting and higher quality features that are fully responsive to utilize. The Gift Card WordPress Theme works efficiently for business owners like the bakery shops, gift shops, jewellery shops, and many more to design their personalized E-Commerce website supported by the Woo Commerce plugin feature perfectly upgrading your business into a developed one. Its SEO-based feature helps in diverse marketing techniques and increasing branding options. It has several customized and personalized options that have to enable and disable options as per your requirements.

WordPress Theme Bundle

WordPress Theme Bundle is creative stuff crafted by our core developers and intensively provided with modern and stylish themes that are retina-ready and fully responsive features. There are around 170+ themes that are respectively clubbed to form bundles according to your business requirements also with several template designs and gallery slider options.

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