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Genealogy WordPress Theme is a specialized and well-organized theme crafted to design a website full of responsive features and amazing layout designs that will effectively render every detail regarding your genes, family members' bio, family trees, and many more. With this Genealogy WordPress Theme, you will learn many premium features to design a fully functional website suiting many laboratories, family websites, and many more. It has a perfect planner to design a spacious website portraying every detail of your family and genetics. Moreover, this Top WordPress Themes Bootstrap Framework will readily increase the functionality with faster loading pages giving a higher storage capacity. Its highly efficient design will create a great aura captivating many clients. 

Fascinating Features of Premium Genealogy WordPress Theme

Genealogy WordPress Theme is a fully optimized and functional theme that uses stunning color schemes, and background options will create a super-capturing appearance. It displays a mobile-friendly design that can easily adjust to any screen size. In addition, it has embedded PHP and CSS coding to ensure developer-free website design. 

Medical WordPress Theme

Medical WordPress Theme is a sophisticated and modern theme designed for hospitals and clinical service providers to design a professional and well-organized website full of responsive features. To enhance your hospitality services, you can launch a specialized department of genealogy predictions by DNA testing family members with the effective integration of the Genealogy WordPress Theme. The fresh and clean features will let you adjust the elements on your homepage with sophistication. The Medical services provided by our theme will be fully functional and ready to implement. Its professional features will give perfect cross-browser compatibility to the interface. 

Laboratory WordPress Theme 

Laboratory WordPress Theme is a premium theme designed for pathology labs and research centers designing their personalized website using plenty of elements and tools. The complementary plugins will help increase the website's functionality and reliability. It can be effectively used to book online booking for several tests performed using our Woo Commerce feature. Also, you can predict your genes in the laboratory by integrating the Genealogy WordPress Theme. Also, its professional and well-organized designs will give a fresh and clean-looking website that will suit any mobile screen enabling a user-friendly interface. It has many compatible menu-driven options for a fully optimized website. 

Black and White WordPress Theme


Black and White WordPress Theme is a flexible theme suitable for building a website for any business type you wish, such as the medical or hospital website, using our highly evolved and professional features and elegant designs. You can effectively add many page layouts to the website to effectively represent the content you prefer. Its layout design is so natural that it can easily adjust to any screen size. The elements are super handy and can be customized to user requirements making it a user-friendly website. The custom widgets will open doors to utilize many applications. With the Genealogy WordPress Theme, you can efficiently know about your family members. 

Multipurpose WordPress Theme 

Multipurpose WordPress Theme is a fully responsive and flexible theme that uses a lot of exciting and ravish features to develop a fully functional and professional website suitable for any business type you wish for. Its main aim is to provide best-in-class features along with stunning designs that will perfectly fit for your any website. You can efficiently develop any website like medical services, including lab technicians and lab services, predicting many tests and reports. For example, it may be a genetic test supported by the Genealogy WordPress Theme. Many custom-designed features and elements are ready to use and can be translated easily. Also, with the use of many plugins, you can increase the functionality of the website. 


In the end, you need a perfect backbone that helps develop a fully functional and amplified website that suits your medical and healthcare services and many laboratory services at a single platform using responsive and controllable features. Amazing plugins like Woo Commerce will effectively manage your online appointment booking and many other hospitality services. You can effectively use the laboratory services using our premium Genealogy WordPress Theme. The Bootstrap framework will readily increase the website's reliability and functionality, offering faster loading of pages and handling troubleshooting issues without affecting the design. 

WordPress Theme Bundle 

It is necessary to have WordPress Theme Bundle if you are a beginner and wish to develop your personalized website with responsive and many applicable features at effectively cost-effective prices. You can blindly trust us in terms of functionality and appearance, as our core developers have worked constantly to provide you with the best services with less effort and time.

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